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Waikato FC

Waitakere United


NZFC - Week 9,
Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia
Sunday January 10, 2010


Paul Stewart* 1
Mauri Wasi 90+1

Roy Krishna 16
Benjamin Totori 59
Brent Fisher 70

*Stewart's goal was originally awarded to Mike Gwyther but corrected after the referee's report and video evidence. 

Halftime:          1-1             Referee:      Wayne Scott                          Crowd: 411


Waitakere bounce back from early scare

by Matt Richens at Centennial Park

Waitakere United kept their winning ways alive and stayed on top of the New Zealand Football Championship with a 3-2 win over struggling Waikato FC in Ngaruawahia on Sunday.

The match may have pitted the competition’s top and bottom teams against each other, but it was a relieved Waitakere United coach Neil Emblen after his side withstood a late surge from the home side to.

Waitakere had the worst possible start when a shot from Waikato’s Michael Gwyther deflected off team mate Paul Stewart and beat Danny Robinson after just 36 seconds.

Waitakere were heavy favourites to win the round 10 fixture, but Emblem wasn’t worried about reputations or teams on paper: “Games aren’t won on paper are they,” he said.

“It’s a great result because it’s a win.”

After the early Waikato opener, they dominated for the first 10 minutes, but as Waitakere settled, they outplayed their hosts and when Roy Krishna leveled the scores in the 16th minute with an impressive turn and half volley move, Waikato were back to their bad old ways.

Waitakere created chance after chance but as they searched for a go-ahead goal, they left themselves far too open at the back – a problem the side would probably not have to deal with if Emblen wasn’t injured and was marshalling the troops from his normal centre back position.

He trained with the subs after the match and it looked like if this game had been against Auckland City, he would have played.

Benjamin Totori gave the visitors the lead just before the hour mark, but they’d created a hatful of chances before he scored on the break.

Brent Fisher scored the third when he – running across the goal – met an Allan Pearce cross and beat young debutant goal keeper Alex Carr in goal.

Totori’s went from hero to near villain when he was sent off for kicking a Waikato player in the final minutes.

Waikato’s Maurie Wasi had given Waikato the slightest sniff in the 91st minute when he got the final touch on a goaline melee and when Totori was dismissed, Waikato bombed forward.

But, as has been their problem all season, they only created half chances and weren’t good enough to turn them into more goals.

Waikato are back to the drawing board and despite player coach Che Bunce making two substantial changes – New Zealand under 17 keeper Carr was used and federation league player of the year Mark Jones (18) got his first start – Waikato were still simply not good enough.

For Waitakere, it was a case of “job done”.

“We’re expected to win every week, so when we done it’s job done.

“We never underestimated Waikato,” Emblen said.

“I think we’re the better team and we played the better football, but the difference isn’t that big and they have some good players.”

Waikato’s slim playoff hopes are all but gone and three points from seven games is surely not what Bunce was expecting when he took over the job at the 11th hour before the start of the season.

He played up front for the final couple of desperate minutes and if the side had a sturdy enough back four, that could be an option for Waikato who need to keep trying things.

Because little has worked so far.


Team Sheet

Waikato FC


Waitakere United

1- Alex Carr (GK)

1- Danny Robinson

2- Che Bunce

3- Aaron Scott

3- Richard Beard

4- Tim Myers

4- Charlie Hoyle

7- Martin Bullock

6- Jason Chewins

8- Brent Fisher

8- David Samson

9- Benjamin Totori

10- Michael Gwyther  (83')

10- Allan Pearce

13- Shaun van Rooyen

11- Neil Sykes

14- Daniel Peat (79')

12- Roy Krishna  (82')

16- Paul Stewart (71')

14- Jeremy Christie

17- Mark Jones

17- Jake Butler



18- Corey Hitchins

22- Liam Little (GK)

23- Alex Barlow (71')

13- Dimas da Silva

24- Mauri Wasi (79')

18- Zane Sole (82')

26- Scott Robinson (GK)

19- Dakota Lucas

7- Tewi Te Pou (83')

24- Luke Adams


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

-15 mins to kick-off

Welcome to Ngaruawahia's beautiful Centennial Park. It's a bit sticky here, a few clouds, little wind and a lovely day for New Zealand Footbal Championship Football. Top v bottom of the table here, but Waikato have form and beat the big boys from out west on their last visit here. Waitakere look stronger than that day, Waikato look worse. This could be a hiding, BUT (big but) football's a funny game. Waikato player coach Che Bunce has left out Sean Dowling altogether this week and NZ U17 keeper Alex Carr is in between the sticks. Good move. Maybe Buncey will play up front too, he's named five defenders in his starting line up.

