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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Team Wellington

Hawke's Bay United


ASB Premiership - Week 15
Newtown Park, Wellington
Sunday 20 February, 2011


Emiliano TADE 88'

Andy BEVIN 48', 90'
Chris McIVOR 89' 


Halftime:0-0                       Referee: Darren Sundborn                             Crowd: 300

Bay edge closer to historic semi-final

by David Cross at Newtown Park

WELLINGTON - A resilient all action display gave Hawke's Bay a 3-1 win over Team Wellington that moves the Matt Chandler-coached side to within one win of a debut bow in the ASB Premiership semi-finals. 
In a scoreless first half, Hawke's Bay left Team Wellington chasing shadows repeatedly and without some heroics from goalkeeper Phil Imray and some profligate Bay finishing, the game could already have been won by the halftime break.
The first goal came within five minutes of the restart courtesy of one of the ASB Premiership's hottest young prospects, Andy Bevin.

Veteran Bay skipper, Jonathan Taylor, set up the goal when he broke on the counter attack before playing a perfect through ball for Andy Bevin to and leave the Team Wellington defence stranded. Bevin showed the calmness under pressure as he slotted the ball under an on-rushing Phil Imray.
Hawke's Bay created the majority of clear-cut chances throughout the second half but failed to capitalise.

That generosity in front of goal was punished in the 85th minute when a hopeful ball over the top found substitute Emiliano Tade - one of four strikers on for Team Wellington by this stage - and he looped the ball over Richard Gillespie to make it 1-1.
The tied score line lasted less than a minute when Chris McIvor restored the lead for the visitors after getting on the end of a loose ball bouncing around the Team Wellington penalty area.
The game had continually simmered finally boiled over in the 88th minute. 

Richard Gillespie came to take a ball in the area ahead of Emiliano Tade.  While the ball was in his hands an altercation occurred between Tade and Jonathan Taylor that resulted in Tade falling to the ground clutching his face.  As players rushed to the incident, Hicham Kamri gave Taylor a shove and Taylor joined Tade on the ground.
Referee Darren Sundborn appeared on the scene and in a flourish of red had Hicham Kamri sent for his part in the incident and issued a yellow for Tade - apparently for simulation - following a long discussion with his assistant. 
All that remained was for Andy Bevin to finish off a great display for the visitors with a great finish from wide on the left past a fully-stretched Imray deep into time added on.
Understandably, Hawke's Bay coach Matt Chandler was all smiles afterwards.

"In the two games against two sides locked into the top four we've scored just after half time, conceded late and gone back up the other end and scored.  The icing on the cake was young Andy Bevin's finish for the first goal," Chandler said, "It's not in our nature to see a game out, we'll just keep attacking and attacking after a lot of endeavour in the first half it came right in the end".
Chandler was quick to praise the efforts of Bevin and Bay's other young players.

"I think a key for us has been the youth coming in. Tom Biss has done a great job out there against a quality player in George Barbarouses as well as Bevin.  We've got just the right mix of players, experience and youth. Another good win, and another great team performance by players one through eleven. We've got two weeks off now, but these results don't mean anything if we don't get past Waikato," Chandler said.
Stu Jacobs wasn't quite sure what had hit his side.

"It was like we had a day off.  We've been working them pretty hard.  We've gone back to the start and we're running a pre-season to get ready for the finals, so you can accept there are some weary legs out there but still, there was no desire. Maybe we didn't turn up because there was nothing on it for us. We'll change their focus over the next two weeks so when we play Manawatu there is a focus on the game," Jacobs said.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Hawke's Bay United

1. Phil Imray

1. Richard Gillespie

2. Scott Robson

4. Chris Greatholder (Eakins 81')

5. Jamie O'Connor

7. Scott Gunnon (Peverley 77')

7. Wiremu Patrick (Cain 46')

11. Jarrod Smith

10. Michael Fifii (Tade 46')

12. Andrew Bevin

14. Hicham Kamri

13. Danny Wilson

18. Darren Cheriton

15. Marama Thompson

19. George Barbarouses (Sutherland 66')

16. Fergus Neil

13. Karl Whalen

18. Jonathan Taylor

6. Mikey Halakias

19. Tom Biss

21. Jessie Smith

20. Chris McIvor



12. Emiliano Tade (in 46)

3. Marvin Eakins

16. John Sutherland (in 66')

4. Cole Peverley (in 77')

23. Ryan Cain (in 46)

10. Matt Hastings

24. Tyler Lissette

17. David Geary (in 81')

25. Lance Ramaekers

24. Ryan Mastrovich


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

Sorry we're a litle late folks. Wellington traffic and trying to find the Hawkes Bay line-up.  Weather today in Wellington is stunning and apart from a clash with the opening day of the Hilton-Petone pre-season tournament and the round the bays there are no excuses for people not to be here.

