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Matt Calcott - Capital firepower

Named ASB Premiership Coach of the Month for January, Team Wellington's Matt Calcott discusses new signings, keeping his players happy and his thoughts on the capital's playoff aspirations...

 ASB Premiership: Team Wellington has a reputation for slow starts in ASB Premiership history - your side is no exception - why?

Matt Calcott: I think the main problem has been the number of players that have played winter football coming into the squad quite late. I think that's something that has been identified across a number of franchises. Maybe in year two things change a little. That seems to be the landscape throughout the league.That makes it very difficult to build combinations or build a strong unit over the course of a month. That process takes three or four months, which is what we're seeing now.

ASB Premiership: You've brought in possibly the biggest transfer coup of the January window in Henry Fa'arodo - talk us through that signing.

Matt Calcott: Henry is a vastly experienced player now. He's 29-years-old but still offers us a pacey option and he adds to our stable of strikers. Henry has played in the Australian National Soccer League for Perth Glory and Melbourne Knights, as well as for the Solomon Islands national team and in the O-League with Koloale. He gives us a bit of experience to add to the squad at a very important period of the season. He's a fantastic signing and we're all delighted to have him on board.

ASB Premiership: Team Wellington is quite a young side and you managed to lure Dakota Lucas from defending champions Waitakere United - how did you come to assemble your squad for this season?

Matt Calcott: I think the landscape at Team Wellington needed to change. There has been a number of players in the past who have done well with the club but perhaps not well enough.We've had a number of good players through Team Wellington but we haven't enjoyed a level of success that reflects the strength of football in the region so we decided to go with some talented younger players. we were confident they could play well at this level, specifically, players like Dakota and a few others have played at a FIFA age group World Cup. They are all familiar with each other through that experience. It's been encouraging so far, but with a young side you have to take things week by week.

ASB Premiership: Auckland City look like pulling clear in the race for the minor premiership, but the chase for the runners-up spot and a potential O-League spot is heating up - do you think about this scenario much?

Matt Calcott: It does. I think the O-League always has done for the past six or seven years at Team Wellington. It always pops up in conversations. But I think its more important to remain focussed on simple football matters like what we have to do next to ensure we get three points each week. It would be too easy to eye the pot of gold and then get a bit carried away by it all. Come this Sunday we have to get our heads down and really go at it like its a Cup final, especially in a 14-game league.

ASB Premiership: Do you have any particular thoughts on where you would like Team Wellington to finish with respect to a semi-final position?

Matt Calcott: No. First and foremost we must get through the next four rounds and then we'll take things from there. What will be, will be, in terms of what we're up against. We've drawn a bit of confidence from performances we've put in against the top sides (Auckland City 2-3, 1-1; Waitakere United 1-2; Canterbury United 0-1). even if the results haven't always gone our way. We'll get stronger and stronger and hopefully in April, no matter who we draw, we can do well.

ASB Premiership: Louis Fenton bagged four goals against Hawke's Bay recently, you've added Henry Fa'arodo to the squad and you already have Dakota Lucas and Ethan Galbraith - Team Wellington has no shortage of firepower, how do you keep everybody happy?

Matt Calcott: I think there are players are coming and going all the time, given what's happening with the Olympic Games football qualification campaign. Form and injuries also play a role. Its always important to have good numbers after the transfer window, you could pick up three or four injuries or suspensions, that's why we've got a bit of a full house at the moment. Yes, people will always be disappointed they aren't making the squad on match day, but I would expect that. I wouldn't want anybody to be happy they were missing out on the starting eleven. I think everybody understands that if everybody is pushing for a spot, then we're improving. This could be why we're starting to kick-on a bit now.

ASB Premiership: Is this Team Wellington side better placed than its predecessors to do something special?

Matt Calcott: I haven't been involved with previous sides, so I probably couldn't tell you. How they were feeling at this point of the season, I wouldn't be able to speculate. All we can do is talk about how we're feeling. We know we have some ability now in terms of our squad but I think one thing Team Wellington may have lacked in the past is discipline and application at crucial times. We have a number of attacking options now. What concerns me is how we defend. We have the firepower up top but I'll be quite happy to win football games one nil.