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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Team Wellington

Auckland City


ASB Premiership - Round 12
David Farrington Park, Wellington
Sunday 10 February, 2013



Darren Cheriton (32)

Hamish Watson (81)


Adam Dickinson (52)

Simon Arms (66)

Daniel Koprivcic (90+)



Halftime:   1-0                    Referee:      P. O'Leary                          Crowd: 305


Koprivcic goal KOs Wellington

by Cam Russell at David Farrington Park

WELLINGTON - A late Daniel Koprivcic strike ended Team Wellington’s playoff hopes after Auckland City beat the Capital side 3-2 for the second time in five days.

Fate was almost as identical as the score line suggests with Wellington taking the lead, only go on and lose after conceding a goal late into stoppage time.

Team Wellington got the start that was required when Darren Cheriton calmly slotted home a one-on-one chance after 30 minutes.

The home side could have doubled their lead on the stroke of halftime when a deep Scott Basalaj free-kick bounced through Auckland’s defense to the feet of Dominic Rowe, but his shot on the turn was straight at goalkeeper Tamati Williams.

Auckland was awarded an early second-half penalty via the linesman after Wellington struggled to clear a corner which resulted in one of their players clipping Gustavo Souto while attempting a clearance.

Andy Dickson converted, and with the shift in momentum Auckland managed to take the lead after Simon Arms headed in a Souto corner just 15 minutes later.

Wellington kept their heads up, and substitute Hamish Watson squared the game back up after working hard to tap in Henry Fa’arodo’s misplaced shot at the back post.

Before kick-off it was announced that fourth placed Canterbury had secured a 1-1 draw away at Hawkes Bay, meaning only three points would keep Wellington’s playoff hopes alive.

However it was Auckland who took advantage with a stoppage time counter-attack and Basalaj could do nothing to stop Koprivcic’s late winner.

The fulltime whistle followed shortly after the restart and left a dejected bunch of Wellington players scattered across the field.

Wellington coach Matt Calcott was ultimately disappointed, but believed his side fought hard for the entire 90 minutes.

“I don’t think anything went wrong today, they just had a bit more quality in the final third,” says Calcott.

“We were like this at Kiwitea Street, we could have gone up and scored, but they’ve gone back down our end and scored, so it’s just taking our chances.”

Calcott turned down the fact this could have been a revenge game, and says his players at the club should always be up for winning football games.

“I don’t think there was extra motivation, I think what’s important in a football club is that people understand it’s about results,”

“Every time they take the park they want to win a football match and I think that’s really important and early on I think people forgot that within the franchise,”

“We got back to where we need to be, in terms of our endeavour and how we want to do things, and we’re not far away from how we want to play.”

Wellington won three games in a row before dropping these two against Auckland, and Calcott had nothing but credit for the turnaround he’s seen from his side.

“We made a lot of changes over the Christmas period and came back and the boys have done well,”

“Not once this season have we ever got a hiding or anything like that,”

“You’ll get no complaints from me about their effort after Christmas, because it’s been five weeks of total hard work and good on them for doing that.”

Auckland may have lost out on a chance to win the minor Premiership title, but Ramon Tribulietx’s side has bounced back well from the defeat at the hands of Waitakere.

“We had so many chances in the first-half, I think it’s been the story of the season for us, and they had that chance and they scored it,”

“We basically gave them the first goal, we need to be more consistent out of possession, but overall I think we were deserved winners of the game.”

The visitors lacked the final pass or touch with chances in the first-half, but Auckland’s coach was pleased with what he had seen at the interval.

Tribulietx says: “I just told them to play the same way, at the end of the day we believe that our own worst enemy can be ourselves,”

“We wanted to keep playing the same way with the same ideas and hopefully we would be able to put them away sooner or later and it happened so we’re very happy with that.”

Auckland’s two last minute winners this week will give them confidence as the season winds down, and Tribulietx says it really showed their fight.

“It gives us more than confidence, I think it tells you the spirit of this team and we keep on playing right up until the last minute”

“Even if we go down one or two nil it doesn’t matter, this team keeps going and that’s the spirit you need to have if you want to succeed in this game.

