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Team Wellington

Waitakere United


ASB Premiership - Week 12
Newtown Park, Wellington
Saturday 22 January, 2011


Wiremu Patrick 89'

Roy Krishna 31'
Dakota Lucas 65'


Halftime:     0-1                  Referee:    Mike Hester                          Crowd: 344


Two off as Waitakere end Wellington winning sequence

by David Cross at Newtown Park

WELLINGTON - A late thunderbolt by captain Wiremu Patrick was not enough to prevent Waitakere United ending Team Wellington's six match winning streak with a 2-1 win at Newtown Park on Saturday.Image courtesy Photosport

With Team Wellington coach Stu Jacobs forced to thrust new recruit Alex Solomon into a new central defence partnership with midfielder Michael Eager, it was clear the home side was out of sorts.

Without regular defenders Karl Whalen and Jamie Duncan absent, the match was always going to depend on Team Wellington's ability to adapt.

The opening goal came on 31 minutes from a well-placed through ball that Fiji international Roy Krishna latched onto before he slotted under an onrushing Phil Imray.

Waitakere took the lead in to the half time break and while Team Wellington were enjoying some good possession the sharpness in front of goal was missing from Hicham Kamri, George Barbarouses and Wiremu Patrick. 

Allan Pearce, Krishna and Dakota Lucas looked consistently dangerous on the break with Imray smothering several one on one chances by Waitakere.

Waitakere’s second goal came courtesy of Krishna and Lucas.

With Team Wellington in cruise mode, Roy Krishna got to the by-line and calmly crossed for Lucas to tap into an empty net.

Just moments later a tense match suddenly boiled over.

Waitakere United's Zane Sole launched a dangerous tackle on Scott Robson.

Robson's Team Wellington teammate George Barbarouses reacted by taking a swing at Sole. 

Referee Hester brandished a red card for Sole and Barbarouses.

Down to ten men, Team Wellington seemed to find some energy when Wiremu Patrick struck a superb volley from around 30 metres that left Waitakere goalkeeper Danny Robinson well beaten to make it 2-1.

Team Wellington goalkeeper Phil Imray nearly got on the scoresheet deep into time added on when he went forward for a corner.

Patrick was pleased with the strike if not with the result.

“That goal was overdue The boys have been giving me stick so I had to get one and big Phil (Imray) late there was almost on the scoresheet as well," Patrick said.

A hectic four minutes of additional time saw Team Wellington have the ball in the back of the net but referee Hester spotted a handball from Patrick and the goal was disallowed.

Waitakere coach Neil Emblen was pleased with the result after last week's derby loss to Auckland City.

“It was a good day for us, good to bounce back from last week’s poor performance and I think we’ve put in a good performance here," Emblen said, "I felt we thoroughly deserved to win the game and barring Phil Imray we might have made it more comfortable before the end there.”

Jacobs was left to wonder how his missing Karl Whalen and Jamie Duncan impacted his team's performance.

“I’m not sure we deserved a point.  Maybe just.  I don’t think we were particularly good in the first-half. Mind you there’s nothing in it with these top sides, with a fully fit squad it‘s a lot closer," Jacobs said.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Waitakere United

1. Phil Imray (GK)

1. Danny Robinson (GK)

2. Scot Robson

2. Jason Rowley

4. Michael Eager

3. Aaron Scott

7. Wiremu Patrick (C)

4. Tim Myers

8. Alec Solomons (Fifi 75)

8. Chris Bale

12. Emiliano Tade (Cain 64)

10. Alan Pearce (Payne 82)

14. Hicham Kamri

12. Roy Krishna (Lovemore 87)

16. John Sutherland (Abba 54)

17. Jake Butler (C)

22. Matt Williams

18. Zane Sole

18. Darren Cheriton

19. Dakota Lucas (Gwyther 68)

19. George Barbarouses

23. Ashton Pett



20. Peter Halstead

13. Mike Gwyther (on 68)

10. Michael Fifi (on 75)

14. Tim Payne (on 82)

11. Andrew Abba (on 54)

24. Luke Adams

23. Ryan Cain (on 64)

25. Sean Lovemore (on 87)

25. Lance Ramaekers (GK)

28. Andy Ralph (GK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

A nice afternoon here at Newtown Park.  Warm but overcast, forecast says a slight chance of rain but with the gentle Southerly breeze conditions are perfect.

The revamped Newtown Park looks a picture albeit with some sand across the pitch where the new drainage works have taken place.  Conditions are best described as hard.

It will be interesting to see if the cricket down the road at the stadium influences our crowd size here... and would we notice?

We're off to find the line-ups as the Skatalites blare out across the ground.  Back soon.

Oh yes, Frozen Coke update.  Snuck one in at lunchtime but by kick-off I hope to have another delivered to get me through.  I know you all wanted to know.

Line-ups out.  Stu Jacobs going berzerk here.  Make shift Centre-Backs and so he starts Tade, Kamri and Sutherland.


Frozen Coke here.  Yays!!


And we're off.  Team Wellington kick-off towards the Zoo.

Great save already from imray.  Pearce makes the run, the ball comes back to him in the area and the makeshift defence opens for Pearce to shoot.  Great save by Imray sends it wide.

The resulting corner is cleared easily.


