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Otago United

Hawke's Bay United


ASB Premiership - Week 12
Tahuna Park, Dunedin
Sunday 23 January, 2011




Halftime:       0 - 0                Referee:        Jamie Cross                        Crowd: ~300


Depleted Otago draw Bay blank

by Rab Smith at Tahuna Park

DUNEDIN - Hawke's Bay United did everything but score as Otago United held on grimly to secure a valuable 0-0 draw that keeps the Southerners ASB Premiership play-off hopes alive.Image courtesy Photosport
Otago United failed to reproduce the technique and goals they showed against the Wellington Phoenix 'A' in last week's ASB Challenge match.
Otago United coach Malcolm Fleming said, "Maybe some of our fitness was used up in midweek, but I would not use that as an excuse."
“Too many players were below par, and but for a top match by keeper Adam Highfield we could have lost by several goals."
Andy Coburn produced another never-say-die effort on his 100th ASB Premiership appearance and received a presentation at full-time.
Otago's defensive performance was remarkable.

Four players were missing -  the suspended Tom Connor, injured duo Paul Seaman and Al Rickerby, to name three.

Most disappointing was a "no show" by striker Phil Ruggles.

The English striker had been living with club chairman Dave Lamont but failed to reappear for the crucial match.

Centreback Tim Horner was an anchor in defence until he had to go off in the second half due to a worrying re-occurrence of a groin complaint.
Tristan Prattley bombed up the left wing to produce a couple of telling crosses, but in general, delivery into the Bay’s goal area was erratic.

Amid the setbacks, new signing striker Chris Anderson, showed skill and bravery against two of the ASB Premiership’s most combative defenders - Bill Robertson and Jonathan Taylor.
Bay's left fullback Phil Doran also showed old fashioned crunch in the tackle, as well as aggressive pace up the wing.
Bay coach Matt Chandler praised his teams pattern of play.

"They did everthing we talked about – except scoring, despite making a swag of chances," Chandler said.
Few fans could ignore the performances of Bay's international trio.

New Zealand U-17 midfielder Andy Bevin, senior All White striker, Jarrod Smith, and Australia U-17 star Scott Gannon were impressive.
Throw in the near veteran Chris McIvor who delivered a string of telling passes, and a couple of nutmegs, Hawke's Bay only needed an in form striker to rack up some goals.
The match remained 0-0 when referee Jamie Cross blew his whistle to halve the points.

Of the two coaches, possibly Otago’s Fleming has the bigger task lying ahead of him.


Team Sheet

Otago United


Hawke's Bay United

1. Adam Highfield (GK)

1. Richard Gillespie (GK)

26. Tristan Prattley

2. Phill Doran

6. Tom Sadd

3. Marvin Eakins (Gearey 79)

23. Ant Hancock

4. Chris McIvor

11. Andy Coburn

7. Scott Gannen (Leon Birnie 67)

12. James Reichwein (Day 62)

11. Jarrod Smith

18. Harley Rodeka

12. Andy Bevin

17. Tim Horner (C) (Mepham 74)

14. Marama Thompson

16. James Govan (Burgess 57)

18. Johnathon Taylor (C)

19. Chris Anderson

20. Chris Mclvor

21. Liam Lockhart

5. Bill Robertson



22. Callum Flaws (RGK)

10. Matt Hastings

27. Morgan Day (in 62)

17. David Gearey (in 79)

20. Matt Brook

25. Shaun Peta

28. Sam Mepham (in 74)

8. Leon Birnie (in 67)

9. Aaron Burgess (in 57)

19. Dan Ball


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play


Welcome to Dunedin for this Week 12, ASB Premiership showdown between Otago United and Hawke's Bay United. The home side have everything play for today with their play-off hopes hanging in the balance. Midfielder Andy Coburn makes his 100th ASB Premiership appearance in the blue and gold today and he'll be hoping his side can secure a precious win to catapult them up the table. Hawke's Bay sit in fourth place after Waikato FC were beaten 5-1 by Auckland City yesterday and a draw would give them a one point edge on their rivals. But the visitors would prefer a win that would open up a significant lead on the chasing pack for that final berth in the play-offs.


Hawkes Bay kicks off and makes the early attack into Otago's half


Early shot on goal by Hawkes Bay with the defenders still complaining of an earler off side


Highfield make an early close range stop as Hawkes Bay tries to open the scoring


Otago now working the flanks to get men forward as they try their own attack on the visitors


Hawkes Bay's Doran makes a remarkable run down the wing, the perfect cross to the center of Otago's 18 yard is met by an Otago defender


Hawkes Bay keeps the pressure on Otago's wings as the push each side trying to get close


Another Strike by Milvor troubles Highfield but its put too wide to hit the target


Hancock makes a last ditch sweep to clear the ball


Otago defenders unable to clear the ball picked up by two Hawkes Bay strikers neather able to finish it


Hawkes Bay bring the ball back and move it around trying to find a hole to move into to.


