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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
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Otago United

Waitakere United


ASB Premiership - Round 12,
Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
Sunday 10 February, 2013


Regan Coldicott 49'

 Ryan De Vries 31', 37' 90+3'
Milos Nikolic 89'



Halftime:  0-2                     Referee:   I. Trevis                             Crowd: ~220


Scoreline flatters Minor Premiers

by Rab Smith at Forsyth Barr Stadium

DUNEDIN - Two goals at the end gave Waitakere a 4-1 win over Otago United that flattered the ASB Minor Premiers at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin today.
The ASB Premiership champions Waitakere United showed its pedigree by snatching two goals in the final four minutes.
Milos Nikolic darted in at Otago's far post to neatly nod in one, and referee Isaac Trevis found time to award the game's second penalty which Ryan De Vries slotted for his hat-trick in the 93rd minute.
Referee Trevis had earlier awarded a penalty on the hour after a ragged tackle by Craig Ferguson. Otago keeper Liam Little brilliantly saved the spotkick, and possibly ignited Otago's thrilling fight back in the last 30 minutes.
But it was the early strikes that sunk Otago, as a limp start conceded two soft early goals, allowing space for Dylan Stansfield to set up De Vries for a simple chance in the 31st minute, then it was Allan Pearce sliding a perfect through ball for De Vries to make the score 2-0 after 37 minutes.
What was always going to be a sweaty afternoon, became insufferable as Otago clocked up miles trying to close down coach Paul Marshall's crisp passing machine, as its cranked up ball speed, and showed great 'touch' and passing technique, while Otago gritted teeth and kept working in the greenhouse atmosphere of the enclosed Stadium.
But industry gains its rewards, and picking up crumbs, Otago had Victor da Costa shoot from inside the box, then a fine Tom Connor cross evaded all but young Aajay Cunningham whose looping header landed on the roof of Waitakere's net, with keeper Danny Robinson a spectator.
The second half started as per Richard Murray's teamtalk, pushing forward etc, and the poacher sublime Regan Coldicott pounced on a 49th minute misunderstanding between Tristan Prattley and Tim Myers, then punches the air to celebrate his sixth ASB Premiership goal of the season.
Minutes later, referee Trevis punished Ferguson's trip with a spotkick that might have finished Otago, but keeper Little saved, and the euphoria triggered Otago's best spell of the match.
Ryder wriggled free to deliver a near post cross that skiffed past Coldicott's boot in front of goal, Da Costa sliced through gaps, Sam Mepham's tough tackling won important second phase ball. New sub Scott Gannon delivers some classy passes, another sub Andrew Ridden finds handy space but hoiks the ball sywards.
Not that Waitakere did not have its share of attacks, but Myers and his defence were forced to scramble away to Row Z a series of Otago freekicks and corners.
And despite Otago's energy and passion, Waitakere defenders stayed calm, always ready to spring the counter attack trap - which resulted in those two late well taken goals.
Even coach Paul Marshall smiled, saying,'Maybe the score flatters us a little. But we played some tidy football, and the lads that filled in for missing senior players did a great job. You would have to be happy with Ryan's (De Vries) hat-trick, and at 17 years old Dylan Stansfield played very well.'
Otago coach Murray again was a mixture of pride in his team's performace, and frustration at some refereeing decisions.  'You can't give a top team like Waitakere a two goal start, but on the plus side, we had spells of good attacking play that on another day might have got us a draw,'he said.


Team Sheet

Otago United


Waitakere United

1. Liam LITTLE (GK)

1. Danny ROBINSON (GK)

4. Benjudah FITZPATRICK (Gannon 73')

2. Aaron SCOTT

5. Matt JOY

3. Jack BEGUELY (Cunneen 81')


4. Tim MYERS

8. Seamus RYDER

5. Brian SHELLEY

9. Victor DA COSTA

9. Milos NIKOLIC

14. Sam MEPHAM (Ridden 64')

10. Allan PEARCE

15. Tom CONNOR

16. Tristan PRATTLEY

16. Aajay CUNNINGHAM (Govan 84')

17. Jake BUTLER (c)

17. Tim HORNER (c)

20. Ryan DE VRIES

28. Craig FERGUSON

21. Dylan STANSFIELD (Nomoto 61')



22. Zayne OFFICER (GK)

28. Alex CARR (GK)

11. James GOVAN

6. Matt CUNNEEN (Beguely 81')

13. Scott GANNON (Fitzpatrick 73')

14. Daniel JONES

20. Andy RIDDEN (Mepham 64') 

15. Salesh KUMAR

23. Morgan DAY

23. Masaki NOMOTO (Stansfield 61')


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play


Hello and welcome to the Forsyth Barr Stadium here in Dunedin for the last time this season for coverage of this Round Twelve ASB Premiership fixture between Otago United and Waitakere United. The Otago Youth team have just beaten Manawatu in the curtain raiser 2-1 leaving them well in contention in that league.


