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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Auckland City

Team Wellington


ASB Premiership - Round 5,
Kiwitea St,  Auckland
Wednesday 6 February, 2013


Chris Bale 39'
Manel Exposito 73'
Ivan Vicelich 94'


Henry Fa'arodo 9'
Cory Chettleburgh 57' 



Halftime:1-1                       Referee:Campbell-Kirk Waugh                                Crowd:716 


Vicelich saves navy blues in Wellington thriller

by Bob Pearce at Kiwitea St

AUCKLAND - Auckland captain Ivan Vicelich came to the rescue within seconds of the final whistle to beat the valiant Team Wellington 3-2 at Kiwitea St.
The tall defender lost patience with his spendthrift attack and capped a last-gasp attack with a clinical finish, breaking the hearts of the Wellingtonians, who had played since the 34th minute with 10 men after Adam McGeorge was sent off for a rash tackle.
At that stage the visitors had taken the lead in the ninth minute when Henry Fa’arodo was given too much space and fired a powerful shot past Tamati Williams.

It highlighted a period of Wellington dominance when their five-man midfield kept Auckland off balance and Fa’arodo and Cory Chettleburgh were dangerous on the break.
Auckland drew level five minutes later when Chris Bale and new signing Gustavo Souto combined and Bale finished powerfully.
But any question of Auckland dominating the 10 men was dispelled.

Sure they could interpass and set up chances, but the defence was desperate and effective and Scott Basalaj showed what a talent he is in goal.
Surely the pace would tell on the 10 men on a sunny Auckland day but no fear.

They had always kept a threat up front and in the 57th minute Chettleburgh muscled his way through the defence with a hint of a hand ball and scored from a narrow angle.
In the 73rd minute an increasingly desperate Auckland side were level again when Manel Exposito headed home from an exquisite Bale cross from the right.

But the Spaniard was the villain soon after when he was brought down by Tom Doyle but slammed the penalty into the crossbar.
Big Hamish Watson came on for Wellington and had the ball in the net only to be ruled narrowly offside.

At the other end Baslaj and his defenders were performing miracles while the Aucklanders became more and more desperate.
Watson had a chance to win it on the break but fired way wide.

Enter Vicelich as four minutes were added at the end.

He scored in the fourth of those minutes and there were Wellington watches that said five minutes had passed.
Lucky to win?

Auckland coach Ramon Tribulietx sees it differently.

“Depends on what side you see it from. They fought really hard and you’ve got to be sorry for them. But there were 15 chances we didn’t put away. If we’d have been lucky it would have been 6-2.”
Tribulietx had a word of praise for Chris Bale.

”We needed a bit of spirit and he gave us that.”
Wellington coach Matt Calcott: “I was very, very proud of my players. It showed there is a lot of fight in the franchise. I thought Scott Basalaj was outstanding but everyone gave their best.”
Auckland move a point clear of Hawkes Bay United in second place but seven behind leaders Waitakere. Wellington are six points out of the playoff places.
The two teams meet again in Wellington on Sunday. Auckland will have the suspended Alex Feneridis back.

Wellington will be without McGeorge but Alec Solomons will be available.

Both teams will be fighting fatigue after today’s thrilling encounter.



Team Sheet

Auckland City


Team Wellington

12 Tamati Williams (GK)

1 Scott Basalaj (GK)

2 Simon Arms

20 Luke Rowe

3 Takuya Iwata (Tade 61)

2 Timothy Schaeffers

8 Chris Bale

13 Karl Whalen

9 Manel Exposito

21 Justin Gulley

10 Gustavo Souto (Dickinson 68)

4 Darren Cheriton

11 Daniel Koprivcic

8 Adam McGeorge

15 Ivan Vicelich

14 Dominic Rowe (Watson 66)

16 Albert Riera

18 Tom Doyle

17 Pedro Garcia

10 Henry Fa'arodo

22 Andrew Milne

9 Cory Chettleburgh



1 Jacob Spoonley (RGK)

25 Daniel Clarke (RGK)

7 James Pritchett

3 Jamie Duncan

14 Adam Dickinson

22 Hamish Watson

20 Emiliano Tade

23 Tom Biss

25 Dean Lausev

7 Wiremu Patrick


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

0 mins

Stunning Waitangi Day weather with a cloudless blue sky and a light easterly

0 mins

Auckland bring in Iwata for Feneridis and give first start for Gustavo Souto with Dickinson on the bench 

0 mins

Doyle in for suspended Solomons for Team Wellington

We're away with Auckland playing away from the clubhouse

2 mins

Wellington in black and white, saving their usual for return game at weekend

3 mins

First corner for Wellington, Luke Rowe to take.

4 mins

Ball flies loose to Chettleburgh andhis shot from distance gathered by Williams

7 mins

Souto gets foot to cross but just wide, flag up anyway

9 mins 

GOAL! Fa'arodo given too much space and buries shot giving goalie no chance

11 mins

Wellington press again and earn corner, cleared

13 mins

Freekick Auckland 30m out, Riera shot from rebound swings wide with deflection

15 mins

Exposito over bar after right wing surge

22 mins

Wellingtn are denying Aucklnd time on the ball when it counts. At teother end they're always dagerous through Fa'arodo

24 mins

Vicelich header from corner tipped round the post


Wellington corner cleared with difficulty

31 mins

Auckland being frustrated and they're not reacting well

34 mins

RED CARD! McGeorge after rash tackle on Milne. This is a game changer 

37 mins

Gulley long range wide

39 mins

GOAL! Chris Bale finishes well from interchange with Souto

41 mins

Exposito header balloons over bar.

45 mins

Auckland corner, Bale shot across goal. Halftime.

It's going to be tough for Wellington one man down for the next 45 but don't write them off. They were the better side at full strength

46 mins

We're off again. No changes at the break

48 mins

Basalaj thwarts promising attack

49 mins

Exposito wastes good possession

51 mins

Fa'arodo v Vicelich. Ivan on points.

53 mins

Exposito wastes golden chance, over the bar when clear.

57 mins

GOAL! Chettleburgh muscles his way through and drives shot home from acute angle

60 mins

Shot by Milne on target but blocked by defender

61 mins

Tade on for Iwata

63 mins

Great shot by Bale, even better save by Basalaj and from followup

Koprivcic close

66 mins

Watson on for Dominic Rowe

68 mins

Souto off, Dickinson on.

72 mins

Vicelich pushes forward sets up Tade but just wide

73 mins

GOAL! Exposito heads home perfect cross from right by Bale

78 mins

Wellington still dangerous on the breakExposito wastes over top

78 mins

Penalty to Auckland, Doyle pushes Exposito off ball. Exposito hits bar and it stays out. Yellow for Doyle

89 mins

Freekick to Auckland on edge of area, twice blocked n once ove top. 

90 mins

Four mins of stoppage time

90 plustwo

 Bale shot well stopped by goalie.

90 plus three

Watson has ball in net on break but offside

90 plus four

Chettleburgh set up Watson but he shoots wide

90 plus four

GOAL! Captain Vicelich finishes coolly at left post after defence had foiled severa lunges.

FINAL WHISTLE What a game.