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Hawke's Bay United

Waitakere United


NZFC - Round 2,
Park Island, Napier
Sunday 14 February , 2009



Roy Krishna 88



Halftime:   0-0                    Referee: Matt Conger                               Crowd: 


Minor premiership clinched in Napier

by Anendra Singh at Park Island

Roy Krishna is mobbed by team mates after his late winner. Photo: John CowplandIt was in every sense a heartbreaker for Hawke's Bay United on Sunday afternoon.

Everything indicated to a stalemate with barely two minutes left on the clock when Waitakere United striker Roy Krishna pounced on a through ball from youngster Zane Sole to silence the Bluewater Stadium faithful in Napier.

Perhaps Waitakere coach Chris Milicich best summed it up: "To be honest I thought it was going to be a scoreless draw too but I always know even in the last five minutes we'd have at least two or three chances because we have players who are good enough to put them away.''

The Fijian international proved a handful but didn't panic.

His solo effort on the right flank came from a burst of energy that saw him zip past wearey Bay centreback Daniel Kirkup before crisply pushing the ball into the tighter right-hand corner despite a despairing but valiant dive from goalkeeper Mitchell O'Brien.

Andrew Abba (left) recieved a standing ovation from the home crowd. Photo: John CowplandThe final whistle of the round 2 catch-up game, despite the addition of another three minutes, left the Bay players sucking it in for what has left the players getting that sinking feeling at home with just one win against Waikato FC in the season opener at Park Island.

Said Milicich: "(Daniel) Kirkup, I think, made one mistake on Roy (Krishna) and Roy's done him. When it comes to one-on-one, Roy doesn't miss much, does he?''

That takes the tally of goals for the nippy striker to seven and leaves him one behind second placed Youngheart Manawatu's Jason Hayne in  in the race for the NZFC golden boot. Team Wellington's Luis Corrales leads the strikers' sprint with 10 goals.

But Milicich wasn't breaking out the champagne corks, confetti and party hats just yet, considering they had etched their name on the silverware once again as the minor premiers.

"We're a kind of weird celebrating team because there's another game and then another game.

"Last year we didn't celebrate until we won the O-League. We'll reflect on this year because it's been tighter than we would have liked.

"I know we've been beaten just the once but every team comes to play us and are in our faces and then I go to watch them the next week and I say well where's the team that had a really good go at us," said, Milicich, adamant Waitakere had proven they were the best side
despite their lack of cohesion today.

Hawke's Bay  United's Greig Henslee (left) tussles with Waitakere's Allan Pearce. Photo: John CowplandThe remaining dead rubbers before the playoffs start in mid March will enable the pacesetters the opportunity to inject the seasoned pair of Danny Hay and Jonathan Perry, back from injuries, as they undergo conditioning for the O-League.

Milicich was phlosophical about the playoffs scenario: "One plays four and two plays three so there's no advantage in coming first. It's a home-and-away situation and if it's at home then we're pretty confident.

"It sounds kind of trite saying that but if we're not ready then we can get beaten. I think most sides will struggle to beat us over two legs."

The game see-sawed with a crisp northwesterlies running almost the length of the field in favour of the hosts who kicked off.

The Bay displayed cohesion but at times played too much football in the air, thus negating the effectiveness of teenage striker Andrew Abba, who had a blinder.

The Solomon Island schoolboy ran riot but his rawness, though not to be a minus, saw him finish poorly.

With skipper Chris McIvor and midfielders Graham Fyfe and Cole Peverley, Abba rampant and foraging for possession and laying up scoring opportunities.

Waitakere goalkeeper Danny Robinson was pivotal in thwarting Hawke's Bay raids with the help of Aaron Scott, Tim Myers and Neil Sykes.

Bay's defensive line-up were equally impressive with Kirkup, often running up with Chris Davies, Woo-Jae Kim, Greig Henslee and James Oxtoby proving a thorn in the visitors' side.

It looked like the game was going to deteriorate late in the second spell when Waitakere defender defender Aaron Scott, sporting a bloody nose,  dropped the towel to tackle Abba on the right flank in front of the grandstand, much to the dismay of the irate fans.

Coach Jonathan Gould was up like a rotweiller at fourth official  Anthony Riley's throat but it appears no rules had been breached.

For the Bay a play-off berth is still very real while for Waitakere, it'll be a case of how to remain motivated.