Last week it was all about Harley Rodeka, this week fellow fan favourite and former otago skipper Tristan Prattley returns to the club he captained earlier this season before leaving in January transfer window. He played 65 times for Otago, scoring just the one goal earlier this season and is the third most capped Otago United player in it's history. The first time these 2 teams met this season was at Fred Taylor Park in December where Waitakere ran out 4-1 winners over a Prattley captained Otago team.


Teams are included above. 3 changes for the visitors from the side which won the Super City Derby. Roy Krishna, Luiz del Monte and Chad Coombes are all absent, replaced by Jack Beguely, Milos Nikolic and Dylan Stansfield. For the hosts, the injured Aaron Burgess drops out, replaced by Sam Mepham.


Otago's only ever win over Waitakere was a 1-0 result at the Caledonian Ground here in Dunedin win way back in the 2005/06 season. It was a game I remember vividly when in the 70th minute, Blair Scoullar challenged keeper Simon Eaddy for the ball in the air, dislodging it from Eaddy's hands with his head before tapping it in. No free kick was awarded by referee Hester, much to my surprise and much to the disgust of the Waitakere players and management.  As I recall, Coach Steve Cain was sent to the stands as a result. The only survivors from that day are each sides respective captain, Tim Horner and Jake Butler. But that was then and this is now and a Waitakere win today will confirm them as minor premiers.


As always, Twitter banter via @ASBPremiership is welcome.


When I arrived, it was raining in Dunedin. Not an issue inside under the roof of course. Real concern is the pitch, after being in a serious state of disrepair last week, is better but still disappointing.


Teams entering now. Otago in all blue with yellow trim, Waitakere in white with grey trim, referees in yellow.


Waitakere win the toss, choose to play toward the east. Otago to kickoff.


Otago kickoff and attack early.


Milos Nikolic with the first real opportunity but he fires over.


First free kick goes Otago's way, Allan Pearce fouling Craig Ferguson.


Early corner for Waitakere, delivered in by Nikolic, headed clear by Sam Mepham.


Bulk of this game in the early stages being played in the midfield. Otago passing game is working well.


Allan Pearce fires, bringing the best of of Liam Little, who can only palm it to Brian Shelley, who misses with an open goal. The flag was up so it wouldn't have counted in any case.


Jude Fitzpatrick clatters into Milos Nikolic. Referee Trevis looks to play an advantage. None occurs. Free kick to be delivered by Prattley. It finds the head it was looking for, but the header is weak.


Otago gaining momentum now, but the last pass is going astray. If they were to open the scoring, it would probably be deserved.


Seamus Ryder takes on Prattley down the left and beats him well. Delivers a cross that brings the best out of Robinson.


Free kick awarded to Waitakere for what looked to be 50/50 challenge. Richard Murray is out of his seat. Again Prattley delivers, but Little palms it away and Joy clears.


Matt Joy delivers a long throw that made it to the penalty spot where Victor da Costa was lurking, but Waitakere clear.


Tom Connor delivers from the right brilliantly. Finds the head of Aajay Cunningham who was lurking at the back post. Robinson is stuck in no mans land and can only watch as Cunningham's header dips not quite enough and scrapes his crossbar. Best chance of the game and the crowd give that the acknowledgment it deserved.


GOAL WAITAKERE! Against the run of play, Dylan Stansfield beats a few down the lefthand flank, squares it along the ground to an unmarked Ryan de Vries on the edge of the 6 yard box, who scores the simplest of goals. Soft goal to concede really, considering how well they've been playing. 1-0.


Tim Myers chips his own keeper, but over the bar.


