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Team Wellington

YoungHeart Manawatu


ASB Premiership - Week 16
Newtown Park, Wellington
Sunday 6 March, 2011


Emiliano TADE 36'

Michael WHITE 74'
Colin FALVEY 90'+1

Halftime:  2-0                     Referee:    Peter O'Leary                            Crowd: 


Late Falvey equaliser hands Manawatu draw

by David Cross at Newtown Park

WELLINGTON - YoungHeart Manawatu produced a storming second half comeback to draw 2-2 with Team Wellington in the capital today but have still collected the unwanted record of lowest points total for a season.

Arctic conditions more akin to a late July didn't stop a hardy crowd getting along to watch an entertaining match.

The start was delayed as repairs were applied to one goal net but within minutes Team Wellington keeper Phil Imray was forced in to an excellent double save as first Michael White and the Joachim Rande took shots. 

In the crossfire Rande ended up down on the ground with what looked a bad injury.  The stretcher-bearers were called and Manawatu started the match in the worst way by making an enforced substitution.

Despite the set-back, Manawatu applied pressure and could easily have been up by two within fifteen minutes if one of a myriad chances had been taken by the visitors.

As has been the case for this season, this proved costly for Manawatu as Team Wellington took control with two goals in three minutes before the half. 

In the 36th minute, Emiliano Tade produced a great solo effort, taking a run parallel to the top of the Manawatu area, threatening a shot every few steps to wrong foot defenders before finally unleashing across Matt Borren and in to the far corner. 

Manawatu bearly had time to compose themselves before a Wiremu Patrick free kick was headed home by John Sutherland to double Team Wellington's advantage three minutes later.

The second half was an even affair until finally Manawatu's multitude of chances finally paid off.  Michael White collected an wayward pass, turned inside his marker, and tucked a well placed shot wide of a fully stretched Phil Imray.

The match looked set to end 2-1 but YoungHeart Manawatu was rewarded with the point they deserved when a free kick conceded wide on Team Wellington's right hand fell nicely to Colin Falvey who volleyed it home one minute into time added on.

Team Wellington keeper Phil Imray reflected on an underwhelming display.

"I was busier than I wanted to be.  It would have been better if I had a quiet day and we put four or five past them," Imray said.

"We talked about getting started early but we were asleep for the first ten minutes.  Then we started to wake up and dominated large periods of the game but we just weren't good enough.  They were better in front of goal than us, as simple as that," he added.

With next weeks semi-final first leg in mind, Team Wellington wanted to get the mindset right. 

"We were hoping for a bit of a confidence boost today.  Get back to winning ways, get back to playing some football but we never really got there. Now it's back to training and finding our 'A 'game for next week," coach Stu Jacobs said.

"It's disappointing.  We should have won it," were Bob Sova's words.

"Probably sums up our season in a lot of ways.  We've been a poor team in the first half in terms of letting in goals.  So it was pleasing to come back from two goals down.  Frustrating in the sense that we should have scored in the first fifteen, probably a couple of times," said Sova.

"Even in the second half when we were behind in the possession stakes we should have scored before we did.  In the end we got two so we're feeling pretty good but I think we could have - should have - got a win here," he added.

YoungHeart Manawatu finish the season in eighth place. Team Wellington host Auckland City in next week's semi-final, first leg.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


YoungHeart Manawatu

1.Phil Imray

1. Matt Borren

2. Scott Robson

4. Colin Falvey

7. Wiremu Patrick

5. Josh Chettleburgh

11. Andrew Abba

8. Nathan Cooksley

12. Emiliano Tade (off 55)

10. Adam Cowan

13. Karl Whalen

18. Dale Higham

16.John Sutherland (off 55)

20. Willie Hodge (off 57)

22. Justin Gulley

9. Michael White

24. Tyler Lisette

15. Pablo Moya

21. Jessie Smith

12. Joachim Rande (off 2)

6. Mike Halakias (off 72)

25. Johno Steele



10. Michael Fifii (on 55)

16. Michael Fraser

19. George Barbarouses

13. Joe Harris

23. Ryan Cain (on 55)

19. Ben Wilkes

25. Lance Ramaekers

17. Brooke Tozer (on 57)

15. Richie McClay (on 72)

21. Jared Bloor (on 2)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

Well, that's a shambles.  Awful conditions greetedpeople at Newtown park.  Howling southerly driving rain at times and the Newtown festival blocking roads but finally we're here.

