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Waitakere United

Hawke's Bay United


NZFC - Round 9
Douglas Field
Sunday 18 January, 2009





Halftime: 0-0                      Referee: Nick Waldron                               Crowd: 364


Champions held as Seaman sees red

by Bob Pearce at Douglas Field

Seaman's 11th minute red meant early changes for Waitakere. Photo by Shane WenzlickWaitakere fans had barely taken their seats at Douglas Field when referee Nick Waldron was flashing a yellow card to Paul Seaman. A second yellow 10 minutes later saw Seaman off and the game deteriorate into a scoreless draw.
Down to 10 men Waitakere were forced to dismantle their scoring trio of Benjamin Totori, Roy Krishna and Daniel Koprivcic up front and they were further disrupted when Koprivcic was forced from the field after a dubious tackle injured an ankle.
Even so the champions created more play than the Bay, who seemed to lack the spark needed to deserve three points. Totori operating solo was more of a danger than Seule Soromon, Graham Fyfe and Leon Birnie.
When the game stuttered to a stop at the final whistle, Waitakere goalkeeper Richard Gillespie hadn't been called on to make a save of any consequence.
A gusting westerly wind made control difficult but this was a game that proved a poor advertisement for the NZFC. Neither the on-field officials nor some of the players could take any credit.
Perhaps the nearest anyone came to a goal was Fyfe who was presented with the ball at close range at the end of the first half when Jason Rowley headed the ball to him. In the spirit of the game the Hawkes Bay player wasted the chance.
Waitakere coach Chris Milicich, who had protested at some of the decisions during the game, was livid at the final whistle.
Rowley wins header as Waitakere head forwards. Photo by Shane Wenzlick"I'm not going to comment on the referee or the linesmen because that would get me in trouble," he said.
"The fact is we played with 10 men for almost 90 minutes and we were the better team. The reality is we've dropped two points. We were the ones who created the chances. The fact that they didn't capitalise on their advantage is their problem not mine."
Hawkes Bay coach Jonathan Gould had mixed feelings.
"I think if anyone had said we'd come away with a point at Waitakere, I'd have said nice. But I don't think we played well enough to win the game. I didn't see enough spark in the players.


Totori mounts a rare attack in the 0-0 draw. Photo by Shane Wenzlick"I think you're right that there weren't many shots on goal and that's unusual. This is the first game we've failed to score."
The Bay received a rash of yellow cards in the second half as frustration began to set in on both sides. 
"When you're playing against players like Totori and Krishna, you've got to stay on your feet or you'll get pinged," said Gould.
The injury to Koprivcic and Seaman's dismissal will add further stress to Waitakere's squad as they take on a punishing schedule of games. Neil Sykes, who replaced Koprivcic, is just back from injury and looked short of match play. Danny Hay and Allan Pearce are still on the injured list.
Coming up on Saturday at Douglas Field is the crucial game against Auckland City, who will be thirsting for revenge after losing at home to the champions. Then on Monday Waitakere must lift themselves again to repel Waikato.

Photos by Shane Wenzlick


Team Sheet

Waitakere United


Hawke's Bay United

1 Richard Gillespie (GK)

1 Mitch O'Brien (GK)

3 Aaron Scott

2 Chris Davies

20 Jason Rowley

4 Greig Henslee (Abba 68)

16 Neil Emblen

6 Che Bunce

4 Tim Myers

7 Cole Peverley

15 Chris Bale

9 Daniel Kirkup

17 Jake Butler

10 Seule Soromon (McIvor 60)

8 Paul Seaman

11 Graham Fyfe

9 Benjamin Totori (Vincent 87)

13 Leon Birnie (78 Gearey)

12 Roy Krishna

16 Ian Hogg

13 Daniel Koprivcic (Sykes 29)

21 Woo-jae Kim



22 Danny Robinson (RGK)

5 Campbell Parkin

21 Kayne Vincent

8 Chris McIvor

11 Neil Sykes

12 James Oxtoby

27 Jacob Mathews

17 David Gearey

14 Jeff Campbell

19 Andrew Abba


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

0 mins

Fine and sunny with a westerly wind. Early yellow card for Seaman use of elbow.

4 mins

Waitakere freekick on edge of area snaffled by goalie

6 mins

Birnie gets head to cross from Fyfe but ball sails wide

11 mins

Second yellow followed by RED CARD Seaman for second silly tackle

17 mins

Bale freekick almost catches goalie napping as it spears through a mob of players

19 mins

First corner to Waitakere easily cleared

29 mins

Waitakere sub Sykes for Koprivcic.

31 mins

Waitakere freekick on edge of area blocked by wall

36 mins

Great chance for Waitakere as Krishna and Bale combine to deliver to Sykes but he trips over ball with goal at his mercy.

38 mins

Totori fools defence but shoots weakly wide.


Fyfe beats Scott cleverly but Waitakere scramble clear

45 mins

Bouncing ball in Waitakere area falls to Rowley who duffs his clearance but scrambles clear. Halftime no score and little football.

No changes at halftime

47 mins

Yellow card Krishna

53 mins

Bale drive from long range just over top.

55 mins

Yellow card Kirkup

60 mins

Sub Hawkes Bay McIvor on for Soromon.

62 mins

Sykes freekick touched by goalie away for corner

68 mins

Sub Hawkes Bay Abba on for Henslee.

75 mins

Yellow card Peverley for studs up tackle

79 mins

Yellow card Abba

79 mins

Sub Hawkes Bay Gearey for Birnie

83 mins

Hogg yellow for tackle on Totori on edge of area.

87 mins

Sub Waitakere Vincent for Totori

Four minutes of stoppage time to play

90 plus one

Vincent outjumps goalie but ball scrambled clear

90 plus three

Corner Watakere scrambled clear.

Final whistle no score draw leaves Auckland City on top.