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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Play by Play / Wrap

Canterbury United

Team Wellington


NZFC - Round 5, English Park,  Sunday 2 December



Wiremu Patrick 21



Halftime:  0 - 1                     Referee: Matthew Conger                               Crowd: 350


Winning Wellington set new mark

By Gavin Searle at English Park

Wellington's Phil Imray held on to this shot, and Team Wellington held on to their perfect record. Photo Kevin Clarke game itself may have been far from perfect, but Team Wellington maintained their perfect record with a 1-0 win over Canterbury United at English Park on Sunday.

In a game that was a bit of a yawn in the second half, leaders Team Wellington not only maintained their unblemished record but set a new league mark for the most wins in succession at the start of the season.

The winning – and only – goal in an otherwise lacklustre affair came midway through the first half. Canterbury failed to fully clear a Wellington corner with the ball falling to Wiremu Patrick who found the back of the net with a low shot from 20 metres out.

“Pretty horrible really, but we will take the three points as I am sure some teams will find it hard to get a win down here”, was how Team Wellington coach Stu Jacobs summed up the game.

Canterbry's Michael Fifii struggles free from the tackle of Sam Peters“It was a battle and one that we are happy to win and it is good to be still on top of the tree,” added Jacobs.

The game followed a similar pattern to other home games for Canterbury this season with the home side not taking the early chances that they created before Patrick struck, with a shot from Dave Walker just going over the bar and then Michael Fifii wasting a gilt-edged chance when blasting the ball wide.

After the goal the visitors created the better of the chances and should have gone into to the break with a bigger margin with Canterbury keeper Adam Highfield called on to make several reflect saves.

A goal was needed in the second half to lift the game as both side struggled to string together more than a few passes before losing possession. The best chance fell to Wellington’s Graham Little late in the game but his shot was well and truly over the bar.

Adam Highfield saves at the feet of Peter Halstead (18)Canterbury, who have yet to record a win this season now face Hawke’s Bay and YoungHeart Manawatu before the Christmas break.

Canterbury assistant coach, John Brown, said with a wry Scottish smile, “We are still unbeaten on the road this season”, when asked how his team would face the coming few weeks.   

With Waitakere on FIFA Club World Cup duty in Japan next week, Team Wellington get the week off before hosting Auckland City in a highly anticipated top-of-the-table clash in round 7.

Photos: Kevin Clarke


Team Sheet

Canterbury United

NZFC - Round 5, English Park


Team Wellington

Sunday 2 December Kickoff 4pm

1. Adam Highfield (GK)

24. Phil Imray (GK)

3. Andy Pitman

2. Sam Peters

4. Bill Robertson

5. Peter Howe

5. Michael Bothwell (out 63)

19. Sean Douglas

7. Michael Fifii (out 46)

8. Michael Wilson

9. Dave Walker

16. Raf De Gregorio

10. Stu Kelly (Capt)

17. Wremu Patrick

12. Jeremy Wild

6. Adam Birch (Capt)

17. Ryan Faichnie

11. George Barbarouses (out 46)

19. Matt Boyd

18. Peter Halstead (out 66)

21. Sam Jasper (out 80)

15. Graham Little



2. Glen Squire (in 46)

3. Steven Gulley (in 46)

8. Blair Scoullar (in 63)

10. Luis Corrales (in 66)

11. Tom Lancaster

7. Sam Blackburn

16. Yusaku Okubo (in 80)

13. Karl Whalen

22. Jordan Ashton (RGK) 

1. Dylan Hall (RGK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play


Welcome to English Park for this fifth round fixture between Canterbury United and league leaders Team Wellington. The over night rain has cleared leaving overcast conditions with a temperture of 18. The home side has Blair Scoullar back from a calf injury but the former All White will be warming the bench, with vice captain Andy Pitman coming starigh back into the side after suspension. Team Wellington will set a record if they win today and record their fifth straight win at the start of the season.

0 mins

Here we go

14 mins

After half chances at both ends shot by Dave Walker just over bar for Canterbury 

19 mins

Good Canterbury build up wasted as Ryan Faichnie crossed to Walker who feeds Michael Fifii but blasts the ball wide  

21 mins

GOAL! 0 - 1  From a TW corner ball only half cleared to Wiremu Patrick who scores with a low shot from well outside the penalty area

25 mins

Yellow card - Faichnie in the book for Canty

35 mins

Yellow card - Sam Peter cautioned for TW

38 mins

Ball bouncing around the Canterbury goal like a pin ball with Adam Highfield called on to make three stops in quick succession

41 mins

Yellow card - Patrick cautioned for TW for slowing freekick

44 mins

Yellow card - Matt Boyd also in the book for Canterbury

45 mins

Halftime: 0 - 1 TW go the the break finishing the stronger and would consider themselves unlucky not to be more the a goal up

46 mins

SUB - Canterbury, Squire in, Fifii out

46 mins

SUB - TW, Gulley in, Barbarouses out 

46 mins

We're away in the second half

63 mins

SUB - Canterbury, Scoullar in, Bothwell out 

66 mins

SUB - TW, Corrales in, Halstead out 

67 mins

Game needs a goal has gone a little flat

69 min

Yellow card - Adam Birch also in the book for TWy

70 min

Yellow card - Sean Douglas also in the book for TW

80 mins

SUB - Canterbury, Okubo in, Jasper out 

81 mins

Little should have wrapped the three points up for TW but blasts ball well over bar 

90 mins

Into 2 minutes stoppage time

90 mins + 2

Fulltime 0 - 1 Not a great second half , but it finally comes to an end with TW maintaining their perfect record and Canterbury now hit the road before Christmas. 

Match report and photos to follow