Next weekend Auckland return home to host seven placed Waikato, while Wellington travels south to take on Otago United.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Auckland City

1- Scott BASALAJ (GK)

12- Tamati WILLIAMS (GK)


2- Simon ARMS

4- Darren CHERITON

10- Gustavo Souto SAMPEDRO (off 60)

7- Wiremu PATRICK (off 87)

8- Chris BALE



10- Henry FA'ARODO


13- Karl WHALEN

14- Adam DICKINSON (off 75)

14- Dominic ROWE (off 73)

15- Ivan VICELICH (c)

20- Luke ROWE

16- Albert RIERA (off 45)

21- Justin GULLEY

17- Pedro Santa Cecilia GARCIA


22- Andrew MILNE



25- Daniel CLARKE (GK)

1- Jacob SPOONLEY (GK)

3- Jamie DUNCAN

11- Danko KOPRIVCIC(on 60)

22- Hamish WATSON (on 73)

7- James PRITCHETT(on 45)

23- Tom BISS

21- David BROWNE(on 75)

17- Paul RYDER (on 87)

20- Emiliano TADE


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

0 Min

Cracking day here at Farrington firled just the slightest hint of northerly, not a cloud in the sky.  The crowd is drifting in on what we hope will be a cracking game like the match on Wednesday between these two.

1 Min

First chance for Team Wellington,  Ball through andd Patrick is on it in a flash (well, flash for a man of his years) but he outruns Milne and gets the ball at the byline but his low ball in is easily taken by Williams in goal for Auckland.

2 Min

Fa'arodo  touches the ball around Bale and takes off but Bale comes back and helps crowd him out.

6 Min

Auckland Cross from Dickinson sails harmlessly over Basalaj's crossbar.

7 Min

Dom Rowe gets in to the corner and floats a ball over Simon Amrs sneakd in just ahead of Patrick to head it out for a corner.

9 Min

Dickinson again under pressure from luke Rowe but again his ball in is fifteen feet over.

12 Min

Chettleburgh the next to launch it well over.  Good passing move from the home side up to that point.  Cheriton in particular looking strong.

14 Min

Dickinson again.  This time his ball looks more dangerous but Rowe pushes it out for a corner.

15 Min

Auckland corner is dangerous.  Bale gets up but hits the upright and collapses to the grpound as he can't quite get to the rebound.  Play on is the correct call.

17 Min

Milne with a dangerous cross and Basalaj falling backwards is forced to punch ineffectually.  Fell to feneridis who's shot is delflected by Souto Sampedro over the bar.

19 Min

Auckland putting a lot of pressure on here but lacking the final ball.  They have set up about 10 yards outside the Team Wellington penalty area but Team Wellington are reading the play well and not enabling them to create a chance.

22 Min

Solomon gets the ball at his feet and tries to beat Souto Sampedro but loses out to him. Luckily Rowe is aware of the danger and clears to Schaeffers and send it forwards.

24 Min

Dickinson again.  This time he makes space and crosses over the byline.  Exposito offers him some 'advice' on his crossing.

25 Min

Team Wellington corner but the Godfather is imperious as he heads clear.

26 Min

Team Wellington down to 10 temporarily.  Solomons is off the field and Cheriton has fropped into the back line to cpver.  We can't quite see what is going on with him.

27 Min

City take the chance to pile on the pressure but they can't get a shot off.

28 Min

Team Wellington back to eleven.  Suspect Solomons received treatment after taking a powerful shot in the face earlier.

30 Min

Patrick free kick 35 yards out to the right of the City goal is dangerous.  Scheffers get's to it with his head but sends it so far over Air Traffic Control are tracking it.

32 Min

GOAL - Cheriton!  The home side take the lead 1-0.  Through ball and Team Wellington end up two on the keeper and Cheriton keeps his head and slots it under the advancing Williams.

34 Min

City come back.  A couple of half-chances that need quick thinking from the defenders but nothing Basalaj needs to take action on.

35 Min

Again City knock it around outside the area and it's wasted as Pedro Garcia shoots form 30 yards well over.

37 Min

this time Team Wellington strolling about the attacking end with the ball.  Fa'arodo in possession but he's crowded out by 4 city players and can't get a shot off.