Okay.  That's lots of excuses 

We'll get the sides up in the next 5 minutes.

Sides up.  A few changes to each side here.  Keeping stocks in the Hawkes Bay obviously pretty low with Ryan Mastrovich on the bench - Sorry Ryan.

Team Wellington starting at the Pine tree end


Early foul by Team Wellington wide right.  Hawkes Bay swing it in but Imray get's up - albeit knocking it to the ground and having to grab it at the second time


Ref has already had words with a couple of players.  Great run from Bevin across the Wellington area but his pass is long and ends up with a corner.


Team Wellington open up and Hawkes Bay are through but one on one with Imray Jarrod Smith somehow manages to shoot wide.


All Hawkes Bay here.  Bevin and Smith making runs at will and the home defence scrambling.


Team Wellington have barely left the half


Phil Imray spills another cross.  Lucky it didn't roll back of his legs and in to the net.


Team Wellington get a shot.  Wiremu Patrick shots well over, but at least it was a threat.


Team Wellington in the area again but George Barabarouses and Wiremu Patrick take each other out and the ball falls harmlessly in the area.


Hawkes Bay corner but easily cleared.


Kamri breaks on the right and a great touch through the defence but Gillespie beats him to it.


Free kick to team Wellington just outside the Hawkes Bay area.  Wasted and sent way too long.


The game has evened out a lot more but more a midfield battle without any clear chances.  Team Wellington more in the game but have yet to test Gillespie.  Hawkes Bay certainly the better chances


Smith almost breaks again but Imray comes out of the area and wellies it clear.


...and again.  The ball bounces around the area and Imray has to rush out to block a McIvor shot.  The ball comes back in but Hawkes Bay again shoot wide.


Smith again breaks the line but can't quite control the ball as he is though on Imray and Wellington clear it.


Barbarouses makes a great strong tackle.  The could have heard that one at Petone Memorial.    Then seconds later Jarrod Smith falls to the ground like his father launching himself for a leg side catch without anyone near him.

...and that's the half. 0-0. 


Lost the connection there folks.  Sorry.


GOAL - Andy Bevin scores after a great run out of the back from Jonathan Taylor.  Bevin is though one on one with Imray and calmly finishes under him.

Just to catch you up.  There was a goal.  Team Wellington made changes at the half.  Patrick and Fifii off for Tade and Ryan Cain.  Hawkes Bay still making all the play and the goal was well deserved.


Superb double save from Imray at Jarrod Smith's feet.  Still all Hawkes Bay.


Team Wellington mount an attack.  Although predictably the cross is weak and ends up in Gillespie's hands.


Mikey Halakias off, John Sutherland on.


Team Wellington almost in.  Cain breaks in to the area but is closed down by three or four players so he tries to chip it to Sutherland only for Gillespie to take it off his forehead before Taylor heads it wide for a corner.


Team Wellington again, this time Kamri shoots but Gillespie just grasps the ball.


Cole Peverley on for Chris Greatholder.


David Geary on for Scott Gunnon


Some contentious lack of decision making from the referee here.  Ryan Cain looked to have been cleaned up in the half but left by the referee.  Then at the other end Jarrod Smith looked to have been clipped in the area.


That is followed by questionable offside calls at both ends.  It's getting angry out there.


GOAL - Emiliano Tade breaks the offside trap and heads over Richard Gillespie.


GOAL - Chris McIvor puts the visitors back in front.


Crikey - all on here.  Wellington break again.  Gillespie saves.  Taylow appears to hit Tade in the face.  Hicham Kamriu then runs 20 yards and pushes Taylor to the ground and is then sent off.

Then Tade get's a yellow for what we assume is simulation and it's a drop ball.

90' +some

Andy Bevin with a superb finish.  Breaks wide left then finishes to the far post on the final whistle.

Final 3-1 to the visitors.