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YoungHeart Manawatu

Waitakere United


ASB Premiership - Week 5
Memorial Park, Palmerston North
Sunday 21 November, 2010


Michael GWYTHER 28'
Ryan DE VRIES 35'
Allan PEARCE 74'



Halftime: -    0-2        Referee:   Chris Kerr                           Crowd  150

YoungHeart swept aside by Waitakere juggernaut

by KelyWescombe at Memorial Park

PALMERSTON NORTH - Youngheart Manawatu will have to wait at least one more week before they can register their first goal and first points of the ASB Premiership season following a 4-0 home reverse to Waitakere United at Memorial Park today.

The home side looked organised and began sharply but as the first half wore on became entrenched deeper and deeper inside their own half. It was a surrender of territory that Waitakere United would ruthlessly exploit shortly before the half hour mark when Michael Gwyther laced a tidy finish past Matt Borren.

Gwyther then had a hand in the second goal as short quick fire passes around the box found an open Ryan DeVries who finished past Borren in the bottom right corner of the net.

Two goals in ten minutes and by half-time the class of Waitakere United’s attack seemed to have shifted up a gear with the home side reeling.

The second half started much like the first as the home side fired off two quick shots to test Waitakere custodian Danny Robinson, but he comfortably gathered both efforts.

The 56th minute saw the substitution of Tim Myers for Neil Sykes, who with this appearance celebrated his 100th game in the ASB Premiership.

With the injection of Sykes, Waitakere continued their ability to retain the ball, and created opportunities to score from their swarming attack and pinpoint crosses from Krishna. Waitakere squandered many of these chances with Matt Borren also denying the visitors goal efforts.

Eventually, this pressure culminated into another two goals for the visitors with Krishna scoring on 67 minutes with a powerful shot and Allan Pearce on 74 minutes added Waitakere United’s fourth goal to cap an impressive display for the visitors.

Manawatu created a few half chances with Michael White found open pasture on the left before sending a right foot volley just wide of Danny Robinson’s goal.

As the fulltime whistle sounded, the general feeling amongst both camps was the score should have been higher on both sides of the ledger, after both teams counted missed a plethora of goalscoring opportunites throughout the match.

“We played very poorly”, said Manawatu captain Adam Cowan, “The plan was to sit and counter attack when we could, but we couldn’t even do that, couldn’t even hold onto the ball. To be fair they should’ve scored more than four”.

Waitakere coach Neil Emblen was happy with his teams efforts.

“I'm really pleased with the overall performance”, said Emblen, “I thought we defended well when we needed to, (and) our goalie made a couple of good saves when he needed to as well”.

Waitakere are now looking to build on their impressive start to the ASB Premiership with a big showdown looming with Canterbury United.

“If we turn up, wanting to play, and with the ability we have got in the side, you know, there's some match winners there, so it's a case of being upbeat but not too over-confident and approaching every game as though we will have to battle to win it,” Emblen said.

YoungHeart Manawatu coach Bob Sova, had a quicker response for his thoughts on the game.

“They were a better team, end of story”, said Sova. “The scoreline is a true reflection on the game. At the end of the day they’ve just got better players, they use the ball more and we couldn’t win the ball in the midfield”.

Sova also pointed out the class of the Waitakere United attack.

“They were just moving the ball too quick, got the ball to their front runners really well and they just caused us all sorts of problems”.

But the analytical Bob Sova was also effusive in his praise of his team.

“We actually created more chances in this game than we have in the previous games. I actually think we should’ve scored two or three goals, so there’s positives to take out of this game”, said Sova, “With the amount of running we did today I think our conditioning is about right. We did a lot of running”.

The highly decorated veteran midfielder Neil Sykes who made his 100th appearance was quick to downplay the milestone.

“To be honest I'm not particularly bothered by 100 games and things like that, I just like to get out there and play football”, says Sykes,”It’s not a big thing for me, I just want play football as long as possible. I feel quite sharp. Obviously, there was a bit of a disruption for the start of the season due to injury, but hopefully in the next few games I'll be back in the starting eleven.”

