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Team Wellington

Otago United


ASB Premiership - Week 9

David Farrington Park, Wellington
Sunday 19 December, 2010


John Sutherland 20'
Darren Cheriton 22'
Hicham Kamri 75', 86'
Emiliano Tade 84'



Halftime: 2-0                      Referee:  C-K Waugh                            Crowd: 351


Christmas cracker from Team Wellington

by David Cross at David Farrington Park

Micaheal Fifi and John Sutherland congratulate Darren Cheriton on his goal. PhotosportEmphatic is how the scoreline looked at the end of today’s clash at a sodden David Farrington Park as Team Wellington ran out 5-0 winners over Otago United.

The home side split the goals with two in the first half and three late in the second as they maintained their hold on second place on the ASB Premiership table at the Christmas break.
While the rain had the decency to (almost) stop as the match started there was a lot of standing water on the pitch which made conditions tricky for both players and officials, and while Otago questioned the 79th minute red card for Captain Andy Coburn at least some of the blame could be attributed to the difficult underfoot conditions.
The game though was all about the Team Wellington strike force and was won by a two goal burst midway through the first half. 

The first was a well worked goal from a short corner to Darren Cheriton that was never quite cleared by Otago. The ball found its way to Wiremu Patrick whose deftly touched cross found John Sutherland beating the offside trap to head home wide of a stranded Highfield.
Moments later it was Cheriton’s turn as Wellington broke and the midfielder found himself with the ball and an on-rushing Highfield, who he calmy rounded to finish in to an empty net.
Otago Manager Garth Hore knew how key that moment was.

“I think we were looking good during the week and we were coming off two wins but when you concede two in two minutes you’re always on the back foot.”
“We just didn’t react very well today, we let them into the game to easily and straight after they scored to concede a second from there we were always off the pace”
Otago came out in the second half looking to get back in to the game and for the first 15 or 20 minutes of the half they showed enough endeavour to perhaps fight their way back into the encounter.

On one occasion a fantastic save from Phil Imray was all that denied them.  Hore was left lamenting what might have been.

“We had a period of 20 minutes in the second half where I felt that if we’d just nicked one we’d have been back in it but they’re keeper pulled of a save which was probably about as close to crossing the line as you can get and with 20 to go it could have been a different story but the scoreboard says 5-0.”
Having weathered that period though it was time for Wellington’s super subs to once again leave a mark on the game.  First up it was Hicham Kamri getting on the end of a Cheriton cross to make it 3-0 followed by the matched main controversy.
While Otago may protest that a lot of tackles had gone flying in the wet conditions it was Andy Coburn’s slide in to the back of Romain Cornand that earned the ire of referee Campbell-Kirk Waugh and saw him sent from the field.  In the ensuing discussions about the decision both Paul Seaman and Tim Horner earned themselves a place in Waugh’s notebook.
Hore was disappointed by the decision “I think the red card blew the score out though. Take Andy Coburn out of Otago United and that will happen.  He’s our workhorse and so key to what we do.”

The final touches on the game came from the subs bench again as first Emiliano Tade got on the end of a confused clearance from the Otago defence following pressure from Kamri before Kamri added his second after some fantastic work from George Barbarouses.

Again it was an Otago clearance that fell to Barbarouses about 30 yards out, Barbarouses then beat three Otago players before a delightful pass put Kamri through on goal and he made no mistake.

Team Wellington coach Stu Jacobs was lapping up the display from his subs once again.

“That happens every week those guys, they’re an entertainment package.  They’ve been effective for us and last week they were again two nil down, put them on and it was 3-2.  Then today it’s just a matter time before Hicham scores and Emi chimes in as well.”
“I thought we were a bit one paced first half, we didn’t really change the tempo then they had a small spell second half, if they’d scored there it could have been interesting but if you ride out those spells you’re fine.”

“We’re really pleased with that going in to Christmas we haven’t been in this position before so it’s nice.”


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Otago United

1. Phil Imray

1. Adam Highfield

2. Scott Robson

6. Tom Sadd

3. Jamie Duncan

7. Nathan Knox

7. Wiremu Patrick

8. Paul Seaman (Hayman 85')

10. Michael Fifii (off 54)

11. Andy Coburn

13. Karl Whalen

12. James Reichwin (Ruggles 70')

16. John Sutherland (off 58)

17. Tim Horner

18. Darren Cheriton

18. Harley Rodeka (Rickerby 56')

19. George Barbarouses

23. Anthony Hancock

21. Pomare Te Anau  (Cornand 70')

25. Tom Connor

24. Tyler Lissette

26. Tristan Prattley



12. Emiliano Tade (on 58')

10. Phil Ruggles (on 70')

14. Hicham Kamri (on 54')

14. Alister Rickerby (on 56')

23. Ryan Cain

13. Cam Burns (GK)

9. Romain Cornand (on 70')

28. Dave Hayman (on 85')

26. Lance Ramaekers (GK)

9. Aaron Burgess


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play

The rain here has just subsided in time for the match.  Otago in a very 'interesting' shade of yellow.  It's likely to be slippery and we're unlikely to see a record for a Team Wellington crowd. 

Team Wellington playing from the school end in the first half.


I'm still missing a Frozen Coke here.  There will be words.  Oh yeah, and we're off.


