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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Hawke's Bay United

Otago United


NZFC - Round 11, Park Island,  Saturday 2 February 5pm


Sam Messam 13
Jeremy Brockie 88
Jonathan Taylor 89

Own goal (Sam Jenkins) 16



Halftime: 1-1                      Referee: Nick Waldron                                Crowd: 


Hawke's Bay snatch points at death

Otago's Chad Severs refects on one that got away. Photo Allan Lange Hamish Bidwell at Park Island

Two results; two very different reactions.

For Hawke's Bay United head coach Jonathan Gould, there was great satisfaction in today's 3-1 win. For his opposite, Terry Phelan, disgust at seeing his team snatch another defeat from the jaws of victory.

"I think we can do better, but I'm very pleased with the outcome and the fact that we were able to score three goals at home," Gould said.

"We had the lion's share of the game and it was probably the reverse from last week [against Team Wellington]. We found it very, very hard to break them down, in the same way that Wellington found it against us last week.

"If I'm honest, I didn't feel that worried about the game today; I thought we were going to win. It was a case of being patient and it probably mirrored our first game of the season against Canterbury, where we won 3-1 with late goals as well."

Contrast that with Phelan's comments.

"We deserved to win the game and we ended up losing it 3-1. Good luck to Hawke's Bay United, that's why they're fourth in the league, because they can take chances.

"I don't think we can score in an open barn at the moment," Phelan said.

Jonathan Taylor celebrates scoring Hawe's Bay United's third goal. Photo: Allan Lange"If that ball [from a shot by Aaron Burgess] doesn't hit the post, then he has another chance to slide the ball in and you're 3-1 up. Maybe there was a handball and all, so maybe you're 4-1 up.

"But they [Hawke's Bay] didn't create anything. They did not create anything. But the game's for 95 minutes and, at 1-all, we should've shut up shop and we didn't.

"Players have got to look at the clock and realise that and shut up shop. Then we're set and we have a draw, but they went marauding forward instead of shutting up shop.

"No disrepsect to Hawke's Bay, but you've got to come here and feel condfident and get control of the ball and create chances. We created enough chances to win the game easily and they [Hawke's Bay] know that.

"They've got out of jail and we're still in jail."

As ever, the truth is somewhere in between.

By the standards they're capable of, Hawke's Bay were rubbish at times. Their passing was often lamentable and why they insisted on pumping long balls down the middle, instead of stretching Otago down the flanks, is hard to fathom.

Yet they won and with some comfort in the end. In a game of so few clear-cut chances, the better ones were created by Otago, but they needed an own-goal to get on the scoresheet.

It really was all rather confusing, yet typical of how the cookie crumbles when you're near the foot of the table. You can battle hard, manufacture opportunities and still lose 3-1.

Otago's John Chishlm goes down under the challenge of Cole Peverly. Photo: Allan Lange taken an early lead, when Sam Messam again met a Graham Fyfe ball at the far post, Hawke's Bay gave one back after Sam Jenkins had a ball come of his studs and lob into the top corner of his own net.

Burgess should have won it for Otago in the 76th minute, but could only hit the post having got through one-on-one with Hawke's Bay keeper Mitch O'Brien.

Then Jeremy Brockie came on, buried a shot to edge his team out to 2-1 and then helped lay on the Jonathan Taylor goal the sealed things in injury time.

For the home side, Cole Peverley was fabulous again. Taylor and Campbell Parkin were strong at the back and Brockie did more than enough to earn a start for Wednesday's match agsinst Waikato FC.

Phelan, John Chisholm and Andy Coburn stood out for Otago.

Photos: Allan Lange


Team Sheet

Hawke's Bay United


Otago United

1 Mitch O'Brien

1 Liam Little

20 Sam Jenkins

2 Nick Dale

19 Jonathan Taylor

5 Kevin Taylor

5 Campbell Parkin

3 Terry Phelan

18 Regan Cameron

17 Croyden Wheeler

8 Chris McIvor

6 Terry Alvino

3 Cole Pvereley

15 John Chisholm

4 Greig Henslee

11 Andy Coburn

11 Graham Fyfe (off 85)

18 Mike Smith

9 Sam Messam (off 80)

14 Chad Severs (off 74)

15 Stu Hogg  (off 66)

9 John Lang (off 68)



23 Scott Dunn (rgk)

12 Aaron Burgess (on 68)

2 Chris Davies

16 Jessie Malloy

10 Jeremy Brockie(on66)

21 Ben Keat (on 74)

13 Leon Birnie (on 85)

8 Mike Flaws

17 David Gearey (on 80)

23 Callum Flaws


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play


Ludicrous yellow card for Graham Fyfe


GOAL! Sam Messam at back post, from Fyfe freekick


GOAL! Otago go level after ball deflects off Sam Jenkins for an own goal


Little saves well from Stu Hogg shot. Corner, Otago clear


Strong burst from midfield by Cole Peverley. Drags left-foot shot just wide.


Little saves at Messam's feet


Yellow card for John Chisholm


Yellow for Stu Hogg now. Hard to see what for


Little saves from Messam shot, after goulmouth scramble, in which Chris McIvor perhaps should have scored


Halftime a couple of minutes early, by the watch in the media box. 1-all and pretty scrappy


Peverley through on goal. Ref calls play back to award him a freekick for an earlier foul. Why?


You feel sorry for those in the crowd who've paid for the privilege


Jeremy Brockie on for Stu Hogg


Aaron Burgess on for John Lang


Terry Phelan gets yellow for tugging Peverley's shirt


Ben Keat on for Chad Severs


Burgess through one-on-one. Looked offside, but got to Mitch O'Brien and shot past him. Not past the post, though, with the HB keeper grabbing the rebound


Yellow card for Peverley


David Gearey on for Messam


Leon Birnie on for Fyfe


GOAL! Scramble in box, Peverley and McIvor unable to get shots of. Falls to Brockie who buries his left-foot shot


GOAL! Corner not cleared. Jonathan Taylor tucks it away at near post. Three minutes of added time to play

90 +2

Little saves stinging McIvor volley


3-1 to HB, but Otago deserved a lot better