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Team Wellington

Waitakere United


NZFC - Semi-Final 1st Leg,
Newtown Park, 
Sunday 4 April 2010



Greg Draper (6, 56)

Andy Barron (13)


Benjamin Totori (18)

Allan Pearce (64)



Halftime:   2-1                    Referee:  K. Stoltenkamp                        Crowd: 616


Wellington, Waitakere serve up semi final thriller

by David Cross and Dale Warburton at Newtown Park

Team Wellington and Waitakere United have put on a thrilling game of football that leaves the outcome of this NZFC semi-final on a knife edge.

A day that had dawned fine in Wellington took a turn for the worse by the time of the kick-off at Newtwon Park with a Southerly breeze and light drizzle greeting the a Waitakere side that arrived late due to a delayed flight.

The game got underway 15 minutes late but immediately came to life with both Krishna and Fisher forcing James Bannatyne and the Wellington defence in to stops. 

As early as the fifth minute a mis-controlled ball by Bannatyne with Totori bearing down on him was just cleared in to touch in time, but it was to be Team Wellington who got the early lead.

Industrious work from the Wellington wide players resulted in a corner, from which All White Andy Barron's dangerous ball was headed past Danny Robinson by Greg Draper. 

The goal represented something of a milestone for Team Wellington, having failed to register a goal against Waitakere in three previous play-off matches but brought their season tally against the West Aucklanders to six in just three games.

Wellington built on this with a dominant period. 

Martin Bullock took a ball off the toe of a breaking Bryan Little in the 8th minute, and Robinson was forced into a save from long range with Barron coming close on the break before shooting high. 

Barron was to right this though in the thirteenth minute with a calm finish on the end of a quick team break.  The home side earning a deserved shock two goal lead.

It wasn't long though before Waitakere got on the board with Benjamin Totori reminding people just what an potent attacking weapon he can be, as he picked up the ball wide on the Waitakere left and took on most of the Team Wellington side before dispatching a well placed finish.

The end to end nature of the match continued with Waitakere having the ball in the net a second time only for Krishna to be called back for a foul on Adam Birch, and Team Wellington's Roddy Brown hitting the outside frame from a corner headed across the area.

At the halftime break Team Wellington were ahead on both the scoreboard and on points, but both sides had contributed to an entertaining 45 minutes of football.

Waitakere were late back out on the pitch, perhaps trying to avoid the "tropical" weather, but when they got back out there the match immediately returned to it's entertaining form. 

Within minutes a Greg Draper back heel had put Roddy Brown through only for a great tackle from Jason Rowley to stop his progress. 

Meanwhile at the other end a goal mouth scramble from a corner held Team Wellington's lead for them.

Perhaps the goal of the match was Greg Draper's 56th minute strike - from all of 30 yards Draper hit the ball with such power that Dan Robinson was left stranded as the ball flew in to his top right corner to give Team Wellington a 3-1 lead.

The 3-1 lead was almost extended to four minutes later when Cole Peverly almost pulled of a carbon copy of the Draper goal only this time Dan Robinson got a hand to it, the ball scrapping the crossbar.

But the final goal of the match was to be Waitakere's. 

On the 65th minute mark a dangerous corner was put in which Allan Pearce got a head to. 

As Wellington attempted to clear it off the line it had obviously already crossed, so the Wellington defender who powered it in to his own net was forgiven the ignominy of an own goal.

While this was the end of the scoring it was by no means the end of the chances.  Karl Whalen pulled off two goal line clearances and Bannatyne was called in to action from Roy Krishna as well.

Perhaps the best chance of an equalizer though fell to Martin Bullock who's long range volley shaved the top of the Team Wellington crossbar in the 80th minute.

While his side lost, Waitakere coach Neil Emblen was far from beaten "It's another good game here, good goals, good quality, good chances at both ends"

"You look at the positives and we've got a couple of away goals and our home form recently has been excellent.  We've scored an average of four goals or so, so we feel pretty good about going home"

"The first goal next week will be key though, the whole tie could revolve around that chance"

Wellington coach Stu Jacobs was also proud of the effort and the quality of the game delivered to the small but vocal crowd.

