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Sun 16 Mar, 2.35pm, 2014
Kiwitea St, Sandringham

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Team Wellington

Canterbury United


ASB Premiership - Week 3
David Farrington Park, Wellington
Sunday 7 November, 2010


John Sutherland 31'
Emiliano Tade 88'

Russell Kamo 3', 17', 73'
Joe Murray 71'



Halftime:   1-2               Referee: Matt Conger                             Crowd 392

Kamo hat-trick seals historic win for Cantabs

by David Cross at David Farrington Park

Russel Kamo celebrates one of his goals. PhotosportWELLINGTON - Canterbury United ended the a winless streak in Wellington that has haunted them for six years with a stylish 4-2 win at David Farrington Park today. 

Russell Kamo's hat trick was also the first time a Canterbury United player had scored three goals in an ASB Premiership or NZFC match. 

But Kamo was merely the flagbearer in a dominant Canterbury display.

"It's a long time since we've won here in Wellington, and it's good to be involved in it" said Canterbury coach Braithwaite.  "We've come up here cold without any game time and got a good result, but even better an excellent team performance"

That team performance started as early as the third minute as Russell Kamo put the visitors in front.  A great run by Andy Pitman left the Team Wellington defence flailing and Kamo in open space finished calmly past a stranded Phil Imray.

Unfortunately for Canterbury this start was marred a couple of minutes later as Andy Barton slid in at the far post to try and get on the end of a cross he carried on in to the fence behind the Southern goal at Dave Farrington Park. 

Barton looked much the worse for wear as he was replaced by young Solomon Islander Gagame Feni with blood on his leg from a gash and his arm suspended in his shirt. 

It didn't take Feni long to make a mark on the game with his pace and youthful exhuberance.  After a couple of early runs that left the Wellington defence stretched he broke clear on the left and pushed the ball into the area through the defenders leaving Aaron Clapham and Russell Kamo with only Phil Imray to beat.  Kamo once again took his chance with a calm finish to give the visitors a 2-0 lead.

That wasn't end of the action for the half, with plenty of willing tackles flying in as Matt Conger's yellow card got a workout but the next goal though was Team Wellington's with a Fifii through ball putting John Sutherland through on the left hand side.  Sutherland accelerated from the defending pack and finished clamly under Tom Batty in goal for Canterbury to mark his ASB Premiership debut.

Halftime arrived a little late following 3 goals, 3 bookings and two injuries.  Stu Jacobs having already had to use two substitues and Braithwaite one.

The second half started as the first finished with both sides creating chances, but not quite the finish required.  Michael Eagar was unlucky not to score an early equaliser, and then picking himself up a yellow seconds later.  Collins and Feni then both had chances in the Wellington area but scrambling defence or unconvincing finishing saved Wellington's blushes.

It was in the 71st minute that Canterbury finally put the game beyond doubt.

The Team Wellington defence cleared a corner but only as far as Aaron Clapham. Clapham's carefully placed cross was headed in by midfielder Joe Murray.

Murray, along with Glen Collins had a dominant game in the middle of the park.  Two minutes later Russell Kamo completed his hat trick, as a dangerous ball forward in to the Wellington area took an unlucky deflection to fall at Kamo's feet as the Canterbury striker made no mistake as he powered it in to the top of the goal.

The final goal in the game came in the form of a concillation goal to Emiliano Tade who after some good work finished well, but too late for Team Wellington in a game where they were in the main second best.

Captain Karl Whalen was full of praise for the visitors but disappointed by the attitude from his side "There's no doubting, we know how good a team they are.  They've got a good squad, and they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season".  "We knew what we were up against and everything was positive in the lead in.  We've been working hard at training, but today we were second best."

"We were slow out of the box, we weren't positive going forward with any sort of conviction and we were lazy off the ball.  We just failed to any of the things we've been doing well the last couple of weeks.

"We've got a lot of work to do, but we've been here before.  It's going to need some hard work, commitment, and some serious communication.  We must be honest with ourselves,"Whalen said.

