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Otago United

Team Wellington


ASB Premiership - Week 6,
Tahuna Park,  Dunedin
Sunday 28 November, 2010




6' Andy Coburn (OG)
23', 39' John Sutherland



Halftime:   0 - 3                   Referee:   Mike Hester                             Crowd: ~160


Wellington cruise past depleted Otago

by Rab Smith at Tahuna Park

DUNEDIN - A depleted Otago United were left counting the cost of defeat after Team Wellington cruised to a comfortable 3-0 win in the ASB Premiership at TahunaImage courtesy Photosport Park this afternoon.
The win sent Wellington into third equal position on seven points in the ASB Premiership, and consigns Otago to seventh place just one point above fellow strugglers YoungHeart Manawatu.
The deflating result should turn next week's fixture between Manawatu and Otago into an incendiary survival affair.
With regular defender Tim Horner in Singapore coaching an Otago Youth side coach Malcolm Fleming was forced into a tactical reshuffle with Andy Coburn slotted in at centreback.
The individual performances by Otago were acceptable but the team shape was erratic as Team Wellington turned on an impressive attacking display.
No one was happier than assistant coach Charlie Howe who was in charge with Stu Jacobs away in Sydney, and the stand-in was delighted with his team’s performance.
"It’s a pretty young Wellington side, mostly from our area, and they played smart football today, keeping the ball well, and setting up lots of attacks," Howe said.
It was Wellington’s Karl Whalen’s 100th ASB Premiership appearance, and the team captain turned on a five star performance, along with young centreback Pomare Te Anau, Tyler Lisette and Mike Eagar.
Wellington dominated the first half with Scotsman John Sutherland scoring two goals that were worthy of awards by themselves.
Sutherland’s best was a flashing volley that flew past Highfield, who had a fine match. The big keeper tipped a couple of blazing shots over his crossbar, and punched away a couple of swerving corners that spelled danger.
Otago’s best on the day, were Andy Coburn in the unusual position of centreback, keeper Highfield, and Nathan Knox whose skill and energy set benchmarks for Otago.
Tom Connor also had an impressive match at right fullback, a position he is making his own after years playing midfield. Left fullback Tristan Prattley had a typically sound game, providing as usual some searching crosses that tested Wellington’s defence.
Sadly for a home side with so many enforced changes, the defence was far from watertight and allowed a slick Wellington side to penetrate with ease in the first half.
Coach Fleming was disappointed with the result but highlighted positives.

"We played much better in the second half, did not lose as much possession, and in fact as we brought on substitutes like Harley Rodeka, the team produced a surge of energy that had Wellington on the back foot," Fleming said.
Otago’s best chances fell to Ant Hancock who forced a top reflex save from Wellington keeper Phil Imray only for Hancock to blaze the rebound just over the visitor's crossbar.



Team Sheet

Otago United


Team Wellington

1. Adam Highfield (GK)

1. Phil Imray (GK)

26. Tristan Prattley

2. Scott Robson

6. Tom Sadd

3. Jamie Duncan

7. Nathan Knox

4. Michael Eagar

8. Paul Seaman

7. Wiremu Patrick

23. Ant Hancock

10. Michael Fifi

10. Phil Ruggles

13. Karl Whalen (C)

11. Andy Coburn (C) 

16. John Sutherland

12. James Reichwein

21. Pomare Te Anau

27. Morgan Day

24. Tyler Lisette

25. Tom Connor

18. Darren Cheriten



15. Hayden Gunn

12. Emiliano Tade

13. Callum Flaws

14. Hitcham Kamri

14. Al Rickerby

23. Ryan Cain

18. Harley Rodeka

20. Lance Renaekers

22. Liam Lockhart (RGK)

28. Sam Mepham


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Play by Play


Welcome to Tahuna Park for the week 6 between Otago Utd and Team Wellington, A perfect day down south here in Dunedin with a high expected in the early 20s and a light breaze moving along the pitch. The teams are now taking the field, 1 minute silence for the Pike River miners.


Coin toss, Otago Wins, Wellington to kick off


Wellington is Pushing up early, but a back back pass gives Otago an advance position for a throw in


Early work from Imray prevents Otago from getting a corner, using his head to keep it in and clear it before Otago gets close


Free Kick given to Otago with Seaman going down in a tackle for the ball, Connor puts the ball far into Wellington's 18 yard box


Wellington with the quick free kick in Otago's half, and with a rebound from Coburns head as it bounces around into Otago's Goal.


Wellington Keep the pressure on Otago moving up the pitch


Missed tackle gives Otago the free kick and the chance to get the ball up the field


Wellington Make use of Imray as they look for passes


Cut out takes the ball from Otago, Sutherland with a the change of direction gives him an opening to go for top right, shot, a dive to the top right corner and Highfield gets a hand to it and puts it out over the crossbar


Otago again take the ball up only to be closed down quickly and loose the ball to Wellington


Wellington corner taken by Sutherland puts it in Otago's box, Highfield jumps and catches it.