40 Min

Whalen tries to clear on the edge of the area but it goes wrong.  Picked up by Dickinson who plays Exposito in but Basalaj gets out and smothers the shot well.

43 Min

Basalaj  takes a deep free kick and it's missed by City leaving D. Rowe in the area facing away from goal.  He gets a shot off but a great save from Williams stops the shot and he can't get the second shot on target.

45 Min

...and that is the half.  City probably having the better of possession but Team Wellington the better of the actual chances to lead 1-0.  Anyone's game from here.

Pritchett has the bib off and is warming up. Looks like we'll see him start the 2nd half.

SUB - Riera off for Pritchett

45 min

From the kick-off City almost hand the ball over.  A mistake in the backline and Fa'arodo almost takes the ball of Arms.

46 Min

Dom Rowe breaks left dge of the area.  Just gets there ahead of the defender and he looks to pass it in the net and just when it looked like it was in for all money.  Arms comes in and clears of the line.

From the resulting corner Rowe again is up but his powerful header is just wide of Williams left hand upright.

47 Min

That change for Auckland has seen Bale move out of the backline and Arms move into the middle.

47 Min

Patrick tries a speculator from 25 yards out but well over.

49 Min

A couple of chances to team Wellington but City scramble clearances

50 Min

Penalty - Auckland City.  The ball bounced around the area, and from a distance it looked like a Team Wellington player has cleared the ball and may have hit Souto Sampredo who has certainly hit the deck.

- Converted by Dickinson. 1-1

53 Min

City with a couple of chances straight after the goal a long range speculator forcing a good save out of Basalaj.

55 Min

Dom Rowe again.  A header that goes just over from the left hand side almost gives the homes side the lead back although the vistors clearly dominant so far in this half.

60 Min

SUB - Suoto Sampredo off for Daniel Korvcic

65 Min

GOAL! - Arms for City.  Pedro Carcia corner headed in by Simon Arms.

67 Min

Rowe again with a chance but is closed down at the last second.  The Fa'arodo runs in to the area and gets sandwiched but he carries on and Milne tackles off his toes for a corner.

70 Min

Ball falls to Patrick just outside the D and he hits it well but with WIlliams beaten it goes just wide of his right post.  Team Wellington creating chances at will since going behind.

71 Min

Fa'arodo deemed to have been fouled by referee O'Leary in a dangerous spot but Gulley takes it early... and poorly and it's handed straight back.

73 Min

SUB - Watson on for Dom Rowe.  Rowe has been excellent for the home side today.

75 Min

SUB - Dickinson off for David Browne

78 Min

Great run from Watson but the ball from halfway from Chettleburgh is too close to Williams and easily picked up.

80 Min

Pritchett looks in a bad way here.  He's running with no one near him and has gone to his knees.  Hopefully he can continue.

81 Min

GOAL - Watson! - With Pritchett of the field Team Wellington break.  Watson just outside the centre circle plays Fa'arodo in wide and Fa'arodo shoots around Williams but as it looks to go wiode Watson grabs ever bit of momentum he can and tucks it inside the left hand post.

82 Min

Tired clearance from Gulley falls to Exposito but a block from Schaeffers and a save from Basalaj smother the chance.

84 Min

City again.  Bale picks up on another lose ball goes around Basalaj after riding a challenge from Rowe but hist shot hits the sidenetting with an open goal.

85 Min

Pritchett gets the first card.  He goes through the back of Rowe as he looks to hold possession.

87 Min

Browne breaks into the area but puts it on the crossbar.

SUB - Wiremu Patrick for a debut for former Naenae player Paul Ryder.

87 Min

Watson with a shot from the edge of the area has Williams at full stretch but it's just over.  End to end stuff now.

88 Min

Long free kick from team Wellington is cleared to Cheriton and it's send back in but Chettleburgh is offside.

At the other end the ball bounces around and Browne crosses for Koprivcic but it's just to high and he can't get over it.

...and that's it.  GOAL - Koprivcic.  As Team Wellington have possession on the edge of the City area the ball breaks for City and with a failed defensive interception they break with five on Basalaj who can't stop Koprivcic. 2-3.

For the second time this week City have stolen a late winner over Team Wellington and that ends the home sides play-off chances.