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YoungHeart Manawatu

Otago United


NZFC - Round 10
Memorial Park, Palmerston North 
Saturday 24 January, 2009


Gustavo Saralegui 21
Jason Hayne 89



Halftime: 1-0                      Referee:                                Crowd: 


Otago need a little more heart to win

by Dan Walravern at Memorial Park

Adam Cowan shoots as Manawatu grab the three pointsAn intense performance from  YoungHeart Manawatu paid off with a 2-0 win against Otago United today at Memorial Park.

Starting off with a tactical advantage over Otago United, YoungHeart persisted with applying pressure to the Otago defensive line-up as the majority of game-play took place in their half.

It wasn’t until the 21st minute that YoungHeart mid-fielder Gustavo Saralegui scored the first goal of the game, an early sign of Otago’s teamwork slipping up.

“We were working as individuals, not as a team” commented Otago United coach Terry Phelan after the game.

“I had experienced players out there who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” he added.

Jason Hayne bags his eighth of the season to lead the goal scoring chartTowards the end of the first half, YoungHeart’s Jason Hayne tackled Barry Gardiner, which resulted in a freekick for Otago United.

As much of a disappointment as this was for Hayne, it ended up in his favour as he narrowly missed a goal coming in to the 45th minute of the game.

The end of the first half saw YoungHeart’s Alick Maemae taken out by a slide tackle from Blair Scoullar, earning himself a yellow card as the teams went in with YoungHeart in the lead.

Otago marginally lifted their game until Stu Kelly received a yellow card only minutes into the second half.

A series of hand-balls and occasional tackles ensured both teams had their fair share of free kicks throughout the encounter.

The second yellow card went to Scott Robson as he collided with Otago’s Regan Coldicott, while the third went to YoungHeart’s Jason Hayne for his close encounter with Colin Falvey.

Manawatu kept attacking until the final whistleHayne came back from this though, scoring the second and final goal of the game in the 89th minute with an impressive shot from 25 yards out.

Riding out on YoungHeart’s wave of victory shortly before full time was Otago United’s Colin Flavey who was red carded when he went head to head with one of YoungHeart’s substitutes, Isaac Duker.

Reflecting on the game, YoungHeart’s Bob Sova said “we played quite well in bursts, but we should have had more [goals]”.

He also admitted that Otago United are a unit that “work quite hard”.


Team Sheet

YoungHeart Manawatu


Otago United

1. Chris Marsh (GK)

1. Liam Little (GK)

2. Nelson Sale

3. Tristan Prattley

4. Jan Weissenfeldt

4. Barry Gardiner (out 59)

7. Jason Hayne

5. Colin Falvey (Captain)

8. Nathan Cooksley

6. Mike Smith

9. Gustavo Saralegui  (out 75)

8. Blair Scoullar  (out 63)

10. Adam Cowen

9. Tom Jackson

11. Scott Robson

10. David Dugdale

16. Raf de Gregorio

12. Aaron Burgess (out 59)

20. Alick Maemae

18. Tom Connor

22. Cory Chettleburgh

21. Stu Kelly



6. Matt Kennedy

7. Robbie Deeley (in 63)

12. Sung-Bae Park

13. Callum Flaws (RGK)

17. Isaak Duker (in 75)

16 Regan Coldicott (in 59)

18. Finlay Milne

20. Seamus Ryder (in 59)

19. Matt Boren (RGK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

Welcome to Memorial Park on a glorious afternoon. The sun is shining brightly through a sprinkling of cloud and the slight breeze may just be enough to provide some cooling to the players but certainly not strong enough to impact on the game. Fourth-placed YoungHeart Manawatu can consolidate their playoff chances with victory while Otago United could climb off the bottom of the table (and keep any slim hopes of a semi-final alive) with an away win.


We're underway here in Palmy


Tentative start from both sides


Early free-kick to Otago. Aaron Burgess puts it over the bar


Blair Scoullar is tackled by Adam Cowan and wins a free kick. It looks like there was a little bit of extra in that tackle. Card for Cowan perhaps? Nope, just a free-kick.


Otago win a corner. Barry Gardiner floats it too far though and YoungHeart come away with it.


Park Sung-Bae fires off a shot but it sails over


GOAL! 1-0 A long ball is cleaned up by the Otago defence but as they try to play out of their own area, Gustavo Saralegui steals in to dispossess them and put the home side one up.


Manawatu wins another corner but Jason Hayne's delivery could've been better.


Alick Maemae tries to set up Saralegui but his shot is blocked.


Adam Cowan tackles Colin Falvey but only succeeds in giving away a free kick.


Jason Hayne tees up Park Sung-Bae but the South Korean's shot is saved by Otago 'keeper Liam Little.


YoungHeart enjoying more possesion but can't make it pay.


A Tom Jackson long-throw eds up with Stu Kelly in a god poisition but his shot is too high.


Manawatu camped on Otago's 18 yard box ut can't find a way through.


Hayne is almost through but the pass is picked off.


Yellow Card to Blair Scoullar


Halftime 1-0. YoungHeart lead Otago at the break by a solitary Saralegui goal.


Back underway and Otago's Stu Kelly gets reacquainted with Raf de Gregorio via his boot. He's pulled up for a high foot and gets shown a yellow card.


A Jason Hayne free-kick is headed clear by the Otago defence.


Jason Hayne blast a free-kick goalward but only as far as Tristan Prattley, who goes down in a heap. It looked like he took it square on the chest - that smarts. He gets back up eventually and caries on.


SUB - Otago: Regan Coldicott comes on for Barry Gardiner, and Seamus Ryder is on for Aaron Burgess.


An Adam Cowen header sails wide.


A YoungHeart corner is headed clear


YoungHeart's Scott Robson picks up a yellow for a challenge on Regan Coldicott.


SUB Manawatu: Isaak Duker replaces Gustavo Saralegui


Jason Hayne is cautioned for a chllenge on Colin Falvey


GOAL 2-0! Hayne doubles the home side's lead with a low drive from about 25 yards.


RED CARD! Colin Falvey is sent off for a fierce challenge on Isaak Duker. Otago will play out injury time with ten men.


FULLTIME: YoungHeart Manawatu 2 Otago United 0. YoungHeart move to third and Jason Hayne inches ahead of Luis Corrales in teh golden boot race. Otago must now surely be out of the semi-final race and just playing to avoid the wooden spoon.