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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
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YoungHeart Manawatu

Waikato FC


ASB Premiership - Round 5
Memorial Park, Palmerston North
Sunday 11 December 2011


Tomas MOSQUERA 63'


Jason HICKS 26'
AdamTHOMAS 31'
Ryan THOMAS 48'



Halftime:      2-0                 Referee:                                Crowd: 100


Waikato FC nab first win

by Kelvin Wescombe at Memorial Park

PALMERSTON NORTH - YoungHeart Manawatu slumped to the bottom of the ASB Premiership after a 3-1 defeat to Waikato FC at Memoriak Park yesterday.

From the opening minutes it became clear which of the two sides looked more motivated, as Waikato FC pounced on any opportunity they could get.

Waikato - winners over Hawke's Bay United in the White Ribbon Cup - built on that momentum here, and were always looking to attack Manawatu on the break.

Wayward passing by the home side only assisted Waikato FC in imposing their style on Manawatu.

Waikato continued to implement their fast-paced passing style and cut holes in a bewildered Manawatu and slow defence.

“We are a young side – the average age is around 21 years old. We are quick with our passes and this often puts sides on the backfoot,” said Waikato coach Declan Edge.

With two goals within a five minute period in the first half, followed five minutes later by a red card to Manawatu’s Barry Lewis, the writing was on the wall at halftime.

“We just didn’t show up today,” said Manawatu coach Stu Jacobs.

He added: “Being 2-0 down and a player sent off in the first half just makes life harder, and not capitalising on the few chances we had killed any momentum needed to overcome such a deficit."

Waikato FC leapfrog Manawatu on the Premiership table into seventh place after gaining their first points of the Premiership season.

This leaves Manawatu with a long road to the playoffs if they want to make the top four. But coach Stu Jacobs has pulled off bigger surprises in the past and will look to draw on that experience in coming rounds.

“It’s still possible, that’s the goal (to make the top four). Back when I was with Team Wellington we lost seven games in a row and still made the top four” said Jacobs.

“We just have to start believing in ourselves and putting into practice what we talk about on the field. That’s the only way”.


Team Sheet

YoungHeart Manawatu


Waikato FC

1 - Matt BORREN (GK)

1 - Mark FULCHER (GK)

14 - Pablo MOYA (MARTENS 72')

6 - Mike KRAMER

15 - Stuart LAWRIE

14 - Josh GREENE

18 - Barry LEWIS

2 - Tyler LISSETTE


3 - Jesse SMITH

4 - Jamie O'CONNOR

10 - Adam THOMAS (C)

8 - Nathan COOKSLEY  (KENNEDY 61')

15 - Jesse EDGE (BALLAN 60')

20 - Joachim RANDE (MOSQUERA 61')

19 - Harry EDGE


24 - Ryan THOMAS  (SHAW 80')

11 - Jimmy HAIDAKIS

21 - Tyler BOYD

9 - Seule SOROMON

7 - Jason HICKS  (Awad 75')



19 - Andrew DRAKE (GK)

8 - Matteo BALLAN (in 60')

2 - Nobuyoshi ISHI

4 - Mohammed AWAD (in 75')

6 - Matt KENNEDY (in 61')  

23 - Jordan SHAW (in 80')

21 -Tomas MOSQUERA  (in 72')

12 - Danyon DRAKE

17 - Jordan MARTENS (in 72')


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

It is a sunny windy day here in Palmerston North. We resume coverage after 9 minutes of play after suffering technical difficulties

5 - Waikato with a breakaway and heading towards goal. Opportunity lost as the final pass didn't stick with a stranded goalie relieved.

11 - Manawatu with a throw in near the box, finds an open player but shot flies over the goal.

15 - Shot on goal by Waikato - sails wide

16 - Free kick to Waikato just outside the box. Manawatu set up a 4-man wall. Kick flies over goal, no threat to Manawatu's goal

17 - Waikato dominating posession of the ball, camped in Manawatu half

19 - Shot on goal by Manawatu, rolls into Goalie's mits

21 - Just outside Manawatu's goal, a hard tackle floors a rampant Waikato attacker. The free kick sails over goal

26 - GOAL! JASON HICKS. An intercept by Waikato saw them thunder up field, with the Waikato attacker stalling the final kick before sending it into the bottom right hand side of the net

30 - Waikato have a spring in their step, attacking hard and earning another free kick outside the box. The free kick deflects off wall, turnover.

31 - GOAL - ADAM THOMAS. It was just a matter of time as Waikato put a stranglehold on posession. Another fast breakaway leads to a beautiful finish. 2-Nil.

36 - Waikato with another fast breakaway and a shot on goal. A diving save to his right by the goalie saves a 3-Nil scoreline

39 - Things starting to heat up as tempers are flaring by players and coaches alike.

40 - BARRY LEWIS flies in for a hard tackle that see's him take an early show. Manawatu a man down.

44 - Manawatu get a chance with a corner kick just before half time. Manawatu kick directly into defence, before ball sprawls out.

45 - HALFTIME on this sunny but windy afternoon at Memorial Park. Waikato have the upper hand. Manawatu will have to fight back with a man down.

48 - GOAL! Waikato's JOSH GREENE sends a rocket into the back of the net after a run up the right flank.

50 - NATHAN COOKSLEY with a hard tackle gets carded.

56 - COREY CHETTLEBURGH gets chatty with the ref after an aggressive tackle

63 - TOMAS MOSQUERA finishes a corner kick for Manawatu's first goal of the game.

69 - Manawatu moving the ball quicker with passes that are starting to stick

71 - SUBSTITUTION - Mohammed Awad from Waikato comes on for Jason Hicks

74 - MATT KENNEDY for persistant fouling

76 - SEULE SOROMON - some tough calls by the ref, this time for diving.


82 - Manawatu scrambling to get another goal - peppering the goal with waywad shots

89 - JOSH GREENE with a hard tackle. Free kick in front of the box for Manawatu but comes to nothing

90 - 3 minutes of extra time signalled

FINAL WHISTLE - Celebrations from the Waikato players as they enjoy a 3-1 victory and their first win of the season.