Jamie Duncan makes a good run down the left but the resulting cross is too long.  Quite a lot of surface water out there.  Players leaving a wake.


Through ball from Barbarouses is cut out by the returning defender but his control sends it across Highfield who has to chase it and is almost beaten by an on-rushing Sutherland.


Robson down the right this time but his ball across the area is well cut out by Highfield.


All Otago the last couple of minutes Team Wellington scrambling a couple of clearances under pressure from Seaman and Knox.


End to end, no clear cut chances.  The ball and players skidding off the ground.  Pretty even.  John Sutherland thought he was through at one stage but the linesman correctly had him offside.


George Barbarouses charges on to a cross but his volley is wide.


Wiremu Patrick and Hancock have a coming together with the hoardings as they aquaplane off the pitch.  No one injured.


Cheriton opens up the right side of the Otago defence and cuts the ball back to Duncan but Duncans cross is too close to Highfield who takes it.


Fifii in to the area but after beating two men Highfeld smothers the shot.


GOAL - From the resulting corner it's taken short to Cheriton and deflected out to Te Anau on the edge of the area.  He send it wide to Patrick who's inch perfect cross finds Sutherland beating the offside trap and scoring.  1-0 to the home side.


GOAL - Cheriton breaks, Highfield over-commits and Cheriton rounds him to finish.  Team Wellington 2-0.


The rain is back here.  Wiremu Patrick makes use of it to slide through Hancock.  The resulting free kick is sent low in to the area looking for a touch from Knox but it doesn't quite come off.


Duncan breaks in to the area and Rodeka dives in but while Ducan hit the deck it's adjudged to not have been a foul.


Otago on the break crossed in but Imray palms it to Wiremu Patrick who is in space on the edge of the area who starts a break.


Have to say, referee Waugh's use of a purple shirt and a pink whistle is an interesting Combination.


Great football.  Fifii's tight control put's the ball through to SUtherland sho steps between two men and shoots but Highfield pulls out a great stop to collapse on the ball and scrambles to drag it in.


Connor accidentally get's the ball with his hand as he slips over but then kicks the ball away after the foul is given and become's the first name crayoned into referee Waugh's notebook.


Good Attacking play from the homeside there.  Highfield smothers a Sutheland shot, Fifii get's to the rebound and shoots past Highfield but he's covered by one of his defenders.


Highfield pulls off another good save, point blank but Highfield spreads himself large and makes a good stop.

Half time 2-0.  Imray has had a to make a couple of stops but nothing to difficult while Highfield has been busy.  The score probably reflects the balance of play.


We're off again.  No changes for either side at the half.


Wellington through the middle at pace.  Fifii ball is picked up on the back of his heel by Sutherland who sends it wide with Highfield beaten.


Otago going well here firstly a dangerous cross from 'Yellow fever Scholarship' winner Tristan Prattley, then a nice ball to Knox who's great first touch sends them through but Team Wellington scramble


Lovely ball again from Otago pushes Knox through but the ball get's caught under his feet and the home team again scramble clear.


SUB : Michael Fifii off for Hicham Kamri.


SUB : Rodeka off Rickerby on.


SUB : Tade on for Sutherland for Team Wellington


Fantastic reaction save by Imray.  Otago free kick on the edge of the D takes two deflections before Imray puts out the big right hand and scoops it around the post.


Kamri breaks on to a ball but Highfield comes out of the area and cleans up coming out to almost the centre circle.


Te Anau leaves three Otago players sprawled in the mud but his final pass not quite the same quality.


Threatening ball across the Wellington area from Coburn but no one can quite get on the end of it.  The ball is sent back in from the otherside and it requires a great tackle from Karl Whalen to save Team Wellington.


Te Anau goes in the book for a late challnge.

SUB : Te Anau on form Romain Cornand

SUB :  Ruggles on for someone.


Not sure how Otago haven't scored here.  A Whalen clearance hits Knox and puts three Otago players in on goal but Ruggles launches it across the face.


Team Wellington's turn to butcher a chance.  Tade and Kamri unlock the defence with slick passing but they passed once too often and the play fell down.


Deep free kick for Otago finds Seaman's head.  A quick push on the defender gives him space but he put's it over.


Duncan and Tom Connor have a coming together in the corner.  Free kick to Team Wellington comes to nothing though.


GOAL : Team Wellington break and they send the ball out to Cheriton who's cross to Kamri is headed home despite a valiant effort from Highfield.  Team Wellington 3-0.


RED CARD : Andy Coburn gets a straight Red.  He's gone in hard from behind on Cornand and Waugh rightly gives him a red.  Horner and Seaman then both earn yellows for disputing the decision.


Kamri almost in there.  ball just seemed to hold up in the puddle and he's hit it wide.


Dave Hayman replaces Paul Hayman.


GOAL : Tade does the MacAllister and knocks in the 4th, ball sent across the area by Kamri but Otago's clearance isn't good and an initial save from Highfield ends up with Tade who makes no mistake


GOAL : A clearnace falls to babrbarouses who beats three men nthen slidess Kamri in who finishes powerfully to make it 5.


Ruggles brings out some skill there.  Controls the ball of his chest then his knee and shoots, Imray only just pushes it wide as he mis-controls it.

And that's it folks.  A pretty comprehensive result in the end for the home team.