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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Waitakere United

Auckland City


ASB Premiership - Round 4
Fred Taylor Park, Whenuapai
Sunday 25 November, 2012


Jake Butler 22m

Luis Corrales 41



Halftime:1-1                       Referee:Mirko Benischke                                Crowd:650 


Champs let Auckland off the hook

by Bob Pearce

WHENUAPAI - Auckland City will fly off to the FIFA Club World Cup on Tuesday with their three-year unbeaten away record in regular-season play in the ASB Premiership intact.
Cross-town rivals Waitakere United will wish them well in Japan, but will regret their generosity in letting them off the hook with a 1-1 draw at Fred Taylor Park after they had squandered a heap of first-half chances.
Such was their dominance in the first 20 minutes that they could have wrapped up the game 3-0 or 4-0 as chance after chance went begging.
Straight from the opening whistle Roy Krishna found himself clear with only the goalie to beat. He blew the chance and set a pattern that was to dog the West Aucklanders.
After nine minutes a David Mulligan header found the net but he was ruled offside. Within a minute he had a legitimate chance but blew it.
When the goal finally came in the 22nd minute it was a beauty.

A Waitakere raid appeared to have been thwarted but the ball fell to captain Jake Butler and he fired a perfect shot from 25 metres into the top corner.
On the half hour Krishna and Mulligan both had close-range chances but the final touch proved elusive.
Auckland, whose combinations had been upset by some aggressive upfield defence and a surface that didn’t suit precision passing, gradually climbed off the canvas and in the 41st minute Luis Corrales and Manel Exposito worked a perfect give and go for Corrales to grab the equaliser.
The second half lacked the excitement of the first.

Auckland adjusted their approach, using the long ball to keep the pressure off their defence.

Even so Waitakere had chances to seal a victory. First substitute Maksim Manko managed to butcher a finish from 2m after a corner and then Ryan De Vries, one of the best on the field, fired just over the bar from the edge of the penalty area.
“I think we can be happy with the draw considering the circumstances,” said Auckland coach Ramon Tribulietx.

“In the first 20 minutes they pressed us very high and we couldn’t play through.
“The surface wasn’t helpful and the players weren’t confident on the ball. I think we adjusted well in the second half.”
A rueful Waitakere coach Paul Marshall was heartened by the way his team played but disappointed by the lack of finish.
“You’ve got to finish,” he said.

“If we’d finished better it could have been the best result ever for the club.
“Last week we converted half of our chances. This week we converted just 10 per cent. We could have beaten them by five and there’s still improvement in this team.”
But Butler’s strike impressed his coach, who noted that he was much fitter this season having lost 7kg.
Auckland head for Japan in two groups on Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of their first game against the J League champions at Nissan Stadium, Yokohama on December 6.



Team Sheet

Waitakere United


Auckland City

1 Danny Robinson (GK)

1 Jacob Spoonley (GK)

2 Aaron Scott

16 Albert Riera

4 Tim Myers

19 Daniel Saric (Milne 46)

5 Brian Shelley

11 Daniel Koprivcic

7 David Mulligan

13 Alex Feneridis

8 Chad Coombes (Manko 74)

9 Manel Exposito

10 Allan Pearce

10 Luis Corrales (Tade 77)

12 Roy Krishna

14 Adam Dickinson

17 Jake Butler

15 Ivan Vicelich

19 Dan Morgan(Beguely 54)

2 Simon Arms

20 Ryan De Vries

3 Takuya Iwata



3 Jack Beguely

17 Pedro Garcia

16 Maksim Manko

20 Emiliano Tade

6 Matt Cunneen

21 David Browne

21 Dylan Stansfield

18 Liam Anderson (RGK)

22 Louie Caunter (RGK)

22 Adam Milne


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

0 mins

The Fred has had a bad case of sunburn in the past week and the surface won't be ideal. Irrigation problems still to be solved.

