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YoungHeart Manawatu

Team Wellington


NZFC - Round 16, FMG Stadium, 
Sunday 2 March, 2008



Graham Little 44 (pen)
Rupert Ryan 64
Luis Corrales 67, 90



Halftime: 0-1                    Referee: Chris Kerr                               Crowd: 300


YoungHeart see red as Wellington win

by Jonathan Galuszka at FMG Stadium

Trent Watson's sending off was a pivotal moment. Photo: Rowena DuncumTeam Wellington made the most of a one-man advantage by patiently beating YoungHeart Manawatu 4-0 in Palmerston North today.

The game began like any other football game. However, as the game progressed, the two teams began to antagonise each other with hard tackles and constant pushing.

This came to a peak in the 17th minute when YoungHeart defender Trent Watson – earlier subjected to a headlock by a Wellington midfielder – took out Wellington captain Adam Birch in an aerial challenge. Referee Chris Kerr saw no other option but to send him off.

“It was a difficult call to make,” YoungHeart coach Shane Rufer said after the game.

“However, if you’re too critical in this league you get fined. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.”

With YoungHeart down to ten men, it seemed that Wellington would run away with the game. However, YoungHeart battled well and managed to keep Wellington from getting any real chances on goal.

Luis Corrales (left) scored a brace in teh 4-0 win. Photo: Rowena DuncumHowever, in the final minute of the half, YoungHeart midfielder Prince Quansar was accused of a handball in the box. This gifted Wellington striker Graham Little the task of putting the ball past 19-year old YoungHeart goalkeeper Andrew Bailey for the only goal of the half.

“He [Bailey] is a young guy and needs to get his confidence up,” Rufer said.

“You need to save goals and get a decent bit of ball in your hands before having something like that.”

After the break, YoungHeart managed to keep Wellington from launching any real attacks. They even had the first real chance of the half, with midfielder Ian Sandbrook having a shot denied by both Phil Imray and the crossbar.

But as the game wore on, YoungHeart progressively struggled more and more with Wellington’s extra man. This finally became too much in the 64th minute as substitute Rupert Ryan put away a goal from a short corner cross.

Players on both sides react to Adam Cowan's challenge on Adam Birch and his sending off. Photo: Rowena DuncumThis was followed three minutes later when Luis Corrales ran a beautiful line to blast a Graham Little cross home. Corrales then got his double in the final minute of normal time when he powered home a header from a short corner.

“We conceded two goals from short corners today,” Rufer said. “Switching off – that’s what our main problem was.”

The main talking point after the game from both teams was the sending off of Trent Watson.

“Obviously playing just ten men today spoilt the game,” Wellington assistant coach Charlie Howe said.

“However, we had to get through the game. So we went out and did a professional job today.”

“They played how they should have with the extra man,” Rufer said. “They managed to just slowly run us down and then took their chances.”

Photos: Rowena Duncum 


Team Sheet

YoungHeart Manawatu


Team Wellington

1. Andrew Bailey (GK)

24. Phil Imray (GK)

5. Trent Watson

3. Steven Gulley  (off 72 min)

7. Gouzalo Nieres (out 68)

4. Jamie Farrington

11. Ian Sandbrook

6. Adam Birch

15. Prince Quansar

10. Luis Corrales

16. Ian Robinson

13. Karl Whalen (off 62 min)

18. Fin Milne

14. Darren Cheriton

19. Cory Chettleburg

15. Graham Little  (off 85 min)

20. Adam Cowan

16. Raf de Gergorio

21. Tim Richardson

17. Wiremu Patrick

23. Scott Robson (off 84 min)

19. Sean Douglas



29. Michael Reive

1. Sasha Nathu (GK)

3. Pablo Yackson (in 78)

18. Peter Halstead (on 85 min)

8. Nathan Cooksley (on 84 min)

22. Michael Edgar

17. Dominic Rowe

25. Rupert Ryan (on 62 min)

26. Alan Chote (on 72 min)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

The sun is beaming down on FMG Stadium today in Palmerston North. Team Wellington look in good shape today with an almost unchanged lineup from last time these two teams played. YHM are still missing Michael Utting to injury and have demoted striker Dominic Rowe to the bench today.

0 min

We're away here today, with YHM playing towards the southern end today.

2 min

YHM give away an early free kick in a dangerous position. Luis Corrales rifles in the rebound. Bailey fumbles but manages to regain it quickly

8 min

Jamie Farrington gets within inches of a curling free kick that surely - if he had connected - would have beaten Bailey.

10 min

Ian Robinson and Gouzalo Nieres link well to get Prince Quansar behind the Wellington defence. However, his shot is soft and wide of the far post.

13 min

Gouzalo Nieres gets a kick in the stomach as Wellington players take offence to him lying on the ball. Wellington and YHM players all then take offence and referee Chris Kerr has to calm everyone down.

16 min

Wellington players are starting to get agressive, going extra hard into tackles and at one stage Trent Watson finds himself in a headlock that everyone but the referee and his linesmen fail to see.

17 min

RED CARD! Trent Watson goes into a challenge high, knocking Wellington captain Adam Birch over with his foot. Chris Kerr decides to take him off.

21 min

Wiremu Patrick has a shot that rolls into the arms of Bailey. The mood here has taken a sour feeling, with YHM fans constantly booing Birch while a small group of pre-teen Wellington fans cheer him on.

27 min

Steven Gulley decides to have a punt at goal from 45 yards out. However, he's a defender and the ball sails very wide of the goal.

29 min

Graham Little has his first real shot of the game, having a powerful shot from just inside the 18-yard. It is easily parryed away by Bailey.

32 min

Even though they are up a man, Wellington are having trouble getting around the YHM defence. Furthermore, YHM are keeping away from playing "10 behind the ball" football and are pushing multiple players up front when they gain posession.

36 min

Yellow Card. Steven Gulley picks up a card for a very obvious trip on Ian Robinson.

44 min

PENALTY! Prince Quansar is found guilty of a handball in the box. Graham Little will be doing the honours for Wellington.

44 min

GOAL! 0-1 Bailey goes the right way but the shot is too fast from Graham Little.

45 min + 1

Steven Gulley manages to get one-on-one with Bailey. However, Bailey gets a foot to the ball to send it for a corner which he collects.

Halftime 0-1 Team Wellington go into the break with a single goal lead. Considering the fact that they have been up a man most of the half, they should have more to show for their efforts than a penalty.

46 min

We're underway for the second half.

47 min

Ian Sandbrook has a stunner of a shot from 18-yards out. Phil Imray manages to just tip it into the crossbar and watch it go over.

50 min

A small shot from inside the YHM 6-yard box takes multiple deflections before Bailey happily watches it fly over his crossbar.

62 min

SUB Karl Whalen off for Rupert Ryan

64 min

GOAL! 0-2 Rupert Ryan gets above everyone to head home a cross.

67 min

GOAL! 0-3 Brilliant running by Luis Corrales sees him put away a low cross from Graham Little.

72 min

SUB Steven Gulley for Alan Chote

84 min

SUB Nathan Cooksley for Scott Robson.

85 min

SUB Graham Little for Peter Halsteed.

90 min

GOAL! 0-4 Luis Corrales powers a header past Andrew Bailey from a corner.

Fulltime 0-4 Team Wellington took their time but still managed to put YHM away. YoungHeart will be hoping for better luck against Hawkes Bay next week.