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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Team Wellington

YoungHeart Manawatu


ASB Premiership - Round 4
David Farrington Park, Wellington
Sunday 25 November, 2012



Tobias Bertsch (39)

Henry Fa'arodo (56)

Justin Gulley (65)


Tom Mosquera(34)



Halftime:1-1                       Referee: Peter O'Leary                         Crowd:412


Wellington bounce back breaks YoungHeart

by Cameron Russell at David Farrington Park

WELLINGTON - Team Wellington’s strong second half performance was enough to come from behind and beat Youngheart Manawatu 3-1 in the capital today.

The visitors took the lead just after the half hour mark when Josh Chettleburgh’s initial shot was cleared off the line by Andreas Damgaard only for Tom Mosquera to head into the net.

The lead was short lived however with Tobias Bertsch heading home a Luke Rowe free-kick before half-time, and then second-half goals from Henry Fa’arodo and Justin Gulley completed the comeback.

Despite leaving without a point, Manawatu coach Stu Jacobs looked towards the positives from his side’s performance.

“I think we take a bit of respectability. We came away from last week and didn’t even look like a footballing side,” says Jacobs.

“This week was all about getting back on the pitch and being the new Manawatu and I think for a good sixty odd minutes we showed that.”

Manawatu have now lost three games in a row, but Jacobs has faith that things will turn around.

“I said to the boys that were closing the gap, we’ve got to go into next week’s game at the stadium and go in there prepared to get a result, because I think we’re capable unlike last year when if we had a bit of luck on our side we could sneak one.”

Team Wellington have now won back-to-back games and turned things around from losing their first two games of the season.

Despite going behind, Wellington Coach Matt Calcott was confident in his side’s ability.

“They scored first and got their tails up, but I don’t think they created much in the first half,” says Calcott.

“I thought we had some reasonable chances but it was just our final ball and that was the difference in the second half, our final ball was good.”

The home side firmly tightened their grip on the match in the second-half, almost scoring immediately when Hamish Watson’s header was pushed onto the bar by goalkeeper Matt Boren.

Wellington looked dangerous crossing the ball from out wide, and Calcott says he encouraged the players to push on at half-time.

“I think we just needed to be more positive in our play, we wanted to receive and turn, we wanted to take a touch out of the game, we wanted to get ourselves wider and cross higher up the park and everything I asked they did and it was great,”

“That’s the basis of our game getting delivery into the box, and in the first half it was all bit messy with the build-up but much better in the second half.”

Wellington have now scored seven goals from six different scorers in their last two games, something that Calcott says is a cause of his players getting familiar playing together.

“I think that just develops because of the time they spend together and the combinations just develop”

Phoenix part owner Gareth Morgan was on hand to keep an eye on his academy players representing Team Wellington, and Calcott says they are starting to fit in nicely despite some players being away for Phoenix A in midweek games.

“It’s not easy for them is it, it’s not easy for the squad but everyone has been positive about it and this week we had some good sessions together and made the most of it and you can see the rewards.”

Manawatu will be back in Wellington next week playing Waikato in a Phoenix curtain raiser at Wellington Stadium, while Team Wellington's scheduled match with Auckland City on December 2 is postponed due to their opponents involvement with the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


YoungHeart Manawatu

1. Scott Basalaj

1. Matt Borren

2. Tim Schaeffers

2. Liam Higgins (off 56)

5. Andreas Damgaard

4. Kade Schrijvers

8. Adam McGeorge(off 76)

7. Josh Chettleburgh

9. Cory Chettleburgh(off 78)

8. Nathan Cooksley

10. Henry Fa'arodo

11. Tom Mosquera

18. Tom Doyle

12. Khair Jones (off 48)

19. Tobias Bertsch

20. Sam Redwood

20. Luke Rowe

22. Grant Robson (off 72)

21. Justin Gulley

23. Lewis Cumber

22. Hamish Watson(off 81)

10. Adam Cowan



25. Will Jones

6. Matt Kennedy (on 72)

7. Wiremu Patrick (on 76)

15. Billy Scott (on 56)

11. Karsten Viborg (on 81)

17. Jordan Martens (on 48)

14. Dominic Rowe

19. Ben Wilkes

23. Tom Biss(on 78)

14. Tyson Brandt


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

Stunning day here at Farrington Field a hint of Northerly generally blowing right over the top of us and the pitch looking stunning.  No reason we won't be underway on time as the teams warm up.

-10 Min

Some concern that there is no sign of the Barbeque serving yet from the crowd that is piling in.

...and we're off

2 Min

Hamish Watson with the first chance of the game.  Received the ball back to goal, turned hit the ball on the volley but well over.

4 Min

Liam Higgins with the throw wide left almost to the penalty spot but cleared by Damgaard.

5 Min

Good run wide right from Robson for Manawatu, forces Doyle to head his low cross out for a corner.  Resulting corner is out again, this time off the head of Wiremu Patrick.  The second attempt is easily cleared.

Interesting that the newly laid FarringtonField pitch is smaller than previously with the near sideline in a metre or two and the club room end goal a couple of metres away from the fence.