Waitakare now hold a commanding lead in the Premiership, with an impressive twelve goals scored in four games and will look to make it five wins in a row when they face Canterbury United in a top of the table clash.

Meanwhile, Manawatu look set to take on Waikato FC next week, and remain positive they can move forward and earn their first win of the season in Hamilton.


Team Sheet

YoungHeart Manawatu


Waitakere United

1- Matt BORREN (GK)

1- Danny ROBINSON (GK)

2- Nobuyoshi ISHI (FRASER  75')

2- Jason ROWLEY

3- Matt SMITH

3- Aaron SCOTT

4- Colin FALVEY

4- Tim MYERS (SYKES 55')


6- Jack PELTER

7- Jason HAYNE

8- Chris BALE

8- Nathan COOKSLEY

10- Allan PEARCE

9- Michael WHITE

12- Roy KRISHNA  (LUCAS 80')

10- Adam COWAN (C)

13- Mike GWYTHER  (LOVEMORE 73')

11- Hamish MACKAY

17- Jake BUTLER

18- Dale HIGHAM

20- Ryan DE VRIES



16- Michael FRASER (in 75')

11- Neil SYKES (in 55')

20- Willie HODGE

18- Zane SOLE


19- Dakota LUCAS (in 80')

21- Jared BLOOR

25- Sean LOVEMORE (in 73')

19- Ben WILKES

28- Jono ROSS (RGK)


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play


Welcome to Memorial Park, Palmerston North, for this ASB Premiership Week 5 encounter between YoungHeart Manawatu and defending champions Waitakere United. Weather conditions are fine overhead, the pitch is immaculate so conducive to what promises to be an entertaining game.


And we are underway on this wet afternoon in Palmerston North


Danny ROBINSON - handball outside the area


Manawatu's free kick, taken by J HAYNE is patted away


Waitakere are controlling a lot of the action - players struggling with the slippery playing surface


KRISHNA with a shot on goal, hits the post and trickles out


Corner kick for Manawatu - kick is far too strong and overshoots entire box


Free kick just outside the box for Manawatu - great scoring opportunity - short passes to Hayne for a strong shot on goal - GREAT save by Waitakere GK


Manawatu are camped in Waitakere half, another corner kick but straight into keepers' mits


Streaking run down the right hand side by KRISHNA, sends a nice cross in field but GK BORREN has it under control


Identical scenario as before, this time a closer shot on goal, hard strike by Waitakere sails over goal


Waitakere have turned up the pressure and are enjoying free running on the right hand side


Manawatu turn ball over and rush down field for a shot on goal - hit away by Waitakere GK - CORNER KICK


M WILSON with a right foot volley on goal from a J HAYNE cross - narrow miss


GWYHTER takes a shot from just outside the box, but shoots wide


Action-packed football with end to end play


Another run down the right hand side, KRISHNA finds space and fires a rocket at goal but shoots wide


Role reversal, Waitakere are holding posession in Manawatu's half - C BALE header forces an athletic save from BORREN


Waitakere with a shot on goal, patted away by BORREN for a corner kick to Waitakere


Corner kick is overcooked and ball is kicked down field


GOAL - Mike GWYTHER - Waitakere up 1-0


No time for celebrations as Waitakere keep piling on the pressure


Manawatu streak down the left hand side but a mis-calculated pass see's the ball out


Ball sent down field, Waitakere hold ball - quick pass to an open DE VRIES far post - GOAL!




Waitakere with back to back corner kicks - shot on goal but is saved by a Manawatu foot - ball thumped down field


Free kick for Manawatu on the left-hand side on half way - kicked straight to Waitakere. KRISHNA streaks down the right hand side again and fires a shot well over the goal


Crowd let out their frustration on a free kick call for Waitakere - crowd feels it should have been Manawatu's ball - expletives a plenty!


KRISHNA with a break in centre field - one on one with GK BORREN - great save by BORREN, diving to his left


Halftime here at Memorial Park Palmerston North. The teams regather after a fast-paced first half as Waitakere dominate the scoring sheet. Will Manawatu be able to hold down this Waitakere juggernaut? We will see when action continues shortly.