-10 mins

I'm Matt Richens by the way, if you have an urgent query on the game, contact me on I may or may not reply. A Waitakere fan was struggling to get here in time so has flown in to Centennial Park's secondpitch, in a helicopter. Come on! Possibly first ever helicopter to land in Ngaruawahia, will look into that for you.

- 1 min.

 Waikato $6 outsiders here... I was hoping for $8.50 and I might have had a wee flutter. $1.52 for Waitak is probably worth putting the house on... oh me of little faith


We're away, Waikato in White, heading north, Waitak in red, not a sexy Liverpool red either, more of a Melville red. Bunce at the back, Samson on right of midfield for Waikato


GOAL - Oh you're having a laugh, Waikato 1-0 up, 37 seconds!


Waikato's newest recruit Mark Jones made an impressive run right from kick off and layed off to Samson who delivered for... Sorry I can;t tell you that from here, but it's 1-0 to the home side already. Will find out who scored asap.


Still in a bit of a shock here, No one, least of all me, expected a start like that. Now this will test both sides. How will Waikato defend a lead, they need to keep attacking, Waitak have too much power for the home side to sit back. Waitak on the other hand, well now they have some work to do


this is crazy, Danny Robinson makes a great tip save from a Dan Peat shot, but the ball still has to be cleared off the line, Waikato appealling it crossed the line, but ass ref (hehe) says it didn't. What a neat wee game football is


Waitakere freekick flicked on and off the top of the bar. Young Alex Carr looked a little out of position had that dropped. Still, early days.  The last thing Waikato want to do is concede immediately


Yellow Card to Jeremy Christie, was gassed to flopped in front of Michael Gwyther to take him out, but Waikato blow the freekick from a good position.


GOAL 1-1 Roy Krishna blasts in from the cornerof the 6 yard box. Waikato let too many players spend too long on the ball and were punished. Krishna took a couple of touches and turned back in to the field of play, chipped the ball over his own head and blasted the half volley. Carr had no chance.


Goal scorer for Waikato appears to be Michael Gwyther, but Dan Peat is claiming a touch, I'm giving it to Gwyther and will confirm at HT for you guys. Nice open game here, crowd of 411 enjoying it so far


Waikato defence had looked good, Bunce and Beard doing well in the middle wrecking anything in the air - think Hay and Emblem for Waitak since, well, forever. But then they conceded. I guess, comparing them to Hay and Emblem ( who is injured and on the side for Waitakere) was a little bit too much of a stretch)


Krishna goes very close as he touches on a near post cross, but narrowly misses. Waikato need to... I was going to say shut him down, but they need to defend would be a good start


One of the issues here is Bunce is marking Totori, now Bunce will have Totori in guile, and wileyness, but speed... no. Got to be clever and careful. Totori is lightning. Allan Pearce goes over the top, should have done better from the edge of the box


Waitak making most of the play here,but Waikato defence holding, Charlie Hoyle, who is quick, is doing a good job on Krishna, but then again, it's Krishna that scored


Hoyle gets in Totori's way and he stumbles, but it's enough for a freekick 20 yards out, perfect spot... four in the wall


But Christie blasts straight into the runner, pretty limp effort to be fair. Probably wiser to go around or over the wall, that was going straight at the middle of it. Jeremy Christie eh,... 'nuff said


Oh dear, Chewins tries to clear, but blasts it at Bunce, ball bounces back and young Alex Carr stutters over whether to pick it up or not... it clearly wasn't a back pass, but Carr was nervous and left it and it nearly went in his goal... that would have been a shocker. Still, from the first 35 mins, he looks better than Dowling... not the toughest task on this season's form


Waikato create two quick chances, one from a corner where Bunce came up and headed down, but off target, the other a cross where only a deft touch by former Waikato boy and Hamilton resident (and newlywed) Aaron Scott stopped Dan Peat's open header.


cross comes in from Krishna, good ball, Butler can't get to it for the visitors, as he's clattered in what appeared a fair challenge. But he didn't like it and got up to give Richard Beard a big push in the back, very tough to push a guy in the back, then moments later he shoots wide.


