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Waikato FC

YoungHeart Manawatu


NZFC - Week 5
Centennial Park
Sunday 22 November 2009


Maurie Wasi 70

Campbell Banks 55
Seule Soromon 86



Halftime:      0-0                 Referee:        Nick Waldron                        Crowd: 404


YoungHeart into second with win over wasteful Waikato

by Matt Richens at Centennial Park

NZFC Golden Boot leader Seule Soromon fired Manawatu into second place. PhotosportWaikato FC paid the ultimate price for missed chances in their NZFC game against YoungHeart Manawatu in Ngaruawahia on Sunday.

They completely dominated the first half, but lost 2-1 in a game that could play a big part in NZFC’s playoff race.

And after four games, only the battling Team Wellington sit below Waikato on the points table.

YoungHeart, on the other hand, did exceptionally well to keep out their hosts in the opening stanza and then go ahead twice and now sit second behind unbeaten Auckland City.

Manawatu really were outplayed in the first half, but coach Bob Sova said he would have been disappointed if his side hadn’t won.

“Simply because they had the 10 men,” he said.
In a game with nine cards, Sova’s counterpart Che Bunce was booked twice and given his marching orders in just the 51st minute.

That made all the difference. There was more room on the park and Manawatu had a renewed confidence.

Sova was relieved to have taken the points, but was gracious with it.

“That game could have gone either way,” he said.

“Look, full credit to Waikato, they battled away and they probably did have the edge on us in the first half, but a lot of those chances came from corners and freekicks… we’re our own worst enemy… and if it wasn’t for Ross Nicholson in goal, he kept us in it and kept alive out chance of having a win today.”

Waikato player/coach Che Bunce trudges off teh field after being sent off for a second booking. PhotosportBunce – who had to watch the most of the second half from the sideline – was pleased with how his side played, but disappointed not to get the rub of the green for the second round in a row.

“We were always going to be up against it when we went to 10, when I got sent off,” he said.

“Full credit to our boys for getting back into it, but there was a wee bit of individual brilliance from the lad sort of sealed it for them.”

That individual brilliance was from Seule Soromon.

Soromon – who leads the NZFC’s Golden Boot race – danced around in the box beating three defenders, he cut in, then beat Waikato keeper Sean Dowling to tap in the winner.

Earlier Campbell Banks had put Manawatu ahead. He tapped in from close range when the Waikato defence lost their assignments in the 55th minute.

Waikato midfielder-striker Mauri Wasi scored the equalizer 15 minutes later when he dinked a brilliant chip over Nicholson after being put through by Alex Barlow.

Waikato had found the back of the net in the first half, but referee Nick Waldron – who did play too big a part in the game – ruled ‘no goal’ because Richard Beard had “clattered into a defender”.

But Waikato had other chances, plenty of them. And while Nicholson did exceptionally well in stopping two chances from Beard and Mikael Munday from close range, Waikato should have done better.

Waikato have been far from poor this season – their 5-0 thumping to Auckland City aside – but are battling to keep up with the other teams already.

Sova said the closeness of the competition could help Waikato catch up as teams are likely to take points off each other most weeks keeping it close.

“Every team is in with a chance, sometimes you say it just to be politically correct, but this year it’s true, all the teams have a chance at those top four spots,” he said.

“And that makes those three slash six pointers all the more crucial,” he said with a grin.


Team Sheet

Waikato FC


YoungHeart Manawatu

1 - Sean Dowling (GK)

1 - Ross Nicholson (GK)

2 - Che Bunce (c)

4 - Colin Falvey

3 - Richard Beard

6 - Matt Kennedy

5 - Joey Simpkins

8 - Nathan Cooksley

6 - Jason Chewins

9 - Seule Soromon

8 - David Samson

10 - Adam Cowan

9 - Mikael Munday

14 - Marco Parrachini

12 - Sam Wilkinson

16 - Raf De Gregorio

13 - Shaun van Rooyen

18 - Takayuki Omi

14 - Dan Peat

21 - Corey Chettleburgh

24 - Mauri Wasi

23 - Campbell Banks



4 - Charlie Hoyle

7 - James Thomas

7 - Tewi Te Pou

11 - Scott Robson

16 - Paul Stewart

19 - Matt Borren

18 - Corey Hitchens

20 - Jimmy Haidakis

23 - Alex Barlow

22 - Daniel Benson

gk - Scott Robinson


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

Technical difficulties have delayed our live updates, we'll be up and running as soon as possible.

2.30pm kick off now, confusion over starting time here and it has, eventually, been agreed to start at 2.30, not 2pm.

Just clearing up here a bit now, been cold and damp most of the morning, good farming weather.

Waikato finally get to show off their new kit, white and black, very West German. Ngaruawahia's Centennial Park looks a picture.

Waikato appear attack minded and rumour has it will play a 4-3-3. And I can confirm Bunce will not be one of those three... for those that were worried. :-)

2 mins

Manawatu leave the ball for Nicholson in goal, but Wasi takes it off him, but can't find a team-mate with a cross.


pretty even start, both tyeams looking to get wide, Waikato playing a 4-3-3-, YM more of a 4-4-2 with Ross "man mountain" Nicholson in goal.


waikato look good going forward and delivering well, but tjhree times so far there has been no one in the middle - odd with three up front


not a lot happening still feeling eachother out so to speak.


Nicholson makes a superb save - an asboluite screamer - think Durdek in the 2005 CL final againsty Shevchenki (excuse spellings) Munday blasted a header goalward aftr he got away from his defender inside the six yard box. Really was a goal saver.