The Manawatu faithful are slowly starting to fill up the grandstand - was the 2pm start time too early folks?

Locals are still adament Manawatu can turn around this one-sided battle. Both teams are now back on the pitch as they prepare for the second half.


We are underway, and a rampant Manawatu charge up field. Waitakere defence kick ball out - throw in just outside box for Manawatu


Manawatu have a kick in their step as they flash down the left hand side. A charge at goal but GK ROBINSON gathers


Again Manawatu with the ball as HAYNE crosses a ball in field for a shot on goal, good save by GK ROBINSON - what a turn around as Manawatu play with more zest


Waitakere regather and are now in Manawatu's half. A shot on goal is hit away from GK BORREN.


Waitakere kick it deep as Manawatu defense look to gather - defense mis-calculates and ball falls right into Waitakere's posession - KRISHNA with an open look at goal but fires straight at GK BORREN - a chance gone begging for Waitakere.


SUBSTITUION for Waitakere - Tim MYERS is out, and number 11 Neil SYKES comes in for his 100th appearance


Repeat shots on goal by Waitakere - third shot in a row is hit away by GK BORREN - corner awarded to Waitakere


Corner kick is cleared by Manawatu but ball remains around the box. Manawatu gain posession and head up the right hand side


The crowd applaud a superlative save by GK BORREN, making an instinctive save from a KRISHNA rocket to the top left corner of the goal. Corner kick awarded to Waitakere


Nothing comes from corner kick, Manwatu head down centre field


KRISHNA intercepts a pass and streaks down centre field for a one on one showdown with GK BORREN - another superlative save by BORREN as the crowd applaud in appreciation. Definitely a lost chance for a goal


Waitakere realise the lost opportunity and take this time to scream expletive encouragement to each other


The player rark up seems to have worked as Waitakere seem more eager than ever to notch up another point, attacking the Manawatu goal every chance they can get - GK BORREN is solid in goal


 KRISHNA receives an inside pass in the box and fires it into the back of the net - GK BORREN gets a bit of glove on it but the shot is too strong - nice reward for KRISHNA who has played an outstanding game


SUBSTITUTION Waitakere - GWYTHER comes off as number 25 Sean LOVEMORE enters the game


SUBSTITUTION Manawatu - ISHI comes out as Michael FRASER enters the game. ISHI receives a soft applause from a now deflated Manawatu crowd


 GOAL - an open Allan PEARCE see's a thundering shot hit the back of the net. 4-0 to Waitakere.


A great chance for Manawatu goes begging - a quick run by Michael WHITE, who crosses a lovely ball to an open Jason HAYNE who heads the ball over goal - best opportunity of the game to score for Manawatu


SUBSTITUTION for Waitakere - KRISHNA comes out, as number 18 Zane SOLE enters the game


A streak down the right hand side see's Dale HIGHAM with a shot on goal, narrow miss but Manawatu seem desperate for a goal as their tempo has lifted


Another shot on goal this time by Michael FRASER - but fires it straight at the GK ROBINSON


A quick hold of posession from Waitakere as they head toward the goal - soft approach ends in a turnover - Manwatu with the ball. These last ten minutes have seen Manawatu hold the ball with much more and have dominated posession


Waitakere look to wrap things up, as the players yell at each other to keep posession and wind down the clock


The croad starts to disperse as Waitakere call for tight play. A sudden chance by Waitakere on the left hand side see them shoot a blinder at the goal. Cat-like save from BORREN, diving to his left and hitting away with his left glove


Full-time whistle is blown - a triumphant Waitakere stack on the points with a 4-0 win over Manawatu.


4-0 to Waitakere is the final score, but a few missed oppotunities that should have been capitalised on could have seen the scoreline become much greater. As the players warm down and reflect the sun has finally come out - figures!

Be sure to catch the post match review for this match right here on Until next week, this is Kelvin Wescombe signing off from Memorial Park, Palmerston North.