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Otago United

Canterbury United


NZFC - Week 8,
Sunday 20 December 2009


Dan Ede 32

 Russell Kamo 19, 42
Tom Lancaster 31


Halftime: 1 - 3                      Referee: Jamie Cross                               Crowd: 300


Dragons break derby drought

by Rab Smith at Carosbrook

The Canterbury United Dragons broke a long drought by beating Otago United convincingly 3-1 in the New Zealand Football Championship match played at Carisbrook in Dunedin today.

The win was the first Canterbury have notched over their Southern rivals away from home since 2005.

Russell Kamo scored the first of his two goals after 19 minutes when Otago failed to clear a header by Aaron Clapham and the sharp looking striker forced the ball past keeper James Waggett at the far post.

Otago looked less than composed at the back, since a major re-shuffle was required after regular centreback Chris Jenkinson returned the England. Two other defenders, Tom Sadd and Dave Shaw were also on the injured list.

Coach Malcolm Fleming played three at the back, Tim Horner, Mike Abbott and Tristan Prattley, but was disappointed at his midfield’s failure to track back and pick up the mobile Canterbury attack.

Keith Braithwaite’s Canterbury side dominated the first half hour, and in wet blustery conditions the teams incisive running found time and space to keep pressure on the home side.

Tom Lancaster made it 2-nil in the 31st minute when an Otago defensive mistake opened the door for a Canterbury break that produced a 2 v 1 and the young striker scored with aplomb.

However Otago was slowly finding its feet, with Ryan Faichnie showing his ability to go past players, and only a couple of minutes after Canterbury scored, Dan Ede lifted the home crowd as he slotted a neat cut-back from Nathan Knox.

At 2-1 the match was pretty competitive. Both sides sought ascendance in a crowded midfield. Some clever skills and poise were shown by Canterbury’s Clapham, who formerly played in the USA and with Melbourne.

Equally impressive was Otago’s Andy Coburn and Stu Kelly, but so often the final pass for United lost possession and Canterbury could definitely claim a better pass rate.

With coaches thinking about half time team talks, Fleming’s became all the harder as striker Kamo finished another breakaway move to create a 3-1 scoreline at the break.

Otago did better in the second half. Canterbury came under pressure with a late series of freekicks and corners, but steady form by Gareth Rowe and Dan Terris shored up the red defence, aided by a couple of fine saves by keeper Tom Batty.

Otago striker Knox had two chances to become hero, but with just the keeper to beat he missed goal completely, then trying to make amends he later hit a superb volley that trimmed Canterbury’s crossbar.

"The better team won," Otago coach Malcolm Fleming said.

"I was disappointed with our midfield effort, and failure to put our limited chances away."

The rare Keith Braithwaite grin was a mile wide.

"We dominated in the first half and kept it tight in the second spell."

"Kamo showed his appetite for scoring, and Aaron Clapham looked a class act, and at the back Gareth Rowe and Dan Terris  were never in trouble…"

And the next match for Canterbury? ‘ Ages away,’ said Braithwaite, not happy about the length of the festive break.

"We get more days off than Father Christmas," said the Scouser.


Team Sheet

Otago United


Canterbury United

1 James Waggett (GK)

18 Tom Batty (GK)

3 Tristan Prattley

2 Dan Terris

8 Stu Kelly

4 Gareth Rowe

9 Ryan Faichnie

5 Matt Boyd (C)

11 Andy Coburn

6 Andy Pitman

12 James Reichwein

7 Aaron Clapham

14 Dan Ede

9 Russell Kamo

15 Tom Connor

11 Tom Lancaster

17 Tim Horner (C)

12 Nick Wortelboer

18 Nathan Knox

15 Paul Dirou

20 Mike Abbott

19 Darren overton



6 Tom Sadd

3 Jeremy Wild

13 Brian Brown (R.GK)

16 Daniel Burns

16 Morgan Day

17 Glen Collins

21 James Watson

22 Chris Sinclair (R.GK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play


Delayed kick off by 15mins due to Canterbury's flight problems


Delay changed to 5mins by 4th offical... 2:05pm
Welcome back to Carisbrook for week 8, The sun has only just changed to rain with a hard pitch the water may just sit on the pitch. Teams are currently warming up and as the crowd grows as we cound down to the start of the match


Players are taking the field, Canterbury Utd to Kick off for the first half


Canterbury's early free kick in Otago's half head s into 18 Yard getting the head of 2 of Canterbury's strikers only to hit the cross bar and lands at the foot of a Otago defender. Canterbury were unlucky to no have it in the back of the net


Otago are pushing back hard with help from the ref who has pulled up a few heavy tackles coming from Canterbury


Canterbury's attack breaks down with a packed defence by Otago stops any chance of a cross


Slide tackle by Connor keeps the ball away from Otago's 18 Yard box


A run along the near side by Abbott opens to a great chance by Otago only to have Reichwein trying to be fancy in front of goal causing him to lose the ball


Lose ball cleared from center of Otago's 18 yard box by Prattley, Otago are feeling a bit of pressure from Canterbury


Knox pulled up for grabbing on Canterbury player.