Call for offside by Wellington stops Otago from making the run into Wellington's box to chase the ball


Free Kick at a very good location for Wellington just off the side of Otago's 18 yard box, the ball is good but an overrun by Whalen misses his chance to put his head to the ball


Welington is working hard to keep Otago away from the ball as they are forced to retrace their steps and move the play to include their backline


Otago Takes control of the ball but still unable to do anything with it as they are closed down.


A Near miss for an Otago shot just goes wide of Imray's left upright


Highfield steps out of the box to give Otago a long as possible free kick, With a great work he gets the ball up and gives Otago a shot on goal


GOAL, the baal up with a Wellington attack, Sutherland collecting the ball and stricking it past Highfield to extend Wellington's lead


Game play has settled as both teams look to keep control


A couple of bad tackles from Otago give Wellington a free kick just inside their half


Risky run from Highfield for an incoming ball 4 yards outside his 18 yard box is only just met with his head


Long ball that could of given Wellington another chance to score is cut out and Otago make sue of a small counter attack up the near side, a late cross is picked up by Imray


Another run from Otago to give WEllington trouble turns to nothing as they are having trouble to finish, gaining a corner and with a small scrap in Wellington's box almost gives Otago a clear shot on target but unable to make it the ball clears up the field


Otago haven't given up yet as the string some nice play ending with a cross into Imray's hands


Nice control and turn by Te Anau as he gets it a gives it a lob at Otago's goal but unable to hit the target let alone put the power behind it


Connor Manages to tackle Sutherland after some fancy foot work to keep control and beat his player


GOAL, ball watching gives Wellington the time to control and put another ball past Otago, Goal for Sutherland


No signs of letting up by Wellington as Otago still put in the effort to limit Wellington's goal spree


Otago try to make an advance very late in the half only to catch the offside flag with the run


Half time called, Otago 0 - Wellington 3

Half Time: No Changes made
Otago Kick off


Ball is moved back to Highfield and an attack is formed, Otago is unable to it together to get it futher then Wellington's defence


Wellington gain another great position for a free kick right on the near corner for Otago's 18 Yard box, Cheriten takes the kick and curves it around into Highfield.


This time Robson moves down the wing with a cross, Highfield gets off his line again to get to the ball


Otago are struggling to hold off each wave of attack made by Wellington


Otago win free kick on edge of Wellinton's 18 yard box after Ruggles is triped,


Powerful kick from Hancock goes center and all Imray can do is put his palms behind it, Hancock follows up with the rebound but it goes high


High ball into Otago's box, Highfield not letting up gets out and punches it back up field


Hancock sheilds the ball on the edge of Otago's box as Highfield come out to collects but it catches his foot and goes out for the corner


Seaman holds the defence together to clear an incoming corner ball, the final rebound puts it out for another corner


Otago pull back to build up an attack which gets as far as Wellington's 18 yard box before breaking down.


SUB Wellington
OFF: 18 Darren Cheriten
ON: 12 Emiliano Tade


Wellington misjudge a run off far and are caugth out by an off side flag, for a few seconds Otago can take a breather


Hancock Steps in the way for block a cross and Wellington gain a corner, the cross in is blocked by Highfield.


Game play is getting slopy as the heat takes it toll, Otago are able to make their runs and at least trouble Wellington's back line


Otago gain a free kick in Wellington's half as Seaman falls from a push by Eagar


Quick dive to cover his right upright, Highfield stops a shot on goal by Whalen


Wellington are forced to play back as Otago closes down a run of the near wing


SUB Otago
OFF: 8 Paul Seaman
ON: 15 Hayden Gunn
SUB Wellington
OFF: 10 Michael Fifi
OFF: 14 Hitcham Kamri


Otago Make another great run in at goals with Whalen blocking any chance of having a cross or shot


Wellington is lucky not to have an own goal as the ball lands in their box


SUB Otago
OFF: 12 James Reichwein
ON: 14 Al Rickerby


Wellington make another run at goals, a clash in Otago's box brings down Sutherland


Otago is making the passes but not finding feet to carry the play one, this has forced wellington to try hit back hard


Day is given a word to by the ref and both teams are told to play the game and stop complaining


Great cross by Robson lobs the ball to Highfields far post, not enough to trouble him though


A cross by Connor just missed the heading dive from team mate, not able to put it past the final defender


It looks less likely that Otago will be able to put any away in the time remaining, but both Otago and Wellington are working hard to put the balls in the back of the net.


A muched needed save by Imray keeps the nil goal count for Otago and keeps his clean sheet that much longer, the rebounds in the goal mouth are looking more and more deadly


Another powerful strike from Kamri on the edge of Otago's 18 yard box forces Highfield to make another save, and with a palm upwards he sends the ball over the crossbar


+2' added


Wellington make a pressured run down the near wing but are unable to do anything with it as the wide cross goes out for a throw in


Highfield takes a goal kick and gets it up but has no one to pick up the ball
Full time called, Otago 0 - Wellington 3