0 more mins

Spoonley back in goal for Auckland, Berlanga still missing. Firs sat for Sarich. Myers back in starting lineup for Waitakere.

Sun shining but fairly brisk wind across the field.

0 more mins

NZ Football media man Seamus Marten keeping an eye on proceedings

We're off, Waitakere playing from the Kumeu end

1 min

Just 28s in and Krishna has clear shot on goal but shoots wide.

2 min

Coombes just wide wih shot. Spoonley wondering what hit him!

4 min

Cross by Pearce Spoonley can only punch away for corner.

5 min

No profit from corner.

6 min

Iwata put into clear but shoots wide. End to end stuff.

7 min

Dickinson lucky to escape card for messy challenge.

8 min

Mulligan felled by Riera

9 min

Ball in Watakere net rom Mulligan header after Spoonley strugglest clear. But offside flag is up.

10 mins

Cross by Morgan, Mulligan has tap=in but Spoonley grabs.

12 mins

Robinson freekick, tis time too far for Pearce.

13 min

Pearce cross, Spoonley dives to intercept.

14 mins

All Waitakere at the moment. Their pattern play is being bustled .

17 mins

Right wing corner to Waitakere. Morgan takes, clearance falls to Coombes but he fires over top.

18 mins

Mulligan collects poor pass but rolls pass too close to keeper.

22 mins

GOAL! Jake Butler shoots from 25 metres and finds the net.

24 mins

Robinson stumbles over a clearance but nobody on hand to tke advantage. 

28 mins

First Auckland corner, no real threat. Ball falls for Krishna to break but Auckland scramble away.

30 mins

De Vries opens up defence but first Krishna the Mulligan can't convert.

35 mins

Yellow card Morgan for bringing down Dickinson.

38 mins

De Vries does Saric like a dinner but reinforcements arrive.

41 mins

GOAL! Corrales scores after one-two with Exposito.

43 mins

De Vries down, limps off, still on sideline. 

45 mins

Two minutes to be added.

45 plus one

Yellow card Vicelich fo pulling Krishna's shirt

Halftime 1-1, Waitakere may rue those missed chances.

Possession stats would be 60-40 in home team's favour and chances probably 10-2.

47 mins

Yellow card Coombes for tackle

48 mins

Halftime sub, Milne for Saric.

49 mins

Quick break by Waitakere but Butler can't repeat long-rane shot.

54 mins

Beguely on for Morgan

56 mins

De Vries theatens on left, corner on right for Waitakere. Now corner on left.

58 mins

Iwata and Exposito combine wide on left but thwarted by defence.

60 mins

Auckland having more of the game this half.

63 mins

Ball deflected to Koprivcic's feet but shot blocked and cleared.

65 mins

Yellow card on Feneridis for grab after tackle. 

65 mins

Freekick Auckland, Feneridis taps Iwata blazes wide.

68 mins

A lot of gesturing among the Auckland players. Blame game beginning ?

70 mins

Clever interchange Pearce and Krishna but finish astray.

74 mins

Manko on for Coombes. 

75 mins

Yellow card Arms, tackle on Krishna

76 mins

Tade on for Corrales.

77 mins

Right wing corner for Watakere falls to Manko who fires ove top from 2m.

79 mins

Great cross field pass finds Exposito but his cross easy meat for goaiie.

81 mins

Krishna flattens Vicelich, handbags at five paces. Krishna get a yellow

83 mins

Cross by Scott, header by De Vries, straightto goalie.

86 mins

Tade beats a succession of payers but never delives the pass tha counts. Same story.

88 mins

Butler makes space on right , delivers cross and De Vries shot just over bar.

 but cleaed.

90 mins

 Freekick to Waitakere on edge of area

Three minutesto be added.

, now freekick th other way.

90 plus one

 Freekick to Auckland cleared. Last few seconds and final whistle. 1-1 and Auckland hag on to three season unbeaten record in regular season play.