 YoungHeart have their best chance - open goal after Dowling came out and was beaten. Did all the hard work of the one on one, but Takayuki Omi blew a golden opportunity - it's opening up


Richard Beard comes up fro a corner and heads straight at Nicholson who makes a nother good reflex save


Yellow cards - Samson for WFC and Raf De Gregorio

29 mins

injury break for Campbell Banks who is still off fior treatment. Got clobbered in the box

30 mins

Bunce yellow for chatting - he's the world champion at it.

33 mins

Banks back on - waikato look better here, but  unableto break YMH down. YMH still look more than capable of snatching one at any time though... intriguing

36 mins

Chewins beats two down the left, where waikato have killed them all day - and puts in a neat, powerful cross to Mikael Munday who goes too tight and misses the near post chances 7-1 to the home side

38 mins

Campbell Banks' shot cleared off the line, good near post drive from out wide

40 mins

Manawatu drive forward a few times in a row, but at what cost, they've left themselves open at the back... but it peters out. Looked like Bob Sova smiled there for a second, nah, can;t have been

41 mins

Waikato freekick 25 out right in front... Bunce is over it... surely not

42 mins

whew - it was peat who took it, and hit the wall, Bunce should be heading them in, niot driving them. This game needs a goal, not for excitment lebvels, just for my multi

43 mins

Peat beats two, gets in the box and is clattered - big shouts for a pen - I've seen worse (N'gog two weeks ago for my liverpool) but good decision, got a lot of ball too. Well done Mr Nick Waldron

45 mins

Seuele Soromon stretches his legs on the left, but Samson has him covered again - kept him very quiet so far

45 +1 mins

Adam Cowan Yellow carded, could have been worse, brought down Mauri Wasi from behind on the edge of the box, right side, van Rooyen to take...

45 +2 mins

45+1 GOAL - oops, no goal, sorry cancel that... Simpkins headed in, but Mr Waldron ordered a foul in there somewhere... I sense Mr player coach Buncey will have a few things to say after that... he'll tell me, I'll tell you, you know how it works...

45 +4 mins

HALFTIME lots of cards, lots of shots, no goals... Can;t see this finishing 11 v 11...

46 mins

YELLOW CARD - start the second hald how we finished the first - yellow card - to Matt Kennedy- just a lazy tackle from behind

51 mins

RED CARD - told you so... BUNCE got hias second yellow, and he's gooooone from the field and he can't coach either... very interesting now... Was a lazy tackle as he ran behind the Manawatu defender...

52 mins

van rooyen looks to have been brought back to the back four at right back and samson has been moved into the middle. Already YMH look to have more of a spring in their step.

53 mins

YELLOW CARD - When Waikato lose to a 10-man Canterbury Wizards, or Dragons, or Fairies two weeks agho, Bunce said you have to watch out for teams with 10,now he has to hope his team can still win from here. (PEAT Yellow Card - bit harsh, but maybe fair) Waikato have played better, but are battling now.

55 mins

GOAL!  - Waikato really battlingnow, Campbell Banks has just tapped in from half a metre out. 1-0 to YMH. Cross came in and wasn't dealt with, Waikato's new defenseive four lost their markers and ex-Knight or Kingz (one of those teams that kept losing)'as Banks taps in easy as you like

56 mins

I bet Bunce heard that in the shower...

60 mins

Soromon finally has a shot, but it squeus, sques,.squues , it goes wide... YMH making most of the play, WFC need to keep attacking, might as well lose 3-0 if you're going to lose 1-0. Have looked good on attack, why stop now...?

65 mins

Barlow on for Chewins - Waikato's best player (And he's 39!) Barlow will add a fullback option who can range forward... like Chewins... hmmm

66 mins

Waikato freekick edge of the box... no card... strange.S impkins, van Rooyen and Peat over it...

67 mins

into wall by Shaun van Rooyen and another shot off the wall and out for a corner

70 mins

GOAL! Alex Barlow has beaten one, dinked a perfect ball through to Mauri Wasi who has chipped Ross Nicholson... it looped over and kept everyone waiting, but eventually went it... greast finish.. Wasi has been very good today after a lacklustre start to the season.

71 mins

Banks broyugbht down on the edge of the box... Waikato dispute call, but looked pretty clear foul from here... waiting... waiting...

72 mins

taken by De Gregori and it's so high and wide it would have missed 11 would have been easier to score than kick that so wide

74 mins

Tewi te Pou on for Dan Peat. No YMH subs yet

74 mins

Soromon gets away and dribbles a ball straight at Dowling... yuk

77 mins

Chettleburgh hits the post from traffic, did very well and two subs - Wilkinson off for Hitchens for Waikato and Haidakis on for... can;t see... please hold caller

78 mins

Wasi does well on a run and tries to chip Nicholson again...from 40 metres... funnily enough it didn;t work.

81 mins

Kennedy off for YMH - James Thomas on

82 mins

Dowling makes a great save, Omi was through, m,et a cross with a sliding shot, toepoke on the run type thing, you know what I mean and Dowling, who'se not a small man either, was down quickly to save with his foot... nice.

83 mins

Barlow goes wide from 25 metres with his wrong foot, rushing when they don't need to be, both teams

86 mins

Suele Soromon beats everyone, twice... danced around the box like a ballerina, a tough, masculine one though and beat Dowling as the keeper sprawled around the deck... great individual goal. He's done nought all day and just grabbed the winner.

87 mins

waikato look gutted and defeated, heads down etc

89 mins

only two to be added...needs something individually brilliant... not looking likely

90 mins +2

Game over 2-1 YMH... I'll be back soon with some thoughts of mine and some others and wee story fro yuo to read.  I've been Matt Richens... Ta Ta For Now.