"Another game between these sides that was great entertainment, but the job is only half done.  We'll have to work hard next week, but we've proven to oursleves recently that we can do this, that we can take a game to Waiatakere"

"We've got a pretty confident bunch, so they won't be worried about it.  It's a pretty exciting prospect next week and I hope we contribute like we did today"

If the last two meetings between these sides is any indication then next weeks game at Fred Taylor Park could be an absolute scorcher of a match with Team Wellington not short on motivation after the equivalent tie last year went horribly wrong for the visiting side when they lost the match 0-5 and the tie 0-6 on aggregate.



Team Sheet

Team Wellington


Waitakere United

1. James Bannatyne

1. Dan Robinson

2. Adam Birch

2. Jason Rowley

4. Chris Bale

3. Aaron Scott

5. Michael Winsauer

7. Martin Bullock

6. Chris Davies (off 63)

8. Brent Fisher

7. Cole Peverley

9. Benjamin Totori off 75)

9. Greg Draper

10. Allan Pearce

12. Bryan Little (off 87)

11. Neil Sykes

13. Karl Whalen

12. Roy Krishna (off 90)

19. Andy Barron

16. Neil Emblen

26. Roddy Brown (off 53)

17. Jake Butler



17. Gary McDermott (on 63)

4. Tim Myers

21. Ben Fredrickson (on 87)

19. Dakota Lucas (on 90)

22. Michael Fifii (on 53)

20. Ryan De Vries (on 75)

24. Jamie McKay

21. Jack Pelter


=yellow card

=2 yellow cards

= red card


Play by Play

Well, it's a challenging day here at Newtown Park.  Waitakere have had flight troubles and have arrived late, and what was a warm Wellington morning has been changed to a cold southerly.  Both Neil Emblen and Darren Bazeley suggesting this isn't the weather they were sold when they came to New Zealand.

We'll be starting around 14:15 here.

0 Min

...and we're off.

2 Min

Waitakere almost in there.  Krishna wide, ball in badly cleared by Winsauer, but Totori send it just wide.

Long shot from Fisher forces a great save from Bannatyne.  Bannatyne's goal kick came straight back there.

3 Min

Team Wellington venture in to Waitak half, but no real threat.

5 Min

Oh dear.  Team Wellington captain James Bannatyne almost in trouble there. SHort throw-in from Davies to him, miscontrolled, just got it over the sideline with Tototi inches away.

6 Min

1-0 here.  Accurate corner from Barron glanced in by Greg Draper.  Team Wellington hit the front early.

8 Min

Wellington break again, but a last ditch tackle on Brian Little from Bullock stops the chance.

9 Min

That goal is Wellington's first play-off goal against Waitak.

12 Min

Team Wellington working really hard here.  Winning some ball in midfield.  Robinson just had to make a save from a long shot and Andy Barron sent one well high and well wide.

13 Min

2-0 Team Wellington again !!!  Barron breaks and calmly finished.

17 Min

Waitakere have had a series of free kicks wide either side, but delivery has been average.

18 Min

2-1.  Totori runs through the entire defence to score.  Oh dear.

21 Min

Waitakere have a ball in the area but Krishna kicks Winsauer instead of the ball.  Team Wellington Free Kick.

22 Min

Simon Hampton.  Stop copying my commentary on

25 Min

Team Wellington corner headed across the area and Roddy Brown shoots in to the frame

26 Min

Krishna has it in the net but he's ruled to have fouled Birch just outside the area on the way in.

28 Min

Roddy Brown down under contact.  Five yard penalty, repeat first down.  Whoops, wrong sport.  Needs some treatment but looks like he's back on.

30 Min

Great work from Peverley stitches up Sykes and puts a angerous ball in but a back-pedalling Draper heads it wide.  Great play.

