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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Waitakere United



NZFC - Round 8, Fred Taylor Park, January 5


Own goal (David Samson) 13
Benjamin Totori 32  




Halftime: 2-0                       Referee: James Thian                                Crowd: 350 


It's not who but how many for Waitakere

by Bob Pearce at Fred Taylor Park

Nobody was questioning Waitakere United's 2-0 victory over Waikato FC at Fred Taylor Park on Saturday but there was plenty of debate over who should get credit for the goals.

The first came after 13 minutes when Neil Sykes swung in a right-wing corner and Allan Pearce and a defender rose to meet it. The ball ended in the net and Pearce celebrated his sixth goal of the season.

But referee James Thian ruled that the decisive last touch came from a Waikato head and it should be recorded as an own goal to David Samson.

Waitakere's second in the 32nd minute was a scrambled affair but there was no doubt that Benjamin Totori's left-foot shot was goalward bound before it took a deflection from a Waikato player. Referee Thian ruled accordingly with Totori credited with his fourth goal of the campaign.

Auckland's muggy heat was tempered by a good breeze and Waitakere relished the conditions, dominating possession in the first half and creating a number of chances, particularly down the right wing as Pearce, Totori and Commins Menapi often tied the defence in knots.

Waikato had their moments but they squandered some useful build-up with weak finishing. Best shot of the half was a long-range effort by Steven Holloway that drew a good save from Simon Eaddy.

The second half was a disappointment. Waitakere lacked urgency and, while Waikato never gave up their efforts to play constructive football, they lacked finishing power. Typical was a string of good passes that set up Robert Gill for a shot only for the usually incisive striker to mistime the finishing shot.

At the other end of the park, veteran defender Jeff Sole thwarted several promising Waitakere moves and goalkeeper Danny Robinson made the best of a hard day's work.

"It was a competent performance. Clean and tidy," said Waitakere coach Chris Milicich.

"We moved the ball well and we punished them in places they didn't want to be punished. I thought our midfield was outstanding and our fitness level was a bit better.

"The second half wasn't as good but it was all over by then and they didn't look like scoring."

Waikato coach Roger Wilkinson conceded Waitakere's superiority but saw positives for his own side.

"They were stronger than us and we gave away a couple of silly goals," he said.

"But we played some good football and the young boys stuck to it. They won their last game 5-1 while we're missing players with injury and are getting players fit. We had some nice build-ups but we spoiled them with weak shots."

Waikato get a break next weekend, but Waitakere travel to Wellington again for a Sunday game brought forward from a round where they have O-League commitments. 

Pictures: Fiona Goodall - Suburban Newspapers


Team Sheet




22 Simon Eaddy

1 Danny Robinson

6 Darren Bazeley 74 off

2 David Samson  own goal

2 Jonathan Perry

3 Hone Fowler

5 Danny Hay

4 Jakub Sinkora

21 Graham Pearce

6 Sam Wilkinson

15 Chris Bale

7 Joe Simpkins 46 off

17 Jake Butler

12 Robert Gill

11 Neil Sykes

15 Steven Holloway 73 off

10 Allan Pearce

17 Stewart Watene

8 Commins Menapi 81 off

5 Aaron Scott

9 Benjamin Totori  61 off

25 Jeff Sole



14 Hoani Edwards

9 Tom Edwards

7 Jason Hayne 61 on

16 Scott Campbell

20 Jason Rowley 74 on

14 Shaun Van Rooyen 46 on

16 Neil Emblen 81 on

18 Stanley Waita 73 on

1 Richard Gillespie

19 Junya Nakahashi


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

Cloudy evening with a cooling breeze. Waitakere replace Daniel Koprivcic, who has achilles strain, with Jason Rowley. Waikato also have late change with Scott Campbell coming in for Paul Stewart.

0 mins

We're off

13 mins

GOAL! 1-0 - Allan Pearce and a defender go up for a right-wing corner and the ball is in the net with Pearce claiming the goal. However the referee has ruled that defender David Samson got the last touch so it's an own goal.

19 mins

Totori shot well saved by Robinson.

21 mins

Robinson in action again as Bazeley fires from long range.

32 mins

GOAL! 2-0 Waitakere are in control as Totori's left-foot shot takes a deflection past Robinson

38 mins

Robinson saves with difficulty from Totori

45 mins plus two

Totori appeals for penalty after sent flying in the box. Mr Thian not impressed

45 mins plus three

Gill fires weak shot into arms of keeper after promising Waikato buildup.

Halftime after Waitakere enjoy 80 per cent dominance

46 mins

Waikato substitution. Shaun van Rooyen on for Joe Simpkins

50 mins

Last-ditch tackle by Sole stops Totori

61 mins

Yellow card for Sole's tackle on Totori

63 mins

Totori off replaced by Jason Hayne

73 mins

Waikato substitution. Stanley Waita on for Steven Holloway

74 mins

Waitakere substitution. Bazeley replaced by Jason Rowley

81 mins

Waitakere substitution. Menapi replaced by Neil Emblen

82 mins

Yellow card for Jake Butler for tackle on Watene. game losing shape.

84 mins

Long-range shot by Emblen over top, then Hayne wastes chance after beating marker.

90 mins

Four minutes of time to be added but players going through motions.


All over and it's 2-0 to Waitakere. Second half very disappointing.