Photos: John Cowpland


Team Sheet

Hawke's Bay United


Waitakere United

1 Mitchell O'Brien (GK)

22 Danny Robinson (GK)

2 Chris Davies

3 Aaron Scott

4 Greig Henslee

4 Tim Myers

7 Cole Peverley

10 Allan Pearce

8 Chris McIvor

11 Neil Sykes

9 Daniel Kirkup

12 Roy Krishna

11 Graham Fyfe

13 Daniel Koprivcic (out 82)

12 James Oxtoby

14 Jeff Campbell (out 85)

16 Ian Hogg

15 Christopher Bale

19 Andrew Abba  (out 77)

16 Neil Emblem

21 Woo-Jae Kim

17 Jake Butler



3 Reiner Bauerfiend

1 Richrad Gillespie (RGK)

10 Seuele Soromon (in 77)

5 Danny Hay

17 David Geary

18 Zane Sole (in 85)

20 Josh Stevenson

24 Ash Solly

23 Jonathan Gould (RGK)

27 Jacob Mathews (in 82)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

brisk north-westerlies along length of field, favouring HB on coolish day

HB kick-off, a few attacks at goal but nothing serious

13th HB free-kick for Tim Myers hand ball but Woo-Jae shot in keeper's hands from 35m out

19th Andrew Abba gets cornerkick on right but Graham Fyfe curler mistimed by Daniel Kirkup.

20th Greig Henslee fires shot after Chris McIvor works it to edge of box but Aaron Scott's foot concedes unfruitful corner.

24th McIvor ground pass across face of goalmouth. Abba pounces but GK Danny Robinson equal to occasion.

25th Waitakere forces corner but far post ball goes begging.

26th Abba has chance in the 18m box but one touch too many as defender thwarts attack for corner.

27th McIvor has shot from 20m out after Abba and Cole Peverley work ball in but  Fyfe unmarked on left flank.

29th Abba rockets ball from inside 18m box on left flank but sails over the bar.

31st Waitaekere indirect free-kick 28m out but GK Mitch O'Brien parries.

32nd Roy Krishna attacks down left flank but James Oxtoby concedes cornerkick which is repelled.

35th Allan Pearce freekick for foul on Krishna about 35m out but O'Brien pulls ball into gloves.

36th O'Brien again saves from another freekick 45m out, acute angle. Krishna fires worm burner from feeble clearance but O'Brien savs. GK fetches again from ensuing cornerkick.

39th Henslee pushes great ball to McIvor but his shot pushed over goalline. Ensuing cornerkick attempts go begging.

40th great ball from Abba to left far post. Henslee curls it back but Ian Hogg not quick enough.

halftime nil-all.

2nd half:

47th minute Abba work ball inside 18m box but shot feebly into Robinson's hand.

52nd Chris Bale misses outside right flank from oblique angle. HB counters straight away with through ball to Abba who flick it to left flank where Fyfe runs into 18m box and feeds it across 45deg to Peverley whose chip sails outside the left upright.

54th Jake Butler cops 1st y-card for foul on Abba edge of 18m box. Woo-Jae Kim freekick curls over wall to leaft upright corner but Robinson equal to occasion.

56th Pevereley y-card for holding and pushing.

59th Midfielder Jeff Campbell pile drives from 35m out but O'Brien great parry in mid-air. Bale follows up but Fyfe pushes it out.

62nd Abba receives ball, works it into right side of 18m box with 3 defenders on him. Pushes it to Henslee but in his excitement overruns it and opportunity goes beggng once more.

66th Fyfe float ball to McIvor on left flank, who curls it across the face of goalmouth but Abba, vertically challenged, jumps up and taps with his hand in Maradona fashion only to receive y-card from ref.

70th Koprivic has a chance inside 18m box after feeble Davis clearance but ref pings Waitakere player for foul. HB hit straight back with Abba on left flank to Fyfe and Davis at end of curler but Robinson makes a cracker diving save on bottom left corner of goal.

74th Peverley attended to on sideline and defender Aaron Scott, bloody nose, too.Abba gets ball and dashes down lne on left flank but Scott leaves phyio and tackles. Coach Gould up like a rotweiller on Anothny Riley who tries to calm him down.

77th Seuele Soromon on for striker Abba, who receives a standing ovation from fans.

81st Davies foul on Allan Pearce whose freekick sails past right-hand upright although diving O'Brien had it covered.

82nd WaitakereJacob Matthews replacs Kaprivic

85th Jeff Campbell off; Zane Sole on.

88th GOAL!!! striker Krishna runs down right flank with ball and angles into 18m box before squeezing ball past a diving GK O'Brien. 1-0. Three minutes added to time but not enough for despondent HB Utd.

IT's over with Waitakere content to hoof ballout of play.