GOAL WAITAKERE! Allan Pearce delivers a wonderful through ball, De Vries gets past his marker, 1 on 1 with Little and converts. 2-0 and after playing with real confidence for the first half hour, Otago look like a team beaten already.


De Vries could have had his hattrick. One on one with Little and from nowhere Matt Joy pulls off a stunning slide tackle. He got all of the ball and none of the man, saved a certain goal. Needless to say, if he got it wrong, he was off for an early shower.


Joy receiving some attention in the aftermath of that goal saver. After a brief stint on the sideline, he returns.


2 minutes of stoppage time to be played.


Aaron Scott down holding his head as is Victor da Costa. Both receive treatment, both return.


Halftime called. Otago were the better team for the first half hour, but unless a miracle occurs. Waitakere will be Minor Premiership Champions in an hours time.


Waitakere kickoff


Prattley crosses from the left. Misses its target, Fitzpatricks clears for a corner.


GOAL OTAGO!! Who else, but Regan Coldicott. Breaks on the right, beats Prattley, turns Tim Myers inside out, and slots it low in the bottom right corner. 2-1. This game is all on.


A Sam Mepham through ball cause issues, but is cleared. Tim Myers gives his midfield an absolute earful, heard loud and clear even up in the media box using words I'm not allowed to print. Paul Marshall is out of his seat for the first time today urging his team to calm down.


Yellow Card to Tim Myers for a reckless lunging tackle on Connor. He can have no complaints.


A series of free kicks awarded Otago's way. Is the tide turning?


PENALTY! Well perhaps not. Waitakere break through Pearce, Otago defense woefully undermaned, squares it to De Vries, who is tripped by Ferguson. Penalty awarded.  


PENALTY SAVED! Liam Little dives to his right and palms Pearce's penalty away. Cleared by Fitzpatrick.


2 subs in quick succession. 23. Masaki Nomoto replaces 21. Dylan Stansfield in the 61st min. 3 minutes later 20. Andy Ridden replaces 14. Sam Mepham for Otago.


Seamus Ryder with a free kick finds the head of Andy Ridden. His header is away at the back post.


Craig Ferguson slides in, in the penalty area, but only gives away a corner. He's conceded 2 penalties in the last 2 games, so only a corner is a nice change.


Waitakere concede what I'd guess would be about their 10th free kick of the half, in a promising position for the hosts. The crowd roars, they believe. A corner results.


Danny Robinson gets out and palms the corner away, but only to Ridden, who has a great chance, but he puts it high over the bar.


Breaking at the other end of the park, Nikolic makes a diving header bringing the best out of Little. At least three shots are then blocked by defenders before the clearance is made. Body on the line stuff here at the FBS.


Sub for Otago. 4. Jude Fitzpatrick is replaced by 13. Scott Gannon who sat out least week with suspension.


Waitakere looking to play the passing game for the last 20 or so minutes. Looking to take some inspiration from Kiwitea St perhaps?


Gannon makes an immediate impact. Wins a corner, which Matt Joy meets. Goal kick.


Aajay Cunningham delivers a through ball intercepted by Shelley. Had to be intercepted, if it wasn't Coldicott was one-on-one.


Yellow Card for Andy Ridden for a reckless tackle.


Sub Waitakere. 3. Jack Beugely replaced by 6. Matt Cunneen.


Ferguson gives away a free kick and gives the referee an earful. I'm a long way away, but I think he has a fair point.


Yellow Card for Scott Gannon for an encroachment at the free kick.


Sub Otago. 16. Aajay Cunningham replaced by 11. James Govan.


Otago freekick results in a collision between Robinson, Myers and Govan. Otago Corner.


It's all happening here. Yellow Card to Tim Horner for a reckless challenge.


De Vries has a prime chance to kill the game and grab 3, but the flag is up for offside.


GOAL WAITAKERE! Milos Nikolic was hovering at the back post and heads a pin point cross in, to secure the minor premiership for Waitakere. 3-1.


Four minutes of stoppage time to be played.


Penalty! Ridden trips Nikolic and penalty awarded.


GOAL! De Vries has his hattrick. 4-1 to Waitakere.


The kickoff is taken and then fulltime is blown. 4-1 to Waitakere. They are minor premiers. Easily Otago's best performance at home this season. Against most other teams they'd have got at least a point, maybe more, but not today. Report to follow.