Krishna sends in another ball. Waikato would do good to pick him up... doesn;'t really look like 11 on 11 to me here. Neither team very defensively minded in the midfield


Halftime: Waikato FC 1, Waitakere United 1 - Waitakere United have had the better of it, but in search of goals and points, they've left themselves open at the back. The amount of chances both teams have had, there should be more goals in this one.


underway again and nearly a repeat of the early waikato goal of the first half when Gwyther cuts back in the Waitak area, but his left foot, near post shot crashes into Danny Robinson's post...


Pearce shoots straight at Carr... good save, but Pearce had other, better options


Waitakere resorting to long shots... Makes absolutely no sense. They created chance after chance in the first spell. Now they look lazy, they're the better side, but - this half anyway - not the smarter side.


Break as Aaron Scott gets treatment, he's back on now, looks a bit ginger. then he gets subbed, Scott off for Luke Adams


Hoyle makes the defender look foolish, corsses, and Paul Stewarts gets thumped as he heads over the top, bit of blood. Was a fair challenge though, great defending by Adams as his first duty at centrwe back


GOAL 2-1 Waitakere United, Totori slots home, knocking the ball to Carr's left while sending him to the right. Came at the back of a prolonged attack by Waikato, but on the counter, a fantastic ball from Christie set speedy Totori free and there was no way Bunce was catching him.


All Waitakere now, but Waikato get a break after a corner, only for Wayne Scott to call it back because a Waitak player is injured. Ben Fisher is ok


Waikato get the ball back and break anyway, but Peat hits a ball which sat up nicely for him, too close to Danny Robinson - the nicest man in New Zealand Football - who easily stopped it


Peat down the side, beats a couple, but weak ball is kicked out for corner. From that corner, Waikato nearly score, about six times, ball bounced around, two goal line saves and a great close range stop by Danny Robinson. I don't think he knew a lot about it, but he did well and it was finally cleared off the line


GOAL! and after all that, Brent Fisher scored. Good break, nice ball from out side, might have been Christie, could have been Krishna, I'm that far away to the far end I can't tell sorry, but Fisher definitely got the final touch. He met the corss and glanced it to Carr's right.


drinks break. and SUB Paul Stewart off, Alex Barlow on. Stewart missing his man in that goal could have been a big part of him being pulled off... So to speak. Oh and the ball Fisher scored from came from an impressive all day Allan Pearce.


Waikato have two chances, a Alex Barlow header is knocked across goal, but Dan Peat can't clean up the scraps and it's eventually cleared


Bunce should come forward now, need two and need them quick... But they still have four at the back... They're dead last, they can't be looking after their goal difference. Better off to chase the game and lose 6-1 and at least have had a go


Dan Peat off, Mauri Wasi on for Waikato FC


Should have been 4-1, 1 on 1 and Waitak go over the top. To player-coach Che Bunce's credit, at least he's made some changes with the young Carr in goal and playing the untried Mark Jones, but there are some real issues with this team


YELLOW CARD Charlie Hoyle - Waitak sub, Zane Sole on for Roy Krishna. Gets a polite, well deserved clap. Krishna was a bit quiet in the second spell, but caused problems in the first


Tewi Te Pou replaces Michael Gwyther


Waikato pushing more bodies forward now, a bit late but. freekick 25 yards out, right in front


Waikato dink around with a fiddly set piece, but nothing comes of it, but a deflection came to Te Pou who flicked in a nice ball for a charging Richard Beard (centre back) who goes just wide.


A collegues has just made the comment he thought Waikato were lacking confidence in front of the goal, I beg to differ, they just lack skill in front of goal.


GOAL! Well well well. 3-2, Mauri Wasi taps in from close range, referee has to check with lino because there was a chance Wasi had come from offside, but the goal stood... Interesting finish


Four minutes time added on


Bunce finally up front, a largely invisible van Rooyen goes to the back as Waikato range forward, but are dispossessed


RED CARD! Benjamin Totori straight red, kicked the ball away, but that could have been for an elbow, Waikato players took exception, he won't be a popular man on the way back to West Auckland if Waikato score.


Danny Robinson comes to grab a well placed cross and save the match for the visitors.


Full time. long four minutes. 3-2 Waitakere United.

Full time

More from me to come and a word from the people who know more about the game than me