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Otago United

Team Wellington


NZFC - Week 12,
Carisbrook, Dunedin,
Sunday 31 January, 2010



31' Ben Light
45'+2 Dave Dugdale
48' Ryan Faichnie


3' Chris Davies



Halftime:  2 - 1                     Referee:    Matthew Conger                            Crowd: 100


United's playoff hopes Light up

by Rab Smith at Carisbrook

Ben Light endeared himself to Otago United fans when he scored twice on debut in a 3-1 win over Team Wellington at Carisbrook.
Light, recently back from Australia, played in an unaccustomed left side midfield role, looked comfortable, and showed his eye for goals by materializing into space to drill a brace past Wellington keeper James Bannatyne.
Yet in the early stages it was all Wellington as coach Stu Jacobs team unleashed early attacks that saw Chris Davies score from close range after only three minutes when Otago failed to clear the ball after a corner.
Playing impressive attacking football, Wellington looked capable of outplaying and out-muscling Otago, who were let-off when Davies headed over the crossbar from a handy position.
But as he has done in most matches this season, team captain Tim Horner rallied his troops, and with Tom Sadd and flank defenders Tristan Prattley and Mike Abbott, helped plugged the gaps.
Wellington continued to string passes together, but lacked penetration, and few clear goalscoring chances were allowed by Otago.
An immensely hard working midfield led by Robbie Deeley and Andy Coburn screened across the park, and from wide positions Ryan Faichnie, and Light made headway.
In central attack Dave Dugdale springheeled into contention against Michael Winsauer and Greg McDermott and that Scots bag of tricks Stu Kelly stole possession and slid passes around.
So it was no surprise when Deeley twisted and turned to set up Light who equalized with aplomb in the 31st minute.
Then with both coaches formulating halftime talks, Otago rocked Wellington with a 45th minute goal as Kelly set up Dugdale to score, albeit for a superb twisting shoulder high volley that flashed by Bannatyne.
Wellington started the second spell in similar manner to the first but Otago withstood early pressure, and continuing its high mileage midfield screening grabbed the game by the scruff of the net.
In contrast to the visitors slow build up, Otago burst up the flanks with Prattley and Faichnie getting behind defenders to cross, and Wellington started to make mistakes at the back.
Faichnie crossed, Wellington failed to clear, and between Kelly and Deeley they fashioned a half chance that Light calmly slotted to make the score 3-1.
James Reichwein replaced the tiring Light and played his targetman role to perfection. Rhys Henderson who had replaced Abbott had the gas to get forward, and Dugdale played out of his skin.
Leading Wellington scorer Greg Draper was closed down, and only Davies looked likely for Wellington as he broke through and forced a very good save from Waggett.
But as the game progressed it was Otago that then looked composed and played the ball around as the clock ticked down.
Clearly disappointed Wellington assistant coach Charlie Howe agreed that Otago was well worth the three points. The competition is getting tighter than ever now.
Otago captain Horner  said, Apart from that early pressure, I felt we were rarely tested in front of goal, and once we got our second wind I felt comfortable.
Four points behind tied leaders Auckland and Waitakere, third placed Otago has now wriggled away to a four point lead over the following bunch of five teams which themselves are separated by just four points.


Team Sheet

Otago United


Team Wellington

1 James Waggett (GK)

1 James Bannatyne (Cpt, GK)

2 Mike Abbott

3 Jamie Duncan

3 Tristan Prattley

4 Chris Bale

6 Tom Sadd

5 Michael Winsauer

7 Robbie Deeley

6 Chris Davies

8 Stu Kelly

9 Greg Draper

9 Ryan Fachnie

15 Bryan Little

10 Dave Dugdale

17 G. McDermott

11 Andy Coburn

18 Trent Watson

17 Tim Horner (Cpt) 

19 Andy Barron

19 Ben Light

26 Roddy Brown



4 Dave Shaw

2 Adam Birch

5 Mike Smith

16 Richard McLay

12 James Reichwein

24 Jamie McKlay (R.GK)

13 Cam Burns (R.GK)

7 Cole Peverlei

15 Dan Ede

16 Morgan Day

20 Rhys Henderson

21 Harley Rodeka


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play


Players are warming up in the nice warm weather Dunedin is offering, the sun is out and we have a slight breeze giving a refreshing cool down to players and spectators, the pitch is in great condition today for what will be a tough match.


Otago Win toss, Wellington take kick off


Free kick given to Otago, Abbott puts it high onto edge of Wellington's 18, foul pulled up for shoulder from Otago's striker


GOAL, corner for Wellington puts it far back post, with a head back to center and another by Davies puts it in, giving Wellington an early goal.