Start is delayed while the net is taped back up in pine tree bend.


The game has opened with Manawatu on the attack and within minutes Manawatu forcing the home side back


A fine double save from Phil Imray.  The first from Michael White, the second from Joachim Rande.  Rande has been injured in the play and the stretcher has been called for.

SUB - Rande off for Jared Bloor.  Suspect he was taken out in a collision with Imray as he saved.


...and from the restart Michael White rattles the crossbar with an excellent shot.


Another two or three chances to Manawatu, all smothered by Imray or last ditch defending.  Team Wellington struglling to gain possession let alone hold it.


Wiremu Patrick breaks out the 'Cool Runnings' and Referee Peter O'Leary assertively follows it with his yellow card. 


Abba works a chance on the edge of the area but passes the ball in to Matt Borren's arms.


The home side coming in to it a bit now.  Sutherland with a header after a well placed ball from deep but he's called offside.


Imray pulls of another blinder.  This time at the feet of Bloor.


Michael White clips the trailing leg of Mikey Halakias and words are exhchanged with referee O'Leary.


Borren now with a great fingertip save to his left to stop a short range chance from Sutherland.


Quieter here now.  Team Wellington have had a couple of long range chanes but still look open to the break.


Jessie Smith with the shot from the edge of the area this time but straight in to Borren's arms


Nice interchanges by team Wellington but the final ball still lacking.


GOAL - Emiliano Tade heads across the area about 20 yards out takes about 3 looks as he goes wider before bouncing a defender of and hammering it past Borren across the goal.


GOAL - Wiremu Patrick corner is finished off by John Sutherland.  Manwatu regretting the inability to finish early.


A long half with the start delayed as the nets were checked and then Rand'es injury.  Wellington lead at the half in what on balance was even but Manawatu's early misses have cost them


...and we're back.  No changes at the half.


ooo... Cooksley brought out the rabona on the edge of his own area.  Well played that man.


Great play from two Team Wellington stalwarts there.  Firstly Wiremu Patrick's superb ball over the  top to Sutherland is just cut out.  The Karl Whalen saves the blushes of Jessie Smith after he let manawatu in wide.


Michael Whitemakes space but shoots wide.


SUBS - Team Wellington.  John Sutherland replaced by Michael Fifi and Emiliano Tade for Ryan Cain


SUB - Manawatu.  Brooke Tozer on for Hudge.


The two Solomon islanders for Wellington combine well in the middle of the park but Abba shoots wide.


Tight offside call goes against the homes side as Fifi puts Ryan Cain through.


Another tight call, this time against Abba.


Josh CHettleburgh makes a great run but gets the shot all wrong.


Manawatu free kick just outside the D.  White is making a run and get's his ankle clipped.  No advantage so back for the free kick. SUB - Richie McLay on for Mikey Halakias


White with the free kick gets it up and over the wall but a great stop by Imray and last ditch defending by Wellington clears the ball.


The ball is cleared but White returns it and steps inside the defence to place one beyond a stranded Imray - GOAL.


Team Wellington break and Cain cuts a great ball back only for his teammates to miss the ball.


Michael White has just tried to perfomr the same move as tade scored from earlier but it's gone horribly wrong.  Send it well wide.


Imray has a ball sent back to him but his sliced clearance goes straight to Dale Higham who sets himself and shoots right across the goal and wide.


Gulley gives away a free kick wide left and gets a yellow for repeatedly infringing.  The free kick bounces out of Imray's hands but he recovers it.


GOAL - Manawatu.  ANother wide freekick and  Moya (we think) Vollies it in.


...and that was the last play of the match. 2-2 here.  Truns out the scorer was Colin Falvey.  Obscured by window frame of our position here at newtown Park.