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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Auckland City

Team Wellington


NZFC - Round 11
Kiwitea Street
Saturday 31 January, 2009

Ivan Vicelich 81

Luis Corrales 75
Andy Barron 78
Bryan Little 93



Halftime: 0-0                       Referee: Matt Conger                                Crowd: 623 


Wellington find spark in Auckland

by Bob Pearce at Kiwitea Street

Luis Corrales and Team Wellington are still looking up. Photo: Shane Wenzlick kept their playoff hopes alive while the alarm bells are ringing at Kiwitea Street after the visitors won 3-1.

It was the third win in a row for Wellington over Auckland and nobody could say they didn't deserve it. They out-passioned, outsped and out-thought the Aucklanders and when the chances came in the second half they had the finish for a convincing scoreline.

Wellington coach Stu Jacobs told his team they lacked spark after they were hammered by Hawke's Bay last week. He demanded that they come back this time "bouncing off the walls."

That may have been an exaggeration but they never gave Auckland any peace. Luis Corrales, who had been unimpressive in his first trip north to Waitakere this season, showed his true colours with the opening goal and a deft touch to lay on the second for Andy Barron.

The first half was forgettable. Several chances for both sides but neither goalkeeper was called on for much of a save. The key moment may have come when Auckland's new signing, Adam Dickinson, went off with a leg injury.

It began to look like a one-goal game until Corrales produced a special bit of magic to open the scoring in the 75th minute. A freekick by Ross McKenzie found the Costa Rican in the penalty area and he flipped the ball over his shoulder into the net.

Auckland City's Keryn Jordan (centre) is cramped by Wellington defenders. Photo: Shane Wenzlick minutes later it was 2-0 and again Corrales was instrumental in the goal. He tantalised the Auckland defence before providing a perfect pass for Andy Barron to drive home.

Auckland responded quickly with captain Ivan Vicelich heading home a rare corner from Ki-Hyung Lee but Wellington sealed the game in injury time when substitute Bryan Little took advantage of a depleted defence to add Wellington's third.

Jacobs was justifiably thrilled by his team's reversal of form after the massive disappointment the week before.

"It sums up the squad we've got and shows just what we can do," he said. "In the second half we had two or three chances before we scored. They had some gilt-edged chances but didn't score.Bryan Little wrapped up the victory with an injury-time goal against his old club. Photo: Shane Wenzlick

"Corrales definitely has the x-factor for us, but he hasn't done it before against the big sides. I thought Andy Barron and Michael Pickering were strong for us in the middle of the park and that made it easier for Luis."

Auckland coach Paul Posa, usually the most diplomatic of men, was clearly unhappy with the way some of his team played.

"It was so disappointing," he said. "I'm not going to single out any players. That's for me to sort out. I think there have to be changes.

"It was disappointing to lose Dickinson after such a short time and also Adam McGeorge with a hamstring. They were the two guys we'd introduced to make a difference."

The race for second place in the league behind Waitakere has hotted up with Hawke's Bay maintaining their lead over Auckland. The two are due to meet next Friday at Park Island. Wellington's next game is against Otago in Dunedin on Sunday. 

Photos: Shane Wenzlick


Team Sheet

Auckland City


Team Wellington

1 Ross Nicholson (GK)

1 Jake Gleeson (GK)

3 Matt Friel

3 Steven Gulley

5 Matt Williams

6 Michael Pickering

6 Ki-Hyung Lee

7 Sam Blackburn (Little 65)

7 James Pritchett (Carella 63)

8 Peter Howe

14 Keryn Jordan

9 Ross McKenzie

15 Ivan Vicelich (Captain)

10 Luis Corrales

18 Adam Dickinson (Nikolic 22)

13 Karl Whalen

20 Greg Uhlmann

14 Sam Jenkins

22 Xavi Roca

17 Andy Barron  (Whitmarsh 88)

25 Adam McGeorge (Coombes 53)

22 Adam Birch (Captain)



4 Sam Campbell

5 Michael Eager

8 Chad Coombes (in 53)

21 Bryan Little  (in 65)

12 John Fletcher (RGK)

23 Tim Schaeffers

17 Allan Carella (in 64)

24 James McPeake (RGK)

24 Milos Nikolic (in 22)

25 Paul Whitmarsh (in 88)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

Auckland opt to start  new signing Adam Dickinson up front. Allan Carella on bench

0 mins

Brisk cross wind, sunny skies

4 mins

Freekick to Auckland by Lee, Friel hits post

14 mins

Blackburn shot mishandled by Nicholson but he regathers quickly

16 mins

Yellow card Uhlmann for two-footed tackle.

18 mins

Yellow card Whalen Dickinson off field injured, replaced by Nicolic

22 mins

Barron long-range shot, well saved.

29 mins

Nikolic shot rebounds wide.

31 mins

Jenkins wastes good cross with wild shot.

38 mins

Pritchett picks out Jordan, who shoots over top

45 mins

No score, with several missed chances but neither goalkeeper forced into great saves.

46 mins

Quick break by Wellington sees Corrales in clear but shot blocked by Nicholson

48 mins

Volley by Barron curves just outside post. Yellow card Friel

50 mins

Great cross from right by Nikolic, Jordan header hits post

53 mins

Corrales tests Nicholson but ball blocked.

54 mins

McGeorge replaced by Coombes.

59 mins

Coombes shot sails over bar.

64 mins

Yellow card Howe for tackle on Lee.

65 mins

Carella on for Pritchett, Black burn replaced by Little

69 mins

Lee freekick, kneed by Friel, saved by Gleeson.

75 mins

GOAL! Freekick by McKenzie flicked over shoulder by Corrales over keeper.

78 mins

GOAL! Corales beats two feeds Barron who rifles shot past Nicholson

81 mins

GOAL! Vicelich header from Lee corner. Game on.

84 mins

Howe heads over top from freekick

88 mins

Nikolic soft shot when clear for goal.

89 mins

 Sub Wellington Barron off Whitmarsh on

90 plus three

GOAL! Little left on his own scores against depleted defence.