Pushing from Abbott gives Wellington an attacking advantage with a free kick 5y from Otago's 18


A pass through ball gets Kelly to move past defence only to miss on his kick as pressure is given by Wellington defender.


Waggett makes easy work of a high ball as it bounces past Otago's defence


Wellington letting the ball do the work as its moved around middle of the pitch


Long free kick taken by Abbott makes it way to Bannatyne putting him on toes as he slowly calls the ball


Ref has word with Abbott after a little pushing, Abbott swears he hasn't done anything wrong, ref doesn't want to hear it.


Wellington are dominating position with the ball


A hole in Wellington's defence causes problems as Otago make their way in with the ball, a shocking clear from Bannatyne sends the ball low and to an Otago midfielder allowing him to move around defender and cross for a head, head goes wide for goal kick


YELLOW CARD, harsh tackle from Coburn on Winsauer putting him flat down on the ground


SUB Otago
OFF: 2 Mike Abbott
ON: 20 Rhys Henderson


YELLOW CARD, tackle from behind gives Deeley the card for his part


Wellington takes another crack at goal by a head having it go wide of the upright.


Run by Dugdale up the right hand side with Winsauer putting his body in the way to block the cross and rebound it out for a corner


McDermott runs head first into his own team member as he attempts to clear a high ball


Otago get another great position to shoot from with a free kick


GOAL, Otago are back in the game with the ball bouncing in Wellington's box, Deeley picks it up and with a turn and flick its in the back of the net.


Little out turns Henderson on the spot, as Henderson picks himself up and runs back in with a hard tackle to clear the ball


Wellington has turned the game into a technical match using fancy footwork to make problems for Otago


Otago are working hard to keep the ball out of their half as much as possible, yet Wellington keep sending it back down the field


Clearince from Bannatyne as Kelly moves in for the ball removes the risk of another one going in


Low strike by Deeley from outside Wellington's 18 is no trouble for Bannatyne to scope up


Otago are unable to move a ball through Wellington's packed defence


4th Offical shows 2' added time for the half


GOAL, a long kick from Henderson over to Dugdale with a flick into the back of the net,
Half time score 2 - 1 to Otago

Half time

No changes for ether team


Otago to start the second half


Wellington with a early chance to score but Otago head gets to the ball first


Waggett punches ball that he should of held.


GOAL, ball put back into Wellington's Net by Ryan Faichnie, puts Otago ahead by 2


SUB Wellington
OFF: 17 G. McDermott, 15 Bryan Little
ON: 16 Richard McLay, 7 Cole Peverlei


Wellington are pushed into a defence role as Otago push as much as they can to keep their lead


Kelly is taken out by a Wellington player and given the free kick
SUB Otago
OFF: 19 Ben Light
ON: 12 James Reichwein


Wellington are trying to get themselves sorted putting simple passes together


Wellington push in with a corner, Ball heads in high and a shot taken by Barron has all Wellington players calling hand ball when it hits Otago's defender in the box, ref calls play on


Wellington forms a counter attack after they cut out a pass across their 18


Horner keeping back line safe by clearing the ball out with out having the high ball bounce


Great save by Waggett stops the run away Wellington striker


SUB Wellington
OFF: 26 Roddy Brown
ON: 2 Adam Birch


Wellington still unable to find the back of the net as high balls are headed away by Otago Players


Birches Foot gets close to an Otago players head


Head bang between Reichwein and Smith stops play to be checked out


Wellington are feeling a bit of pressure now and mistakes are starting to show


Wellington find themselves back at the same point as they can't make a solid push forward


Crosses are finally made by Wellington into Otago's 18 but no players are found to pick up the ball other then Otago defenders


Free kick directly at goal for Wellington chance to score
YELLOW CARD, Best flags Sadd before kick can be taken


Waggett makes another great save to keep away pressure of close scores


Otago keeping a strong back line with clearing the only thing on their mind


YELLOW CARD, Henderson picks up a card for what sounded like bad language


Fumble by Waggett forces him to smother it quickly as Wellington striker quickly apporaches


SUB Otago
OFF: 9 Ryan Faichnie
ON: 15 Dan Ede


4th Offical shows 4' to be added


Wellington are looking to increase the pressure on Otago in order to put at least one away


Great defending by Sadd to pick up lose ball from waggett's save


YELLOW CARD, hard tackle from Watson on Dugdale earns him the first yellow for his team


Full time called, Final score Otago 3 - 1 Wellington