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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Team Wellington

Waikato FC


ASB Premiership - Round 10
David Farrington Park, Wellington
Saturday 26 January, 2013



Luke Rowe (89)




Halftime: 0-0                       Referee:    I. Trevis                            Crowd: 251


Late Rowe winner opens playoff door

by Cam Russell at David Farrington Park

WELLINGTON - The door to the ASB Premiership playoffs creaked open for Team Wellington today after a late goal by Luke Rowe gave the capital men a 1-0 win over Waikato FC.

The home side had to wait until the 89th minute to break the deadlock when Henry Fa’arodo nodded a cross back across goal to allow Luke Rowe to score with a diving header.

The visitors will be disappointed not to have at least taken a point from the match they dominated the first half and looked the better side.

Waikato FC started full of confidence despite last week’s 9-1 home defeat versus Waitakere United and almost scored twice inside the first ten minutes.

While many fans were still getting to their seats, Rory Turner managed to twist inside the box and fire a low shot which Scott Basalaj cleverly turned around the post.

Basalaj was called upon again when Gurjeet Singh was played through one on one, but his poor touch allowed the keeper to knock the ball away, and Bryon Paulus’ follow up shot was cleared off the line by a retreating Luke Rowe.

Thing’s turned scrappy in the second-half with eight players in total being booked.

Adam McGeorge bravely dived to flick away a corner before inadvertently receiving a boot to the head, and then a few minutes later Tom Doyle was sprawled out after a similar incident.

With both teams battling for possession in midfield, chances were few and far between as time ticked away and the scoreless draw seemed a liked outcome.

But Team Wellington, who desperately needed three points to keep their playoff push going, snatched their late winner to cut the gap between themselves and Canterbury - who face Otago in Dunedin on Sunday - to just three points.

Team Wellington coach Matt Calcott, asked whether he felt his side deserved victory was hesitant.

“Put in this way - Waikato did have some good chances, so probably not,” says Calcott.

“It was a pretty average performance by us, but we managed to get there and get the result,” he said.

“We definitely got better in the second-half, and the substitutes did well and sometimes you just need that.”

Calcott wasn’t pleased with the way his side started, and considering they’ve started other games slowly this season, he wanted to fire them up at the break.

“At halftime I got stuck into them to be honest with you.

“From where we are sitting, and where we need to be, we are just a long way away," he said.

Wellington came off a good performance last week winning in Christchurch, and Calcott believes his side started with the wrong mind set.

“After getting a good result last week, maybe we thought we’re just automatically going to get on a roll and that wasn’t the case.

“They were under some pressure, but they handled it, and managed to stand up and get a goal," he said.

Both keepers had respectable games today, but Team Wellington can thank Scott Basalaj for keeping them in the game and Calcott was impressed with his young keeper.

“Yeah he was good, he’s a great keeper, it’s good that he’s playing regular games, and he’s doing well.

“I’d say all of them [the academy players] are progressing well, and not all of them are in the side every week, but they get games for Phoenix ‘A’.

“They play a lot of football, and they’re going to be developing five days a week," he said.

The result moves Wellington to 12 points, just three behind fourth placed Canterbury United who travel south to Otago tomorrow.

Waikato FC remains on six points, but despite leaving without a point, can certainly take positives away from this game knowing they pushed a slowly improving Team Wellington all the way.

With YoungHeart Manawatu beaten 4-0 at Waitakere United today, the Palmerstonians sit just three points behind Waikato FC.




Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Waikato FC


1. Scott Basalaj

12. Jason Mann

2. Tim Schaeffers

2. Hone Fowler

7. Wiremu Patrick (off 60)

5. Eder Franchini (off 75)

8. Adam McGeorge

6. Sam Jasper

9. Cory Chettleburgh

7. Gurjeet Singh

10. Henry Fa'arodo

9. Rory Turner

13. Karl Whalen

15. Raymond How

15. Luis Corrales(off 82)

16. Byron Paulus

18. Tom Doyle

17. Wade Molony

20. Luke Rowe

18. Alexis Carcamo Varela

24. Alec Solomons

19. David Parkinson



14. Dominic Rowe (on 82)

3. Jordan Shaw

21. Justin Gulley

4. Adam Luque

22. Hamish Watson (on 60)

10. Mark Jones (on 77)

23. Tom Biss

25. Neil Mouncher

25. Dan Clarke


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

Hey folks.  We're finally online after connection issues and just to make it more of a mess they went and kicked off five minutes early.  We'll get the squads in and update you on some early action soon.