31 Min

Team Wellington annoyed here.  Birch wins a tackle that sees Krishna hit the ground, but a fould is given against him.

33 Min

Wellington free kick 25 yards out right in front... we're calling it wide left here in the box... and we're wrong.  20 feet over.

36 Min

Great tacle from Peverley, pulls out the bobsled but goes between the legs of the man, wins the ball and no contact.  Cool Runnings indeed.

37 Min

Draper called offside twice in a minute

38 Min

Positional error in defence for Team Wellingon sees Fisher through out wide but his ball in is headed over and wide by Krishna.

At the other end Little puts a ball in, Emblen heads it wide for a corner.

41 Min

Card for Peverley.  Stops a quick free kick but was walking away at the time.  Players getting frustrated with the officals here.

44 Min

Krishna has gone over the top of Birch here and landed head first.  Long stoppage while people check he is okay.  On his feet but sore.  Looks okay though.

45+1 Min

Poor control from Roddy brown hands Totori the ball in the area, his ball to Fisher is headed just wide of Bannatynes post.

45 Min

Half time here.  Team Wellington on the board and on points

45 Min

Score update from the Yellow Fever Women's Central League.  Renee Leota's Waterside Karori 1 - Upper Hutt City 0.  We knew you would want to know.

Waitakere late back out on the pitch.  Maybe the tropical Wellington weather scaring them.  God knows I'm glad of the warmth of the commentary position.

48 Min

Oh no.  Not again.  Out of sausages on the Onslow First XI Barbeque.  Someone needs to do a dairy run.

49 Min

Crikey, Draper pulls out the back heel and Roddy Brown is thorugh, but he's stopped by Jason Rowley.

51 Min

Totori dispossessed by Peverley who makes a run, but his final ball is not good and Waitakere break.  Pearce's long shot saved by Bannatyne.  Resulting corner sees a goal mouth scramble but somehow the ball doesn't go in.

52 Min

Waitakere free kick wide left

53 Min

Substitution for Team Wellington.  Injured Roddy Brown off for 'supersub' Michael Fifii.

53 Min

Bale Yellow.  Might have been his mouth that got him that one.

56 Min

...and then a third !!  Draper from 30 yards absolutely hammers it in to the top right corner.  3-1 to the home side !

60 Min

Peverley (or Bale) from a mile out, brings a great save from Robinson to put it on the crossbar.  All on here.

63 Min

Gary McDermott on for Chris Davies... and why is Dan Robinson wearing a Balmain Tigers jersey in goal for Waitakere ?

64 Min

Pearce heads in from a corner, Wellington try and clear but end up assisting it in.  Pearce's goal though. Bannatyne left stranded.

68 Min

Bullock Yellow.  Both feet there.

72 Min

Team Wellington pull off two gola line saves in seconds, One a combination of Whalen and Bannatyne, the other all Whalen.

74 Min

Followed by a foolish giveaway in midfield which lets Krishna in, great save from Bannatyne.  Resulting corner threatening, but too high.

75 Min

Butler gets called for a foul on Barron after a record-breaking 4 attempts in thirty seconds.

Totori off De Vries on.

79 Min

Bullock unleashes one from a way out, but just over the Bannatyne crossbar.  Waitakere having the better of play currently, but still end to end.  Another cracking game between these two sides

82 Min

Team Wellington again scramble a clearance, holding on a bit now.

83 Min

Little called offside, right in front of the Commentary position, clearly not offside.

87 Min

Ben Fredrickson on for Bryan Little.  Team Wellington restore ginger balance lost when Roddy Brown went off.

90 Min

Dakota Lucas on for Roy Krishna

Waitakere corner, Bannatyne comes flying out but Karl Whalen (who has been excellent) has been hit in the face by something.  Free kick.

Final.  Match ends with Waitakere free kick in the corner, and a Barron Yellow Card.  Nothing comes of it.

Team Wellington take a 3-2 lead to Fred Taylor Park next week.