8 Min

Justin Gulley has given away a foul and some words to say.  he's getting a telling off from referee O'Leary with his captain McGeorge in attendance.

9 Min


Rowe with a diagonal ball from the halfway line into the area to Watson but it is smothered out.  Damgaard plays a great ball to let Watson in on goal and forces a great stretched save out of Borren.  The resulting corner is easily cleared.


10 Min

Fa'arodo goes down in the area after some good attacking play with bertsch but refereee O'Leary waves play on.

13 min

Team Wellington corner taken short to Chettleburgh on the edge of the area who sends it across the area and Scheffer and full stretch powers the ball and forces another good save from Borren.

14 Min

Resulting corner is taken the same way but sails out.

19 Min

Team Wellington dominating the procedings currently but not quite engineering that chance.  Gulley showing out well wide right.

20 Min

Bertsch with a long shot forces another good take out of Borren.

23 Min

Long ball in from wide for Manawatu is easily taken by Basalaj.

24 Min

Wellington go straight down the other end and Watson shimmies and lets the ball go then burst in to the area but his cut back is intercepted and the ball bounces in to the hands of Borren.

26 Min

Robson with another good ball, put's Cowan in wide, he tries to make room for a cross but in the end it's straight into Rowe for a corner.  The corner isn't great but is not well cleared by the home side and it comes back in but scrambled out for another poor corner.

30 Min

Team Wellington creating chances but can't beat Borren.  While manawatu are living on an occassional break.  Still no goals though.

32 Min

Nearly a mess-up for Team Wellington there.  Schaeffers well outside the area tries to head back to Basalaj but Mosquera sneaks in and Basalaj has to come outside his area and send it long.

34 Min

Goal - Tom Mosquera. The Vistors go one up from a hectivc period.  Chettleburgh has the ball played to him offside but missed by the officials, he shot and the ball was parried by Basalaj and then rolled towards the goal but was cleared from the line by Damgaard, only as far as Mosquera who deaded down and in.

...and in the middle of that Damgaard was bocked for what appeared to be a handball.

38 Min

Redwood goes through Hamish Watson and the card fires out of Mr O'Leary's pocket.

39 Min

Goal - Tobias Bertsch makes it 1-1.  From the free kick Rowe powers it into the area and Bertsch gets up with a powerful header to score.

40 Min

Next up Fa'arodo shoots from 30 yards and Borren is looking concerned but goes just wide.

41 Min

We think it was Hamish Watson booked in the far corner.  He was the only Team Wellington nearbyu when the card came up.

43 Min

Cowan plays a through ball and Khair Jones is collected by Damgaard and Basalaj and he's not looking great.  Nasty limp.

45 Min

That's the half.  1-1 and we'll start again for the second 45.  Time for a sauceless sausage (don't ask).

...and we're off again. No changes at the half.

47 Min

Chettleburgh makes room right and puts a ball in to Watson who heads in but Borren pushes it onto thecrossbar and over.  The resulting corner is again won by Watson but deflected clear.

Liam Higgins gets himself a yellow and long loud blow from Mr O'Leary's whistle after going through Justin Gulley.

48 Min

Sub Khair Jones succumbs to the late half injury and is replaced by Jordan martens.

The resulting free kick is dangerous but Borren gets a hand to it just ahead of Damgaard

50 Min

Cory Chettleburgh earns the ire this time after a midfield collision with Cowan.

56 Min

Goal - Henry Fa'arodo A sustained period of pressure from Team Wellington leads to a good cross from Schaeffers from deep which Fa'arodo powers home.

Youngheart Sub - Scott on for Youngheart.  Trying to work out who for... and the winner is Liam Higgins.

58 Min

Damgaard is injured after a collision.  Having treatment off the pitch but he's up and back on.

61 Min

Sharp ball crossed in from Manawatu, Rowe leaps for it and almost puts it in the near post.  Required a big effort from Basalaj at full stretch to hold it.

65 Min

Goal - Solo run from Gulley, runs in from the right along the top of the area and drives it low to the near post.

70 Min

McGeorge in the book this time.  It's all got a bit messy for a while here.

72 Min

Sub for Manawatu - Robson off for Matt Kennedy.

74 Min

Schrijvers tries a through bakk to put Josh Chetlleburgh in but it runs a little too far to Basalaj

75 Min

Fa'arodo tries a shot from about 25 yards and Borren parries it.  Watson is the first to the rebound but his shot back across goal goes wide of the far post.

76 Min

Team Wellington SUB - McGeorge off, the Silver Fox (Patrick) on.  Moments before McGeorge shot from the edge of the area and managed to clear the clubrooms.

78 Min

Sub - Chettleburgh off for Tom Biss

81 Min

Sub - Watson off Viborg on.

86 Min

It's all gone a bit quiet here.  Team Wellington controlling possession but haven't really settled after the changes so not creating a clear-cut chance.

90 Min

Minimum of three minutes added time.  Could be a long 3 minutes...


...and we're done.  3-1 to Team Wellington