Stunning day in Wellington.  Light Southerly and David Farrington looks stunning.

2 Min

Rory Turner in the area, great turn ans shot.  Basalaj at full stretch just puts it around the post.

4 Min

Great cross from Luke Rowe, Fa'arodo header on target but forces a good save out of Mann to put it over.

7 Min

Gurjeet Singh, great run on to a ball over the top but his first touch leaves Basalaj enough time to nucge it away.  Deflection falls to Byron Paulus who shoots but Rowe has got in behind and cleans it up.

20 Min

Been a number of vague chances.  Corrales causing problems wide with his pace but no real shots.

22 Min

Singh again in the area and it requires another strong arm from Basalaj.

24 Min

Turner again.  Basalaj with a strong hand.

25 Min

Paulus with a shot Basalaj blocks and it falls to Singh but again Basalaj stops again and Singh goes to ground but the referee says the only contact with the ball.

28 Min

Yellow to Corrales after a sideline dust up with Paulus.  he seemed to be fouled and then raised his hand.

29 Min

Great run down the right by Molony but shoots at Basalaj.

31 Min

Franchini i s sandwiched between to players.  Free kick about 23 yards out to the right of the D.  Good free kick but Schaeffers gets across and heads clear.

32 Min

Hone Fowler earns a yellow after brining down Fa'arodo as Team Wellington look to break.

33 Min

Varela with a good run and takes a shot from wide but is just over the corner of the bar.

35 Min

Corrales on the break but Mann comes out of the area and clears inches ahead of him.

37 Min

Chettleburgh booked.  Spotters suggest it may have been for simulation.

42 Min

Henry Fa'arodo off his feet in the challenge.

43 Min

Waikato the better side this half.  Basalaj the busier keeper.  Corrales getting forward well but not finding options.

...and that is the half.  Basalaj keeping the home side in it.

47 Min

Nice move from team Wellington sees Fa'arodo through but the flag is up.

50 Min

Free kick near the byline for Waikatpo is put in but McGeorge collects a boot in the head and it's back to a drop ball.

52 Min

Now it's Doyle down.  He's taken a boot in a challenge in the Waikato half and he's not getting up quickly.

54 Min

Corrales is down and Varela gives him the friendly tap to thank him in an inappropriate fashion.

56 Min

Schaeffers and Basalaj under pressure almost help break the deadlock but the halfway shot from Franchini to an open net is wide.

60 Min

Tom Doyle in the book for a foul on Molony who made an absolute meaal of that and walked off giggling.

SUB: Wiremu 'Arctic Fox' Patrick off for Hamish Watson.

65 Min

Fowler heads over from a deep corner.  This isn't the most enthralling game we've seen here in the Fever corporate box.

68 Min

Free kick from Rowe swung in and clear space for the header to Doyle (maybe) but it's miles wide.

Parkinson booked for a silly foul on Fa'arodo.  Free kick is wasted.

72 Min

Ball swung in from a free kick to Waikato and anther player gets a kick in the head.   Solomons this time.

73 Min

Fowler and Watson are going to come to blows at this rate.  Watson gets up over Fowler to win the ball and fouls him and Fowler kicks out in retaliation.  The referee is in danger of losing control here as players start launching in to tackles and the people on the receiving end are theatrically miling things.

75 Min

Now Fowler and Varela have both thrown elbows at Team Wellington players..

76 Min

Molony swings a dangerous cross in and a player is lurking at the back post but at full stretch Basalaj sends it away.

77 Min

Now it's Fowler and Solomons after Solomons is kicked but missed by the referee.  Solomons yellow.

...and Singh joins him in the book.  Franchini replaced by Mark jones. SUB.

82 Min

SUB Dom Rowe off for Luis Corrales

88 Min

SUB: McGeorge for Biss.

89 Min

GOAL!  At last.  Luke Rowe puts the home team up with a diving header into an empty net.  Fa'arodo headed the ball back across goal for him.

90 Min

Parkinson is off for Jordan Shaw.


Sam Jasper booked and the referee must be considering using the oother side of his card he has taken so many names but it could be a half dozen more.


Watson sandwiched by two defenders when he looked through on goal.  again we play on.

...and that's all folks.  1-0 to the home side in a pretty average match.  man of the match clearly Scott Basalaj.