Connor makes run up near side only to have Wortelboer tackle to put it over the line, lines man shows goal kick, Connor makes arguement that it should of been a corner


Cross from Prattley from far side into Canterbury's 18 Yard making head back into Otago's striker's foot only for him to knock it over the crossbar


GOAL: Lose high ball picked up in Otago's box by Kamo and first touch putting it near post with Waggett trying to make him self big as he moves in.


Another chance as Lancaster puts the ball center of Otago's goal forcing defence to make the stop and try clear


Otago's defence still having trouble with Canterbury's attack, Waggett is forced to move to an over kicked ball.


 Offside called by lines man, rain and wind has picked up as players try to deal with the weather changes mistakes are made


Kamo takes long run up the near side getting past defence to put ball into Otago's box, the head of Clapham


GOAL: Lancaster scores to extend Canterbury's lead


GOAL: Ede returns the favour by putting one past Batty putting Otago back in the game


Faichnie sprints to a ball put wide only to put the cross in late as it goes out for goal kick


Great defending by Horner cutting a cross out that could of had Canterbury in for one more


Overton shows great speed beating Otago midfielder to the ball


Canterbury using their keeper well with Batty looking for the long balls to help Canterbury push


GOAL: Claphan puts Canterbury back into a relaxing lead with another one put into the back of the net, Waggett unable to do anything about it


Wortelboer slide stops Kelly from making another cross that could of helped Otago.
Reichwein gets ball in front of Canterbury's goal but his other foot catches the ball putting it out for a goal kick

45 + 1

Half time called. Otago Utd 1 - Canterbury Utd 3


NO Changes to ether team


Otago Utd kick off


Otago Set up for corner, ball put long and pressure on defence gives Otago a second and thrid corner


Batty gets his fist to the high ball putting it out to his own man


Good hands by Batty pluck the corner's high from the air and Otago players move in


Play is stopped as Ede is walked off after being injured


Coburn's behind tackle gets called up with Canterbury in good position, kick taken by Clapham and the shot is taken at goal but goes high, Otago setup counter from goal kick


Canterbury return the counter.


Yellow card to Pitman for harsh tackle


Canterbury are pushing down the line with Otago putting the ball out all the way to the corner before Otago win one them selves


Raichnie gets tripped 10 yards from Canterburys 18 yard box, Abbott takes the shot that looks like its going in but good hands from Batty hold it.


Otago Sub
OFF: 12 James Reichwein
ON: 16 Morgan Day


Kelly trys to repair a shotty pass by fellow team mate Coburn but no match for large number of Canterbury players closing in


Waggett is forced to leave his box as Otago defence lets through striker, Waggett clears the ball


Otago are putting more pressure on Canterbury as they fire a couple of shots off inside Canterbury's box, both deflect off defenders


Sub Canterbury
OFF: 6 Andy Pitman
ON: 17 Glen Collins


Canterbury miss out chance to extend their lead thanks to the work of Otago's defenders making the required tackles on the edge of Otago's 18


Horner keeps Otago's defence safe as he makes another slide tackle giving Otago time to get back


Kelly's Free kick goes high over Canterbury's goal crossbar


A blunder of a header back pass to Batty gives Knox room to move past defence looking for a gentle touch to Battys far post by Knox puts the ball a little too wide

77 min

Sub Canterbury
OFF: 19 Darren Overton
ON: 16 Daniel Burns


Faichnie makes a good run in Canterburys half dodging 3 slide tackles and moving the ball onto Knox.


Yellow card to Kamo for a bit of chatter


Boyd is brought down after a hard tackle with what is seen as a leg injury


Ball is dropped by ref with Otago putting it out over the line for Canterbury


Burns bum stops Coburn from sending in the ball
Sub Canterburn
OFF: 5 Matt Boyd
ON: 3 Jeremy Wild


Great save by Waggett as the shot by Clapham is made low and to Waggett's far post.


Canterbury gets good position to cross and score after a bad tackle from Otago, ball is put too far.


A great bicycle kick by Knox goes just wide of the upright
4 mins added time shown by 4th Offical

90 + 2

Great save by Batty as Otago come close again to scoring

90 + 3

Otago unable to put the ball away with the clock counting down

90 + 4

Full Time, Otago 1 - Canterbury 3