Braithwaite meanwhile was understandably pleased with the display from his players "We were good all over the park.  Our midfield stood up, our forwards took chances and our defensive half was great.  We've done everything we wanted to in a season opener"

Goal-scoring hero Russell Kamo was also impressed with his teammates "It's come from everywhere out there.  We haven't played a competitive match prior to today and we're just going to get better as guys get used to playing together".

"It's a great start, it's up to us to keep it going," Kamo said.


Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Canterbury United

1. Phil Imray (GK)

1. Tom Batty (GK)

2. Scott Robson

2. Dan Terris (c)

3. Jamie Duncan

3. Nick Wortelboer

4. Michael Eager

4. Gareth Rowe

5. Jamie O'Connor (O'Connor 44)

5. Tom Schwarz

7. Wiremu Patrick

6. Glen Collins

10. Michael Fifii (Cain 57)

7. Aaron Clapham

11. Andrew Abba (Tade 27)

9. Russell Kamo

13. Karl Whalen (c)

14. Joe Murray

16. John Sutherland

25. Andy Pitman (Attwell 45)

17. Matthew Williams

23. Andy Barton (Feni 10)



12. Emiliano  Tade (on 27)

11. Ryan Fachnie (on 78)

21. Pomare Te-Anau

12. Gagame Feni (on 10, (Faichnie 78))

23. Ryan Cain (on 57)

15. Danny Attwell (in 45)

24. Tyler Lissette (on 44)

18. Chris Sinclair (GK)

25. Lance Ramaekers (GK)

20.  Dominic McGarr


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card

Welcome to another delightful Wellington afternoon (I'm not kidding) here at Farrington field and it's already better than last week with data connection working and team sheets already verified.  Team Wellington see Wiremu Patrick, Jamie O'Connor and John Sutherland come in to the starting line-up.

Canterbury look pretty much as expected.  The pitch does look in great nick and the sun is streaming on an increasing crowd.

Canterbury playing towards the School end.  Team Wellington kick-off.

1 Min

John Sutherland has a go from the kick-off but puts it just wide.  Batty has it covered though.

1 Min

Canterbury break, far post cross from headed back across by Clapham but scrambled clear.

3 Min

GOAL: Reminiscent of the Phoenix on Wednesday night.  Canterbury score.  Russell Kamo finishes after a Pitman run through the Team Wellington defence opened acres of space in the Team Wellington area.

4 Min

Jamie O'Connor and Glen Collins have a set to after an aggressive challenge, harsh words from referee Conger.  Followed moments later by Pitman brining down a Team Wellington player and giving him a vocal serve.  All go early.

5 Min

Andy Barton down now.  He's making a run at the far post and the ball is taken off his toes by Whalen but Barton carries on in to the fence behind the goal.  He doesn't look good.

8 Min

Play restarts with a Canterbury throw.

10 Min

SUB : Barton off for young Solomon player Gagame Feni.  Barton looks to have damaged an arm or shoulder.

14 Min

Feni makes his first impact.  Whalen just managing to get a foot to a shot after Feni's pace caused all sorts of problems.

17 Min

GOAL: Feni breaks on the left and knocks a ball back through a disorganised Wellington defence, leaving Clapham and Kamo open with only Imray in front.  Kamo finishes well for his second.

24 Min

Bit of an arm-wrestle now.  Wellington still looking short up front, Abba goes in to the book after a badly timed, but not malicious challenge.

27 Min

Andrew Abba's Yellow is his last part of the game as he is replaced by Emiliano Tade.

29 Min

Wellington starting to threaten.  Some width for Williams down the left results in a corner. But cleared.

30 Min

Then Canterbury break and once again Feni makes space on the left but shoots just wide of Imray's right hand post.

31 Min

GOAL : John Sutherland on debut !  Fifii through ball puts Sutherland through on the break and he calmly slots it wide of the advaning Batty.  2-1.