Otago come close to putting the ball into Hawkes Bay's net as the high corner is sent in with Govan getting a head on it sending it ust over the crossbar


Govan takes a strong tackle to his legs as Otago's bench complain as Govan is stunned, Ref calls play on


Otago gain a free kick deep in their own half, giving them some breathing room to clear the ball.


Prattley Sends in a great cross out wide with the wind picking up too much of the ball to send it over top of Gillespies cross bar


Thompson is taking down by a hard tackle, free kick awarded


Otago remains under pressure in the back as they try fancy move to clear the ball.


Players fight for the ball as the bounce could of came of either of the players, linesmen points in favor of Otago


Reichwein is tripped in Hawkes Bay's half giving Otago the best chance so far to put it away, wat looks like a rebound off an defender gives the ball a curve sending it again just outside of Hawkes Bay's goal.


Horner keeps the center of defence tidy as Hawkes Bays moves back to an attacking role in the game


Reichwein makes the great run down the center as he picks up the loose ball, but makes the pass when he should of taken a shot


Garren takes a shot at goal relying on Highfield to touch it over the cross bar for any chance of saving it, which he does in his own fashion


Both new Otago player C. Anderson and Govan are struggling to deal with the hard tackles that are comming in on the left wing, and with the ref yet to see anything wrong questions are being asked by Otago


PLay stopped as Horner is taken down in Otago's box, play is resumed as the captain makes sure he is fit to play


Play is stopped again as Hawkes Bay's Physio moves to check a player with a beeding nose


Hawkes Bay make use of an off side calling to try an attack, but its picked up by Otago and prattley takes a great shot at goal, Gillespie puts his body in the right spot to smother the ball.


The share numbers Otago have back still can't do much agaist Hawkes Bay as they all look for another to challange the ball in the box, in the end Highgate gets off his line to get the ball


Eakins tries to get the ball closer to goal with a pass that misses everyone and ends up an Otago goal kick


Hancock is struggling to hold on to the ball as he is again tackled and control given away.


Highfield moves off his line to get a single fist to the corner ball flying in, enough hand was given to get the ball outside the 18 yard


Anderson moves to make a name for himself in the Otago squad with a quick turn and strike on target but not enough power to get past Gillespie, Govan moves in for the rebound by the keeper has it


Half time called
Otago Utd 0 - Hawkes Bay 0


Otago Kicks off, Hawkes Bay closes in right away and wins a free kick


Doran makes the longest run of the game moving down his left wing with no support from his team mates until getting to the edge of Otago's 18 yard box


Hawkes Bay Makes another strong run into Otago's box but lack the room to open the scoring


Coburn moves in and keeps the pressure on to give Otago a corner


Lockhart tries to spin and put the ball away first time but misses the ball completely


Horner keeping the ball away from goal as best he can as the shot comes in, he dives and sends it back towards the sideline


Clearance send the ball  back to Hawkes Bay's feet.


Otago's defence gets no rest as Sadd steps up to help defend from yet another Hawkes Bay attack


Coburn moves through the midfield almost losing the ball but piccking it up again to put a strong shot on target flying just over with a pick me up by the wind
SUB Otago:
OFF: 16. James Govan
ON: 9. Aaron Burgess


Position is staying with Hawkes Bay as Otago are yet to make another attacking move


SUB Otago
OFF: 12. James Reichwein
ON: 27. Morgan Day


First worth while attack by Otago almost give them the opening goal but quick tidy defence work stops Hancock from taking the shot


Coburn collects the ball from a tackle but tried to pass it too quickly giving it away.


Highfield closes down Smith as the shot is deflected for a corner


SUB Hawkes Bay
OFF: 7. Scott Gannen
ON: 8. Leon Birnie


Doran complains to the linesmen who pulls him up for a tackle from behind


Otago's defence is not up to standard as slight touches are only just enough to steer the ball clear for a short moment


Otago look less and less like they want the win as time goes on with poor passing and scrapy defending at times


SUB Otago
OFF: 17. Tim Horner
ON: 28. Sam Mepham


Yellow card to Taylor for a bad tackle with grabbing.
The free kick is put far by Prattley just clipping the Hawkes Bay defender's head to head out for a corner


Bevin makes it look like gods may be helping the Otago defence as the one on one with the keeper goes wide as he hits it too early


SUB Hawkes Bay
OFF: 3. Marvin Eakins
ON: 17. David Gearey


Anderson secures Otago another corner keeping the pressure on Hawkes Bay to try and get Otago ahead


Doran makes another run and cross for Hawkes Bay getting it spot on onto the strikers head.


Otago's defence have stepped it up and are now cutting the balls out as they attempt to fly past


Burgess sows his disapointment as yet another ball is given away by the Otago squad


Thompson gets up and puts the power behind the ball but sticks it far too high for anything


The timer is counting down as Otago try to make a move that will push them ahead but still unable to put it away and Hawkes Bays makes the counter attack


Hawkes Bay are now in a position for a last chance to score as a free kick is given well into Otago's area


Still unable to put anything away as a great cross if fired in.


Otago gain a free kick hitting the top right corner but not strong enough to troble Gillespie as he stands his ground catching the ball


Full time called, Final score Nil all