Mostly Waitak so far.  A miss from waitak, the save from imray and some scrambled defence.  The home team taking a while to settle.  Referee Paul Hester has managed to annoy both teams with his only two decisions so far.


Kamri sent off by hester for Blood on his leg.  The home side playing with ten for a short while, but they almost create a chance with Tade and Sutherland pressuring the Waitak defence.


Waitakere break and win a wide free kick but it is cleared out by Eager for Wellington.


Krishna has a shot from 25 yards out but slices it to the left of Imray's goal.


George Barbarouses wins a corner for Team Wellington


Hester blows up the corner twice before finally giving a free kick to the homes die.


Waitakere almost in there but Michael Eager throws himself at the ball to clear it.  The home side more involved now. 


The home side break and the ball is cut back to Cheriton on the edge of the area but he fires well over Robinson's goal.


Krishna turns the defence inside out and tries to cross to the far post but overcooks it.

Team Wellington break.  Kamri disposses Chris Bale and shoots across the area but just over the goal.


Genuine end to end stuff here.


This time it is Dakota Lucas with the cross ball area that goes too long.  Fowler can't keep it in and it's a goal kick.


Kamri causing some concern for the Waitakere backline.  harrying and winning the ball.  This time he's forced a corner which is taken short but the shot from Patrick is deflected over for another corner shich doesn't get past the first defender.


Another Waitakere free kick wide after a Sutherland foul.  Ball in is punched clear by Imray but the ball back in is escorted out by Wiremu Patrick.

Ball falls to Tade about 25 (or 30 if you ask Dale) out takes a touch and shoots, but sails wide of the post.


Great through ball to Pearce in the area, but Imray is awake to it and smothers the shot.  The return ball is headed clear by Solomons who is a big unit.


Imray a little sore after that last one, think it caught him 'in the midriff'.

Bale launches one from wide, it's powerful but over the bar.


George Barbarouses is helping referee Hester with some of his decisions.  Helpful boys those Barbarouses brothers.


Robson crosses from deep and Robinson punches unconvincingly but Tade and Cheriton can't get a shot off.


George steals the ball from Fowler in midfield, sends it to another player and picks it up again on the one two but shoots just wide across Robinson's goal.  that could have been a bit special.


GOAL - Krishna scores.  Well timed run on to a through ball beats the offside trap and he slots under the onrushing Imray.

Sorry folks.  Connection dropped out there. Lost a few minutes.  There was another chance to Krishna which Imray tipped over the bar.  Getting a bit angsty out there but Waitak dominating currently.


George Barbarouses close again.  Team Wellington open them up with slick passing and the ball comes across to George who takes a touch when he probably shoud have shot but still forced a sharp save out of Robinson.


Half time.  Waitak lead 1-0.


And we're back.  It will be interesting to see how Stu Jacobs goes here, his bench has 4 strikers so he won't be shy here.


Waitakere have started the way they played most of the first half, quickly on the break.  Ball is blocked to Fowler who shoots in to Imray's arms.


Kamri makes two defenders look foolish but his ball cut back to the edge of the area is easily read by Myers who cuts it out and send Pearce on the break...


Imray again smothers a Pearce break for a corner.


Lucas and Solomons having a wrestle, the random decision maker says free kick to Solomons.


SUB - John Sutherland replaced by Andrew Abba.


Kamri and Abba break but are called offside in a 'close' call.


Team Wellington attacking here but failing to fashion a finishing chance whinch considering the number of attackers they have on is disappointing.


SUB - Tade replaced by Ryan Cain.


GOAL - Krishna takes it to the byline, and crosses to Dakota Lucas pokes it into the empty net.


RED x 2 : Zane Sole has completely cleaned up Scott Robson and seen Red.  George Barbarouses goes as well after running to his Olympic teammates defence.  Some 'interesting' calls in this match, quite how that was red for Barbarouses


SUB - Now Solomon has gone down, Jacobs puts on Fifii who we can assume isn't going to play in Solomon's place at the back.


Gwyther goes down in the area, nothing given.  Debate in the commentary box as to whether that was a genuine shout or not.  Gwyther certainly not making any claims.


Team Wellington applying some pressure but still yet to really test Robinson and Pearce and Krishna all still lurking as a chance.


SUB - Tim Payne on for Allan Pearce


Phil Imray called in to action. Too much time for Waitakere as the ball is sent aacross the area, and Krishna's shot is smothered by the ASB Premiership's top keeper.


Team Wellington cant get out of their area, as Perth Glory turn up to train on Newtown 2.  Might pop up and boo them post match.


SUB Lovemore on for Roy Krishna.


Chris Bale got shot just outside the area, sends it wide with Imray beaten.  Game has been pretty scrappy to be honest.  Never quite risen to the heights that were hoped.


GOAL - Wiremu Patrick from 25 yeards out, his thunderbolt hit's the cross bar and hits the line and he runs off celebrating.  We're in line with that and we're pretty sure it wasn't it.


Four minutes added time as Abba cleans out Robinson.  All on here.


Imray up for a corner and almost scores.  deflected wide by the defender.

Next corner is in the net but Patrick is ruled to have handled it first.


Eager in his own area with superb control makes Bale look foolish.


Game finishes with Wellington on the break again, but no chance.

Final 2-1 to the visitors.