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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Auckland City

Waikato FC


ASB Premiership - Week 12
Kiwitea St, Auckland
Saturday January 22, 2011


David Mulligan 12'
Daniel Koprivcic 49' 56'
Stu Kelly 68'
Andrew Milne 90'

Jason Hicks 83'



Halftime:1-0                       Referee:Matt Conger                                Crowd: 833 


Auckland ease into second with win over Waikato

by Bob Pearce at Kiwitea St

AUCKLAND -   Auckland City eased their way into second place in the ASB Premiership with a comfortable 5-1 win over Waikato FC at Kiwitea St on Saturday.Image courtesy Photosport

Following on from their epic 1-0 win over league leaders Waitakere United last weekend, Auckland were without suspended captain Ivan Vicelich and striker Adam Dickinson, but such is the depth of their squad that it didn't show.

The pattern of play they displayed to such effect against Waitakere was too much for a Waikato side big on effort and commitment but struggling for skill and experience.

Auckland took the lead in the 12th minute when David Mulligan, who broke Waikato hearts with two freekicks in the early-season game, struck a powerful  dead ball from the edge of the area that bounced in front of goalkeeper John Fletcher and found the back of the net.

To Waikato's credit they clawed their way back into the game and it was still 1-0 at the break as Auckland tended to get over elaborate in front of goal and the visitors harried them into error.

But soon after half time Danko Koprivcic, who has struck a golden patch of scoring form, was on hand to finish when Andrew Milne's shot was partially saved in the 49th minute.
Seven minutes later he made it two for the day when Waikato failed to clear a corner and Luis Corrales laid on a perfectly weighted pass.

Stu Kelly lobbed the goalkeeper for the fourth in the 68th minute and Milne made it five in the 90th.
Waikato's only goal was set up by striker Milos Nikolic, who had been shut out of the game by his former team-mates but provided a defence-splitting pass that Jason Hicks converted in the 83rd minute.
Auckland co-coach Aaron McFarland was pleased at the way his team kept up their standards and became more ruthless in front of goal.
"We saw a potential banana skin after the high of beating Waitakere, but I've got to take my hat off to the boys for the way they put them to the sword," he said.
"The beauty is we have 20 players who all understand our system. It doesn't matter if Ivan's out or Dicko's out.
"Some of the players are going to hate us for the rest of the season. The hardest thing is picking the team."
Missing from the lineup at this game was Spaniard Manel Exposito, who was clear of a red card suspension but sidelined by a complication in the transfer from his Spanish club.
Waikato did not play defender Phil Edginton, who did not turn out against his old club through an agreement in the transfer.
Waikato coach Willi Gerdsen was realistic before the game about his team's underdog status and philosophical in defeat.
"The guys are young and inexperienced. They were outclassed today," he said. "It will be a learning experience for them."


Team Sheet

Auckland City


Waikato FC

1 Jacob Spoonley (GK)

1 John Fletcher (GK)

2 Angel Berlanga

2 Maksim Manko

3 Ian Hogg (Morgan 62')

4 Ryan Zoghby

4 Sam Campbell (Van Steeden 77')

6 Nick Branch

6 Stuart Kelly

7 Jason Hicks

8 David Mulligan

8 Jason McKeown

10 Luis Corrales

11 Nathan Palmer (Jones 69')

11 Daniel Koprivcic (McGeorge 66')

12 Jack Beguely

13 Alex Feneridis

17 Milos Nikolic

22 Andrew Milne

20 Sam Margetts (Heerschap 65')

23 Adam Thomas

23 Malteo Ballan (Bresnahan 65')



7 James Pritchett

5 Nathan Strom

12 Liam Little (RGK)

9 Mark Jones (in 69')

17 Adam McGeorge (in 66')

14 Joe Bresnahan (in 65')

19 Daniel Morgan (In 62')

15 Eugene Heerschap (in 65')

20 Riki Van Steeden (in 77')

22 Alex Carr (RGK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

0 mins

Manel Exposito runs into transfer problems and won't be playing for Auckland. Likewise Phil Edginton won't be playing for Waikato against his old club

0 more mins

Grey old day, about 15 degrees cooler than last week at the Fred.

0 mins

Auckland playing from Bucket man's end and we're off

1 min

Palmer breaks on right for Waikato but only gets goalkick

3 mins

Chip from Thomas but goalie foils Milne.

5 mins

Corrales tries shot from range but curls over top

8 mins

Auckland dominating possession but so far unable to make it pay.

10 mins

Milne gets in shot but well held

12 mins

GOAL! Freekick to Auckland on edge of area. Mulligan lines up and beats Fletcher on near post

15 mins

Thomas crosses but Fletcher cuts out well as Auckland threaten

18 mins

Waikato are pressing forward and starting to make Auckland work for the ball.

21 mins

Mulligan on end of lengthy buildup, shoots just wide.

22 mins

It's starting to rain but this is a perfect surface whatever the weather.

24 mins

Curling freekick by Aucckland headed clear.

26 mins

Auckland trying to walk the ball in but they're getting cluttered.

29 mins

Jason McKeown gets Waikato's best chance but ball just slips past post with goalie at full strength.

34 mins

Waikato spreading the ball and they're beginning to stretch Auckland. This is a real contest.

36 mins

Freekick to Waikato on edge of area.Blocked by wall.

38 mins

Another freekick to Waikato again hits the wall.

39 mins

Mulligan shot blocked by Kelly, his own man!

41 mins

Strom foot saves Waikato at cost of first corner of game. Easily cleared

43 mins

Yellow card for Branch tackle on Corrales. Mulligan freekick skids but Fletcher saves.

45 mins

No time added. Halftime 1-0 to Auckland

Still everything to play for with Waikato coming more into the game as the half went on. Perhaps Auckland are being too intricate in front of goal.

45 mins

Fireworks from the Bucket Man. Hoping for some from Auckland?

We're off again and Waikato straight on the attack.

49 mins

GOAL! Auckland waltz through Waiakto defence, Milne foiled by keeper but Koprivcic finishes.

56 mins

GOAL! Mulligan corner, only partially cleared Corrales touches to Koprivcic

61 mins

Waikato struggling to get foot on the ball as Auckland pattern play closes down chances

62 mins

Sub Auckland Morgan on for Hogg.

63 mins

Double sub Waikato, Margetts and Ballan replaced by Bresnihan and Heerschap

66 mins

Sub Aucckland, McGeorge for Koprivcic

68 mins

GOAL! Milne provides pass and Kelly lobs goalie

69-79 mins

Technical break, but momemt of note Riki Van Steeden, hero of Abu Dhabi, replaces Sam Campbell

83 mins

GOAL! Nikolic sets up Hicks who opens Waiakto account

86 mins

Mulligan shot deflected for corner, easily cleared

87 mins

Yellow card Van Steeden.

90 mins

GOAL! Milne's left foot shot slips through goalie's hands

Four minutes added time

90 plus four

 Fulltime 5-1 as Aucckland march on.