34 Min

oooooh.  Sutherland takes a clearance right in a delicate spot.  Ouch.

35 Min

Wiremu Patrick in Matt Conger's book for an aggressive tackle.  Meanwhile at the other end Glen Collins brings out the bobsled and earns himself a yellow.

36 Min

Matt Williams tries a through ball but gives it away.  Clapham - the ginger Ronaldo - breaks but shoots straight at the advancing Imray

40 Min

Sutherland pounces again, but his ball cut back in to the area is scrambled out by the Canterbury defence.

41 Min

Canterbury corner is easily taken by Imray but his punted clearance sails over Fifiiover Fifii and in to the hands of his opposite number Batty.

44 Min

Jamie O'Connor hasn't recovered rom his earlier injury and is replaced by Tyler Lissette.

45 Min

4 Minutes extra time here.  2 injuries, 3 goals and 3 subs.  It's been all go this half.

45 +3

Canterbury close again, Feni breaks with Clapham.  Pushes the ball across to him but Clapham shoots just over.

Then Wellington break and WIlliams shoots from 30 out and warms the gloves of Keeper Batty.

Half time 2-1 here to Canterbury.

46 Min

...and we're back.  Fully stocked on Team Welly BBQ sausages and ready to go.

47 Min

'ickle Michael Eager takes a shot from outside the area trying to chip Batty, but it just goes over the top

Then he slides in on Russell Kamo to earn himself a place in refereeConger's notepad.  There is a bit of feeling in this.

49 Min

Tom Schwarz leads with the elbow on John Sutherland and adds his name to the rapidly filling page in Conger's book.

51 Min

Three fouls in 15 seconds there finally a free kick to Team Wellington wide right.   Put out for a corner.

52 Min

Resulting corner, Whalen gets up ahead of the defence but pushes it just wide.

54 Min

Tade had a go from outside the area and it dips sharply brining out a sharp save from Batty.  Good football from both players.

55 Min

Feni runs across the Wellington defence and shoots, dangerous shot but it hits the top corner of the post and glances over.

57 Min

Michael Fifii replaced by youngster Ryan Cain.

59 Min

Clapham tries a cheeky shot from well out but straight in to Imray's hands.  End to end here at the moment.

65 Min

Promising attack by Canterbury but final shot from Collins is over the clubrooms and out of Farrington field.

67 Min

Canterbury again break in to the area after nice play between Kamo and Feni, but the final touch in the area goes wrong.

Team Wellington youth beat Canterbury youth 3-1, for those following at home.

69 Min

Suspiscion of offside as Feni breaks, last ditch tackle by Robson gives Canterbury the corner.  The corner is put in and pushed out by Imray back to Clapham who's cross has to be tipped away by the defence for another corner.

71 Min

GOAL : Clapham cross is headed in by Joe Murray.  Good ball, great header.

71 Min

From the kick-off Wellington push, but a nice lay-off from tade sees Jamie Duncan shoot wide.

73 Min

GOAL : 4-1 Canterbury beat the Wellington hoodoo as an unlucky defelection in the Team Wellington area falls to Russell Kamo who powers home from 5 feet out to collect his hat trick.

75 Min

Team Wellington have spent plenty of time in the Canterbury half but have generated few scoring chances.  Canterbury meanwhile look dangerous every time they come forward.

78 Min

Wellington break, but Scott Robson demonstrtes why he plays at the back with a bad miss.

78 Min

Feni the sub, is himself subbed for Ryan Fachnie.  An impressive debut in the national league for the young Solomon Islander.

81 Min

Kamo crosses this time, almost the provider as the ball goes over Lisette's head but is put ovewr by Canterbury.

83 Min

That man Kamo almost makes it four.  Great run from Clapham cut back but Kamo leans back on it and puts it over.

Canterbury completely dominant here late in the game.

88 Min

GOAL : Emiliano Tade adds some respectability (but not much).  Collected 35 yards out, beat a couple of men and slots it.

...and that's all.  4-2 to Canterbury here.